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Fri Jan 21 2022 22:30:07

What Do You Make of Amazon's Overtures to Sellers?

By: Ina Steiner

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Amazon added staff to help answer seller questions on its online discussion boards, announcing that it was "doubling down on our efforts to provide a safe and engaging space for you, our Selling Partners."

And that's not all - Amazon called the move a "first step" in improving its ability to adapt and evolve to seller needs. "Improving the selling experience and supporting you as you help each other is still our number one priority."

Amazon's longtime moderator Susan (who posts as "SEAmod" and is popular with sellers) made the announcement and listed 13 new moderators, three of whom introduced themselves ... Read More

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Wed Jan 19 2022 16:55:38

Etsy Surveys Sellers but Quickly Shuts It Down

By: Ina Steiner

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Etsy invited sellers to take a survey but it appears it quickly closed it. Sellers discussed it on the Etsy discussion boards after one person expressed some skepticism over whether it was authentic. "Today I received a survey from Etsy that looked legit. It said it was to “understand how we can improve the Etsy experience for sellers.” I'm about halfway through it and noticing a TON of grammatical and spelling errors. Did anyone else get one of these today? Is it spam or is Etsy getting sloppy?"

Other sellers reported also having received the survey, which one said was ... Read More

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Mon Jan 17 2022 23:34:53

eBay Takes Pulse of Sellers in New Survey

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay is surveying sellers - if you've taken it, let us know what questions eBay asked and what you thought of the survey.

A reader sent us the invitation, which read, "We'd like to know more about your recent selling experiences. Could you take a 4 minute survey for us? Your responses will help us make eBay a better place to sell."

"eBay just sent out another survey that I am sure will not change anything," the reader said, and provided a few of the statements eBay wanted sellers to weigh in on:

eBay always puts the ... Read More

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Sun Jan 16 2022 19:46:08

Online Sellers File RICO Suit over PayPal Payment Holds

By: Ina Steiner


Several online sellers filed a RICO lawsuit against PayPal claiming the payments firm illegally seized their funds. But reports about the withholding of funds (payment holds) are not new, nor are lawsuits - Fernando v. PayPal and Zepeda v. PayPal are two classics

While the lawsuit targeted PayPal, complaints from online sellers extend to other payment processors, including online marketplaces. We've received complaints about payment holds on Facebook Marketplace and Mercari in the past 4 weeks, and we've read complaints about eBay and Etsy's practices as well. 

Below are excerpts of some of the reports sellers have sent ... Read More

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Sat Jan 15 2022 22:53:23

Amazon to Expand Account Phone Support to Pro Sellers

By: Ina Steiner


Amazon will roll out 7-day-a-week on-demand phone support to Pro sellers who have questions about the health of their accounts. A Call-Me-Now option will be added to sellers' Account Health page over the course of 2022, which reads: "If you have any questions about your account health, have an account health specialist contact you right away." 

Amazon explained in its announcement: "Call me now improves on the preventative support we already provide, and gives you the ability to proactively contact our team to answer your questions and help you resolve your account health issues in the most urgent situations. The dedicated ... Read More

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