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eBay CEO: More Seller Protections and Control over Funds

eBay CEO: More Seller Protections and Control over Funds

eBay CEO Jamie Iannone gave a keynote address at the eBay Open seller conference today. “Our team has been listening carefully to our seller community about what needs to change and working hard to make improvements,” he told over 1200 virtual attendees.

Iannone said eBay will be extending seller protections and making changes to its payment processing system.

“We know you’ve been disappointed by buyers who fail to pay.

“Now that we’re managing payments directly, we’re better positioned to make sure that you get paid.

“Today I want to share news about the ways we’re working to improve the protection we offer you, our sellers.

“Changes have already been implemented to Fixed Price sales, where 99% of transactions are now paid upfront. And to help ensure that you get paid on Best Offer sales, we’ll soon start to ask buyers to provide a payment source at the time their offer is made.

“We’re evaluating similar solutions for Auctions in 2022.”

In addition to protecting sellers from deadbeats, Iannone addressed another area of concern – returns. “We’re also going to extend protections when buyers misuse the returns process.”

He said eBay would protect sellers from unfair feedback when sellers decline a remorse return outside of their return policy.

Iannone said eBay will also be making changes with regard to Managed Payments based on seller feedback to give sellers more flexibility and control. “Changes will include options to get paid out faster, more payout schedule choices, and expanding the ways you can spend your balance for shipping labels and purchases on eBay.”

“You’ll be hearing more from us about these changes over the coming weeks,” he said.

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Ina Steiner
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9 thoughts on “eBay CEO: More Seller Protections and Control over Funds”

  1. One example out of many:
    I had a buyer start a INAD claim.
    They were stupid (or a con) & did not know what they were buying.
    My description was 100% correct.
    I provided ebay the information backing up this fact.
    Ebay, in its wisdom,
    let the buyer keep the item AND
    refunded the buyers money!!!
    HOW can they NOT SEE that this is a problem.

  2. The minute Ebay starts charging those deadbeats who really never intended to pay or found another one cheaper, those buyers will immediately move to other sites and Ebay will lose what they covet the most, Buyers (who Ebay considers their customers while Sellers are still only noise). Ebay is not going to do anything where it has the potential to cost them revenue as they are desperate to keep anything they can get at this point in time.

    1. Yeah, but other sites (at least Mercari and Poshmark do) also make buyers provide a source of payment at the time when buyers make their offers.

  3. “eBay CEO: More Seller Protections”

    NONE of what hes talking about is “Seller Protection”.

    But before we get to that …

    ““Our team has been listening carefully to our seller community about what needs to change and working hard to make improvements,” he told over 1200 virtual attendees.”

    “DUDE, you need a team to figure these things all out? What DO you do all day (besides “fress” (eat like a pig) all day @ Walkers?

    Werent you the head honcho at Walmart ? Did you leave there because you “needed a team” to tell you what to do when you were there? Couldnt you figure out how to run an ecommerce site “all on your own” ???????

    “We know you’ve been disappointed by buyers who fail to pay.”

    Lord almighty – you are %100 in control of payments – when you sign up OR if a payment method isnt on file – then you MUST input one – either to buy or bid … what planet are you on exactly?

    “We’re also going to extend protections when buyers misuse the returns process.” – OUTRIGHT LIE – in eBays mind – returns are a right of passage – and you virtually tell buyers to return items – as early as the end of the checkout process – who are you fooling here?

    “He said eBay would protect sellers from unfair feedback when sellers decline a remorse return outside of their return policy.” DUH – why is it taking you so long to do this?

    The same way you shouldnt be able to open an “Item not recieved” case if shipping shows DELIVERED, you shouldnt be able to leave negative feedback if its after the stated policy ….. I think we can hire baby seals to program the simple logic here … again – you need a team for this?

    C minus presentation at best, but since we all know its comming, lets hear the cheerleaders give a shout out to their boy – “today he is a man”.

  4. Surprisingly, I don’t get Any stupid buyers on my own site.
    But I Can block them if I need….
    Only the respectful buy my creations…..
    My Site, My little slice of Heaven :o)

  5. Hey, eBay, the problem ISN’T JUST unpaid items – worse, it’s the abuse of your entire system by those who KNOW you’re willing to refund them while allowing them to KEEP THE ITEMS. We’ve recently had claims of non-delivery where the USPS confirmed delivery – EVEN WITH THE SIGNATURE OF THE BUYER WHO OWNED THE EBAY ACCOUNT.

    We’ve had “INR” cases filed that eBay closed because they SAW ITEMS WERE DELIVERED. We’ve gone through the entire process only to have the buyer file a fraudulent chargeback, which the seller ALWAYS LOSES.

    Really? Yes, losing a chargeback when the USPS shows delivery and eBay closed the INR in our favor is disgusting, because prior to Managed Payments, chargebacks showing delivery were those WE WON.

    Now, with MP, it seems EVERY chargeback, including those which showed delivery, is lost by us and eBfay ACTUALLY HAS THE GALL TO CHARGE A $20 “DISPUTE FEE”.

    Again, REALLY? So how often does eBay charge this fee WHEN THE ITEM WAS RECEIVED BY THE BUYER? We’re wondering, since chatting with other sellers seems to show EVERYONE getting charged $20 for ANY dispute – quite a nice INCOME ADVANCEMENT if we’re winning chargebacks, isn’t it? A number of us believe eBay is simply taking the fee now as an added revenue stream.

    Come on, eBay, show us the TRUE INFO FROM CARD ISSUERS. What are you afraid of?

  6. After about a year on managed payments and yesterday I went to ship an item I had sold but couldn’t print a label until I made another sale because eBay had just sent me a payment. Seems like something they would want to fix?
    Also had an item returned to me as ‘insufficient address’ and the buyer said the USPS doesn’t deliver to his address. He wanted me to reship Fedex or refund. I Googled maped the address and it looked like a house under construction. I told him to file an ‘item not received’ claim which he did, and when I tried to deduct the shipping from the refund, it was not allowed like it is on returns. I called eBay and they said I had to wait 4 days plus the weekend before the computer would let me escelate and then they would handle it. I told the buyer that but I don’t think he believed me. eBay said I could message him my Paypal email and ask for meoney to resend it Fedex, which I did. He declined paying more. It’s frustrating I can’t just refund his money minus shipping. It can’t be eBay hasn’t seen this situation happen many times before.

    1. Update to give you an idea what (I think it must be Amazon) had done to buyer’s mindset. I asked the buyer this:
      “Let’s put aside for a minute what you think my business is like. Say you bought something online from Home Depot and it didn’t say how it was going to be shipped. Would you go ahead and buy it anyways and leave them a note not to send it USPS? Now let’s say it said USPS shipping. Would you buy it anyways and send them a note to change their shipping carrier?”
      His reply:
      “Yes I would. If I notified them at the time of purchase that USPS does NOT deliver to this address, they would have the option to ship via a different carrier, or cancel the order. If, for some reason they went ahead and shipped it via USPS and it got returned, they would be responsible for shipping costs because they were notified at the time of the purchase what the shipping restrictions were. This is why eBay has the “Notes to Seller” option on its purchase screen. “

  7. Yea I got that survey a few months ago, “would you be willing to pay more to get your money faster” NO!!! The only good thing I saw on the “survey” was if we would like a money purse so we could buy items but that was months ago, haven’t heard anything since.
    Also had to refund a buyer yesterday because missing parts when it clear stated it was missing parts, ebay rep told me to just get the return then appeal, UH shipping was $10 to get back for a $10 item.

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