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Mon Apr 23 2018 16:53:25

eBay Alternative Addoway to Shut Down in May

By: Ina Steiner

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Another alternative to eBay is closing. Addoway is an online marketplace launched by two college students in 2010 and is shutting down in May. 

Fredrick Nijm and Anthony Saia launched Addoway while attending Arizona State University with the idea that social networking activity could provide buyers with an indicator of trustworthiness

In a letter to users on Facebook, Nijm wrote, "We hate to have to do this, but after Anthony and I have spent all of our time and resources building Addoway over the last 13 years, we have unfortunately come to a point where Addoway is no longer self-sustainable."

While sellers are hungry for alternatives, for ... Read More

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Sat Apr 21 2018 22:28:47

SmugMug Buys Yahoo's Flickr Image Hosting Site

By: Ina Steiner

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Numerous times we've written about photo-hosting sites making radical changes or closing down to the dismay of online sellers who sometimes lost their entire libraries of product images. (PhotoBucket was one of the services that gave sellers major headaches in the past.) 

The pending sale of Yahoo's Flickr service shouldn't cause  panic, however - if any seller even uses the platform for hosting their ecommerce photos. (One early disadvantage of Flickr that we noted in 2005 was that you couldn't put a Flickr URL in listings to have the image display.)

SmugMug is acquiring the "once pioneering photo platform," as Geekwire called Flickr, ... Read More

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Tue Apr 17 2018 19:12:02

Sellers Fume over Etsy Billing Changes

By: Ina Steiner

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Some sellers are fuming over changes Etsy will make in how it collects fees. Beginning in June, the online marketplace will start automatically deducting taxes and fees from their Etsy Payment accounts, the company announced this morning. "Starting in June, we'll automatically deduct any taxes or fees you owe from the money you've made from Etsy Payments sales. Way simpler, right?"

Etsy couched the change as a way to make it easier for sellers to view their revenue, fees and taxes all in one place. But sellers pointed out ... Read More

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Thu Apr 12 2018 22:12:47

Reports eBay Is Forcing Buyer Remorse Returns

By: Ina Steiner


Pointing to this thread on the eBay discussion boards, readers said eBay is running a policy test requiring sellers to accept all returns, including instances of buyer's remorse. They were referring to the following statement by a seller on the discussion thread:

"I had further conversations with a patient and helpful supervisor today who provided better insight into the current situation, what is driving this change, and what (little) leeway they have. What was explained to me is that the move to a 30 day no questions asked policy for sellers has been communicated by your marketing folks/returns team to appeals/returns supervisors/reps ... Read More

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Tue Apr 10 2018 01:23:37

South Dakota Refers to Small Sellers as Pint Sized

By: Ina Steiner


South Dakota came out swinging against Wayfair,, and Newegg in its reply brief to the Supreme Court on Monday, but it may have disrespected small sellers when it referred to them as "pint-sized." 

The state filed the brief in the South Dakota vs. Wayfair case, which the Court will hear on April 17th to decide whether to overturn Quill vs. North Dakota. Here's an excerpt from South Dakota's reply brief filed on Monday:

"Meanwhile, respondents (Wayfair,, and Newegg) cannot dispute that they could easily comply everywhere, or that everyone could comply easily enough in South Dakota. Instead, they defend Quill only by alleging that other, pint-sized ... Read More

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