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Tue Dec 1 2020 12:01:43

Should Taxpayers Fund the US Postal Service?

By: Ina Steiner

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Some might be surprised to learn that their tax dollars do not go to fund the US Postal Service. But should it? And did you know prior to 1970 it used to? 

In September, Bill McAllister wrote in Linns Stamp News about a call for Congress to resume its old method of granting an annual appropriation to the Postal Service.

He pointed to an opinion piece in Roll Call written by former USPS executive Stephen Kearney in August, who wrote, "Until President Richard Nixon signed the Postal Reorganization Act, or PRA, 50 years ago this month, we funded the agency with ... Read More

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Fri Nov 27 2020 11:22:34

Amazon Glitches Impacted Seller Operations

By: Ina Steiner

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At 5:36 am on Friday, Amazon announced that the technical issues that had hit its platform on Wednesday had been resolved. The issues could not have come at a worse time for sellers who had orders to fulfill and who had hoped for increased sales over the Thanksgiving period. At least one seller said they and their employees had to come in on Thanksgiving to cross check orders and do some manual entry.

Amazon did not detail how the technical issues impacted sellers or if they had impacted buyers. "We appreciate your patience while we worked to resolve an issue affecting ... Read More

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Tue Nov 24 2020 09:11:22

USPS Predicts Peak Holiday Shipping Period

By: Ina Steiner

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Retailers have been running Black Friday deals since the beginning of November. The National Retail Federation has been urging consumers to do their holiday shopping early this year through a marketing campaign that incudes posts on social networking sites. 

Despite the incentives and pleas for early shopping, the USPS says it's expecting the busiest time of the holiday shipping to peak right before Christmas.

"Customer traffic is expected to increase beginning Dec. 7, with the week of Dec. 14-21 predicted to be the busiest mailing, shipping and delivery week."

In a recent announcement, the Postal Service wrote, "It is ... Read More

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Mon Nov 23 2020 11:28:42

Amazon Sellers Wary of Addition of New Product Types

By: Ina Steiner


Amazon made what seemed like an innocuous announcement about the addition of over 100 new product types and attributes now available to sellers to improve product detail pages. 

"We now have more than 100 new product types and attributes available to improve your product detail pages. To view what product types and attributes were launched, please refer to Product type and attributes.

"When creating a new listing, you can view these new product types when classifying your product in the Add a product tool in Seller Central. You can also see the product types when you select the appropriate ... Read More

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Sat Nov 21 2020 13:04:47

The eBay Managed Payment Issues Plaguing Sellers

By: Ina Steiner


eBay said it had placed 340,000 sellers into its Managed Payments program as of the end of September. It's possible the majority of those sellers have no problems. But there are many reports from sellers who are encountering problems, and they can't rely on the normal customer support channels eBay provides.

With the new Payments program, buyers pay eBay, which then disburses the funds to sellers through regularly scheduled "payouts."

But numerous sellers have complained of payout delays, or worse, a cessation of payouts, resulting in a cash-flow nightmare for sellers who must pay their bills and continue to fulfill orders.

Another problem ... Read More

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