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Mon July 4 2022 08:52:01

Amazon Rolls Out USPS Shipping Rate Hike a Week Early

By: Reader

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Amazon sellers got a surprise on Friday when they printed USPS Media Mail shipping labels. Instead of costing $3.19, Amazon showed the rate as $3.49.

A seller reported the issue on Ecommerce EKG, writing in part, "On my Shipments on Friday July 1st Amazon charged me the new rate by USPS, but they aren't suppose to be effective until July 10th."

The problem has yet to be fixed - a reader experienced the problem on Sunday evening: "I just printed a shipping label for an order I sold on Amazon 10 Oz Media Mail which should be $3.19 and was charged ... Read More

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Fri July 1 2022 21:01:30

Etsy Surveys Sellers about Controversial Offsite Ad Program

By: Ina Steiner

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Update 7/2/2022: The Etsy survey on Offsite Ads we referenced below was actually conducted in 2020, not this year. (Thanks to readers for alerting us.)

Etsy does solicit feedback from sellers about the program, however, as one seller noted this week ("I've done several surveys where one of the questions has been "do you use Offsite Ads," and then there are follow-up questions. Well, yes, I "use" them, but only because I have no choice. And there's no way to indicate that I would not be using them otherwise. It bugs me every time").

Let us know what you think of ... Read More

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Mon June 27 2022 09:47:54

Should Etsy Allow Sellers to Add a Sustainability Designation?

By: Ina Steiner

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Etsy is considering allowing sellers to designate their products as "sustainable," which the marketplace would then promote on its homepage (and elsewhere) by adding a new shopping category. But which types of seller would it help the most?

Etsy conducted a survey this month in which it told sellers it had ideas for helping them highlight certain information about their products related to sustainability.

Most of the terms it listed as possible designations were generic, such as "Organic Ingredients" or "Vegan," but two were terms that indicated sellers had gone further by actually certifying their items: "Leaping Bunny certified" ... Read More

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Thu June 23 2022 22:03:12

PayPal Closes Loophole on Fee Avoidance

By: Ina Steiner


PayPal is closing a loophole that allowed sellers to avoid fees as well as avoid income-tax reporting. As of the end of July, business accounts will not be able to receive "personal transactions," which is known as Friends & Family in PayPal lingo. 

It had always been against PayPal's policy to send a payment using the "sending to a friend" option if it was really for the intention of "paying for an item or service." And there were lots of reasons for buyers not to do so, with articles and blog posts (and PayPal itself) warning buyers their purchases ... Read More

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Wed June 22 2022 20:35:50

Will Sellers See a Sales Spike with Etsy-Funded Coupons?

By: Ina Steiner


On June 22, Etsy is offering a targeted set of buyers 20% off their next purchase with a unique promo code for two days only, it announced on Wednesday.

"Best part? This offer is fully funded by Etsy at no cost to you - just one of the ways we're keeping our promise of financially contributing to your growth," Etsy told sellers in today's announcement.

One seller reacting to the news pointed to the words "at no cost to you" and referenced Etsy's recent fee hike as belying Etsy's claim about the source of funds, but added, "But to be fair, the coupons ... Read More

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