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Wed Feb 24 2021 13:43:10

Sellers Find Amazon Throwing Toy Listings to the Dogs

By: Ina Steiner

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Sellers who list toys on Amazon feel like they are being thrown to the dogs - at least, their listings are. Amazon is deleting listings in the Toys & Games categories and is displaying its classic error page that shows dogs with the message, "UH-Oh. Something went wrong on our end" when sellers try to access them.

One seller told us there is a huge increase in Product Compliance Requests - "Ton of listings are deleted already and a lot more will be deleted soon!"

"It looks like Amazon is killing toy sellers," they continued. "They request documents even on products ... Read More

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Wed Feb 24 2021 13:02:19

Amazon Opens Surprising New Feature for Seller Questions

By: Ina Steiner

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Amazon launched a new feature in its Seller Forums called "Ask Amazon." The company explained that "from time to time, we'll pick a specific topic that is top of mind for Sellers and answer as many questions as possible on the subject."

Amazon kicked off the feature by taking questions about its policy on pesticides, an area that has confounded many sellers for quite some time.

"Our first Ask Amazon topic is pesticide product listings. We have previously announced in Seller News that listings of pesticides and pesticide devices require the Pesticide Marking attribute to be completed by adding an EPA ... Read More

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Fri Feb 19 2021 15:41:37

eBay Answers Questions about New Fee Collection

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay informed sellers on February 16 that it would no longer be issuing monthly invoices for any fees, such as monthly Store subscription fees, but would instead collect the fees directly from sellers' earnings now that it acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller through Managed Payments.

Tuesday's email to sellers left many with questions about the new process, and during Wednesday's Weekly Chat session on the eBay boards, a moderator provided some additional information. 

The eBay employee explained, "When a cost or fee is collected from the seller, we will first look to their Available funds. If there are ... Read More

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Tue Feb 16 2021 21:22:15

eBay Justifies Major Billing Change Calling It Simpler

By: Ina Steiner


eBay is justifying a new method of collecting fees by calling it "simpler" and "more modern." But sellers have grown wary any time eBay justifies a change by calling it simpler for sellers - and this change is no exception. 

Currently, eBay sends monthly invoices so sellers can pay certain fees and expenses by whatever payment method they choose, once a month. Soon, it will phase out the monthly invoice and will instead hold back fees when it disburses sellers' sales proceeds (aka payouts).

A seller warned us a month ago this change was on the way and said the move would ... Read More

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Sat Feb 13 2021 16:06:10

Online Sellers Could See Slower First Class Mail Deliveries

By: Ina Steiner


A newspaper report indicates the USPS is considering slower mail and higher prices for first-class mail. The Washington Post said on Friday that a key provision of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's strategy includes "banning air travel for all first-class mail at a time when delivery rates are at historic lows."

While that would impact mail (letters and such), we're guessing it may not include First-Class Package Service, which is a competitive commercial product rather than dominant - but we're not 100% sure if there would be no impact on FCPS under the Postmaster General's forthcoming plans. But it ... Read More

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