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Sun Aug 2 2020 08:58:54

Fraction of eBay Sellers Enrolled in Managed Payments in July

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Like many others, I've now been strong-armed into signing up for eBay's managed payments, and live in dread of what will happen. So I got curious as to how many sellers there are and how many they've signed up, and this rather startling scenario appears:

1) eBay states they have 32,000 sellers signed up.

2) But they have 25 million "active" sellers.

My question is, how far off are they from forcing everyone on board if they haven't even got 1 million active sellers on yet and they have over 20 million? Or is that a fictious way-off number?

It's really quite interesting if they stand to lose that ... Read More

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Thu July 30 2020 22:14:16

Reader Pushes Back on Coverage of Amazon Testimony

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
There is a falsehood in the July 29 Bezos article, "The following excerpt explains how Bezos believes Amazon was able to surpass eBay" (link to blog post).

That is false. The statement is not what Bezos believes. It is what he wants us to think he believes.

When you help him to make us think that, you are cooperating in any lies he may tell. He has a definite agenda before Congress, and his job in testifying is to play a role from a script, not to tell anyone what he "believes".

This may sound like a nitpick, but it is not. ... Read More

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Wed July 29 2020 09:48:41

Reader Takes Issue with eBay Label of Most Reputable Seller

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I am beginning to believe all the comments on EcommerceBytes about eBay's favoritism for Chinese sellers. A case in point is attached. 

I purchased an item from a Chinese seller on May 22nd. This is an item that is not available in the U.S. On May 29th, the item was finally shipped. As of today, it has not been received and is still sitting in Shanghai according to postal ninja.

The amazing part can be seen in the attached pic. As you can see, this seller sports only a 91% positive feedback rating and is touted as a Top-Rated Seller "One of eBay's most reputable ... Read More

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Sat July 25 2020 09:11:27

Car Buyer Frustrated by eBay Cancellations

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I appreciate your site. I have made about 650 successful purchases through eBay including several cars. I have 100% positive feedback.

Here's a problem I feel is significant and bordering on fraud: If a SELLER lists a car or truck with no minimum price, and if that car or truck is going to sell BELOW MARKET, and time is running out, the listing is often cancelled.

I have had this happen 5 times.

I realize your site is primarily honest information for eBay Sellers, but buyers need some assistance as well.

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Thu July 23 2020 09:18:07

eBay Seller Waits for Payments Shoe to Drop

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I was concerned about the July 20 date for joining managed payments as I had heard nothing from eBay about this program and I have been a seller for over 20 years.

I contacted eBay and was fortunate enough to talk to a representative, (but he) had little or no information for me even though I told him I was concerned about not being able to list without being a member of manage payments.

He assured me that someone would contact me by phone within the next 48 hours and advised me that he had my correct telephone number. 

After several days I finally received an email ... Read More

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