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Fri Apr 19 2019 23:59:13

Where Are Etsy Teams Headed?

By: Ina Steiner

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Etsy moved its forums to a new platform in January, a transition that sellers have reported has been disruptive. A reader now says that active Team leaders are wondering about the future of Teams (Etsy's name for groups), which are also housed on the new platform powered by Lithium.  

One sign they point to is the recent layoff of Etsy Senior Community Marketing Manager Kathryn Fink, who had worked on Etsy Teams. According to her LinkedIn profile, she "developed strategy to leverage the 400k Etsy sellers who have joined peer-to-peer, volunteer-run business groups." 

Her LinkedIn profile has not been updated, but she posted ... Read More

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Mon Apr 15 2019 22:55:46

Amazon Confirms Pesticide Crackdown Was Overreaching

By: Ina Steiner

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Amazon sellers who were swept up in a crackdown on pesticides were given the all-clear by the company last week. Such crackdowns are always nerve-wracking, but sellers reported the products that Amazon had identified as pesticides were so far off in some cases that it was nonsensical, such as the seller who received the notice for a used book they had sold last year that was, surprise, not a pesticide.

In its initial notification email, Amazon said, "Pesticides and pesticide devices include a broad set of products, and it can be hard to identify which products qualify ... Read More

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Mon Apr 15 2019 14:43:32

Etsy Investigates Major Search Glitch

By: Ina Steiner

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Etsy is investigating a major problem with its site today. Just before noon, it tweeted that it was investigating a problem with search ("Some search results are out of date"), but sellers say their new listings are not posting to the site at all.

Sellers took to the Etsy discussion boards to report the problem. A moderator "tidied up" the threads, but she did leave one in place. Here is her post:

Hey there, 
We're currently investigating delays with newly published or renewed listings appearing in search. We've issued an Etsy Status (here) and you can subscribe ... Read More

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Thu Apr 11 2019 13:53:43

Jeff Bezos Basically Just Said Amazon Kicks eBay's Ass

By: Ina Steiner


Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos called out eBay in a letter to shareholders, with a "my site's better than your site" description of how the two marketplaces serve third-party sellers. 

It's a stunning development for a leader who has always taken a "heads down focused" approach to building his business, and one that must have taken eBay's leadership by surprise.

Bezos began his annual missive by pointing out the incredible growth of sales on Amazon by third-party sellers - "Third-party sellers are kicking our first party butt. Badly," he wrote.

While first-party sales (the sale of inventory Amazon itself sells) grew 25% compounded annually ... Read More

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Tue Apr 9 2019 22:48:50

Amazon Stealth Shipping Service Offers Seller Protection

By: Ina Steiner


In February, we wrote about Amazon Shipping in which the marketplace acts as a shipping-carrier: it picks up packages (even off-Amazon orders) from merchants' locations and delivers them to customers. Research site TJI said Amazon is expanding the program, which it has yet to announce publicly and which remains invitation-only.

One seller told us they'd be concerned about using the service because, "Ever since they started outsourcing the local deliveries with those little trucks, I would say half of our purchases are late."

However, another EcommerceBytes reader told us that one of the value propositions of using Amazon Shipping, in addition to 7-days-a-week ... Read More

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