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Sat Mar 23 2019 00:11:13

Seller Pays the Price for Mistakes in eBay Product Catalog

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I just wanted to let you know that I just received a SNAD (not as described) complaint from a buyer stating I shipped them the wrong item. I sold them a pair of brand new in box Frye boots that when they received them stated I shipped them the wrong color and the measurements do not measure up with my info. 

I asked them what was wrong with the item and they stated I shipped them a pair of charcoal colored boots and the listing stated grey and that measurements were wrong.

I stated my listing says charcoal color and nowhere in the ... Read More

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Thu Mar 21 2019 16:04:05

Consequences of Using eBay GTC Out of Stock Feature

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Please remind your readers who are eBay Sellers to check their PREFERENCES on the "Out Of Stock Option" (OOS).

IF that box is CHECKED, then ALL their Fixed Price / Guaranteed To Close listings - even those that are for a single item, for which you have NO Quantity: All your GTC listings will automatically be O.O.S. / GTC.

That means; if you have ONE item, and it sells, then the listing will RENEW for 3 months, even though you had one, now have none. That listing stays open w/ a '0' quantity.

Prior to this Update, a single item GTC ended once item sold.

You cannot CHOSE which ... Read More

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Wed Mar 20 2019 00:06:55

New York May Enact Marketplace Sales Tax Law

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
It would appear it won't be long before New York joins other states requiring marketplace payment providers to collect and remit sales taxes. I thought perhaps this might be a useful topic for EommerceBytes.

Here is the specific item of interest:

Eliminate internet tax advantage (Part G)
"Like a proposal made in the fiscal year 2018–2019 Executive budget bill, the Budget Bill would require marketplace providers to collect and remit sales and use taxes on third-party vendor taxable sales of tangible personal property facilitated through the provider's market. If enacted, this requirement would become effective September 1, 2019."

Kind regards,

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Mon Mar 18 2019 13:27:12

eBay Says Photograph of Tampered Return Is Not Evidence

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I am trying to figure out the proper way to handle a return on eBay when the buyer sent back a different item?

I sold an electronic cooker that the buyer claimed was not working. They sent the item back and when I got it, I noticed that the serial number had been cut on back and it had been opened up. All factory stickers were missing. 

I posted these images on the return case. I called eBay and told them that I had received a different and tampered with item. After about an hour on the phone and speaking with different supervisors, I was ... Read More

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Sat Mar 16 2019 12:22:24

Sellers Live with Uncertainty as eBay Stays Mum on GTC

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
Does anyone know what will happen with Fixed Price 30 days listings on the 18th? Mine all expire that day. 

I have no idea if they will convert to GTC on that day and auto relist, or if I need to or dare to relist as they expire. 

Help appreciated!

Note from the editor: eBay said the GTC mandate would roll out in mid-March, and on March 1, Harry Temkin, VP of Seller Experience, said he would look into sellers' concerns about the 30 day auto-renewal period not syncing with monthly billing cycles. We've seen no official announcement from ... Read More

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