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Thu June 17 2021 22:03:59

Seth Godin Post Sparks Memories of Early Days of eBay

By: Ina Steiner

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Today, Seth Godin wrote about a local retailer and the personal touch, and it reminded me of the early days of eBay.

Godin wrote about how his local ice cream shop sent him a personal note in the mail along with a gift card for a free ice cream cone. He compared that approach to businesses that send out spammy mass emails - not that I think there's anything wrong with targeted direct marketing. 

His post reminded me of how eBay CEOs had different approaches to the marketplace. Meg Whitman embraced the community nature of eBay - whimsy, the personal ... Read More

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Wed June 16 2021 15:41:25

Amazon to Institute Returns Policy in August

By: Ina Steiner

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Amazon issued the following reminder to sellers of its new policy taking effect in August impacting seller-fulfilled orders and returns:

Starting August 16, 2021, as part of our Selling on Amazon policy, Amazon will automatically authorize US return requests that fall within Amazon’s return policy, including items where sellers filed requests to exempt SKUs from the Prepaid Return Label program. For returns of seller-filed SKUs that are exempt from the Prepaid Return Label program, sellers will continue to have the option to upload a merchant-paid label. Return requests that are out-of-policy or category-exempt will continue to be sent for ... Read More

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Mon June 14 2021 22:27:39

The Futility of Tracking eBay Sports Card Deliveries

By: Ina Steiner

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Remember reports about tracking problems from sellers using eBay's new innovative shipping option for sending low-price, lightweight Sports Cards, called Standard Envelope?

Sellers are still reporting issues with the service, including a seller who said eBay does not offer the tracking and protection offered on the eBay help page, which states: 

"eBay standard envelope is more affordable than using USPS First Class Package Service. Plus, with integrated tracking and shipping protection it's more secure than shipping with a stamp and can help improve your Seller Ratings."

The sports card seller, who also buys sports cards on eBay, shared with us with a ... Read More

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Fri June 11 2021 22:35:03

Amazon May Penalize Sellers over Listing Policy Violations

By: Ina Steiner


Amazon told sellers to make sure their listings comply with its policies or it could impact them negatively in the future. On Thursday, it issued the following announcement:

Ensure your listings meet detail page guidelines
To provide a great customer experience, it is important that your listings meet our product listing requirements. Before you create your listings, review the style guidelines, Product Detail Page rules, and the Selling Policies and Selling Code of Conduct.

If your listings violate our policies, we may remove content such as bullet points or portions of product descriptions. This will not impact your account health negatively at this stage, but ... Read More

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Tue June 8 2021 12:21:43

Etsy Runs Hundreds of Tests on Its Marketplace Every Day

By: Ina Steiner


Remember when Etsy used to share information with buyers and sellers about tests it was running on its site? That transparency was enormously helpful to sellers especially in cases where they encountered something new so they could check to see if it was a glitch or an intentional change the company was testing.

(As online sellers can attest, the latter  - tests - sometimes leads to the former - glitches.)

Etsy runs hundreds of tests every day, it recently revealed - but they are run on "limited online traffic."

"Our desire for fast development naturally calls for ways to gain insights as early as possible ... Read More

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