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Thu May 28 2020 16:47:42

UPS Imposes COVID-Related Fees for Volume Shippers

By: Ina Steiner

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The Feds are scrutinizing companies that raise prices in response to the COVID pandemic, but that isn't stopping UPS from imposing extra fees on packages shipped by retailers sending a higher number than usual due to shoppers who are confined to their homes.

The Wall Street Journal said UPS is adding peak surcharges "for companies that have been inundating its delivery network with many more packages and oversize items during the coronavirus pandemic, an unprecedented move to manage a summer flood of shipments and higher costs."

Among those who will see extra fees, according to the Journal: Amazon and Best Buy. ... Read More

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Wed May 27 2020 11:27:38

Could Walmart Move into Used Goods Impact Sellers?

By: Ina Steiner

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Walmart is partnering with consignment site thredUP, calling it its "entry into the popular fashion resale market." In other words, it's selling used clothing online.

"Starting today, customers can shop to find nearly 750,000 pre-owned items across women's and children's clothing, accessories, footwear and handbags," the company wrote in Wednesday's announcement.

The deal offers some key benefits to shoppers who can get free shipping and can return goods to Walmart retail stores: "Customers will have the added benefit of Walmart's free shipping threshold on orders of $35 or more and free returns to Walmart stores or thredUP."

ThredUP is not a typical marketplace - ... Read More

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Thu May 21 2020 22:10:42

Is the USPS Planning to Drop Uniform Pricing?

By: Ina Steiner

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Could the US Postal Service be planning to drop uniform pricing? Gone missing from its website today is its commitment that everyone in the US and its territories pays the same for a First-Class postage stamp regardless of their location.

Postal expert and blogger Brian Sheehan of Postal News spotted the change, writing in a blog post today:

"One of the US Postal Service's trademark features has always been that Americans could reliably mail a letter to anyone in the country for a uniform price," but said he noticed its new Mission Statement omits any mention of uniform pricing.

The USPS Board of Governors adopted ... Read More

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Wed May 20 2020 22:25:24

eBay Changes Rules for Earning Top Rated Discounts

By: Ina Steiner


eBay confused sellers recently with a notice about changes to the way it evaluates seller performance. What's new, in a nutshell, follows: 

"The consequence of your monthly Seller Performance Evaluation currently applies to listings from that same month. From July 2020, they will apply to listings in the following month. We'll begin the transition to the new timelines on the June 20 evaluation."

But the page where it describes the changes also notes the evaluation rules for earning the Top Rated Plus badge and discounts will also be changing in July.

Normally sellers would weigh in on how these changes will impact them, but either ... Read More

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Wed May 20 2020 15:50:54

Did Entrepreneurship Better Prepare You For the COVID Crisis?

By: Ina Steiner


There was little to prepare most of us for the coronavirus disease unleashed this year. Some people were more fortunate than others healthwise and economically, but it seemed everyone was touched by the pandemic one way or another.

We wondered if online sellers fared differently than others, and what factors of being an entrepreneur better prepared you for life with COVID-19?

Staying safe during a pandemic means staying smart about interacting with others, and being the owners of your own business likely gave you more control over how to adapt your operations. 

Many readers are solo, work-from-homers. Others had to make decisions about employees. Getting ... Read More

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