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Mon May 23 2022 12:28:22

Etsy CEO Suggests Raising Product Prices Is Warranted

By: Ina Steiner

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Sellers, if you aren't raising your prices, you may want to reconsider after you hear what Etsy's CEO had to say about it.

Josh Silverman told Wall Street investors last week that in general, Etsy sellers were not raising prices despite inflation and said the marketplace intended message to shoppers the value Etsy offers them as a result. 

The CEO acknowledged higher prices of the goods on Etsy might be warranted - however, it's up to individual sellers to do so, not Etsy, he said.

Etsy CEO Josh Silverman was speaking at the Needham Technology & Media Conference on May 16, 2022 when he ... Read More

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Sat May 21 2022 21:26:34

Stumped by eBay Account Suspensions, Part 2

By: Ina Steiner

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Last week we blogged about eBay account suspensions and included a video from a seller whose account was suspended for 72 hours for having products that had out-of-date expirations that were in "out of stock" mode - in other words, the items were not available for sale, so she didn't know she was violating policy.

Today, a reader sent us a link to video from another seller who was permanently suspended - and who was told by two live-chat representatives that they couldn't tell her why.

The first rep told her:

"I checked your account and we're glad on your interest on our site, ... Read More

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Thu May 19 2022 20:13:16

Should You Offer Free Shipping?

By: Ina Steiner

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Some sellers are adamant on the issue of whether to offer free shipping on their marketplace listings. Others are unsure and urgently seek advice from colleagues on whether they should offer it or not.

Many sellers point out there is no such thing as "free" shipping - which is true. Nevertheless, sellers must decide how to price their items when listing.

On marketplaces like eBay and Etsy, sellers pay a commission on price-plus-shipping, so there's no advantage to breaking out shipping fees separately - from a fee perspective, that is. 

Where it may make a difference is if you sell items frequently bought in multiple ... Read More

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Tue May 17 2022 21:32:08

Etsy Tweaks Search: Time to Review Your Listings

By: Ina Steiner


How you write descriptions for your listings on Etsy matters even more now thanks to a change it made to its search algorithm. Etsy's search engine now scours listing descriptions for keywords in determining how to rank listings in search results. 

That means how well you optimize your description could impact the visibility of your listings on Etsy.

Etsy announced the change on Tuesday and provided tips for sellers on how to take advantage of it.

Google and other search engines had already used listing descriptions when crawling the website - and keywords in other places remain essential for Etsy's search engine: ... Read More

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Sat May 14 2022 08:29:51

How Do You Appeal an eBay Account Suspension?

By: Ina Steiner


Having a marketplace suspend your account is devastating, especially if you rely on it for some or all of your income. A seller recently asked us how they could appeal a permanent eBay account suspension. 

We more commonly see Amazon sellers ask that question, and there's a cottage industry of consultants who promise to help sellers get their Amazon accounts reinstated.

The seller who reached out to us said they didn't know why eBay suspended their account:

"This is a sad day for me, I'm a long time eBay seller with 1600+ positive feedback. Out of blue today, I got email saying my account was ... Read More

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