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Mon Feb 17 2020 15:52:58

Is eBay Ignoring Michigan Sales Tax Exemptions?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I saw your ecommerce articles and thought you might be interested in this:

In January, eBay started to tax ancient coin and bullion buyers in Michigan*, even though the state of Michigan does not charge tax for such sales online nor in brick and mortar stores. 

When brought to the attention of eBay, the company refunds the tax, but they do not change the policy. 

It begs many questions: 

- How many people are losing money without realizing they are being illegally taxed;

- What is eBay doing with the funds that the state does not take from them; and 

- What other products and states might also have this situation?


*And, I assume, other ... Read More

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Fri Feb 14 2020 20:56:55

Seller Seeks Accounting Solution to Tackle Taxes

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I enjoy very much getting your newsflash and reading it. Here's a thought for a topic - what are some good accounting solutions for eBay and Amazon sellers that are tailored for accounting for sales from those marketplaces? 

For example, solutions to automatically download sales data, itemized cost and expense data, etc. Or do you already have some kind of comparison or reviews on your site that I'm not seeing? Or are there a few that you know are best from prior newsletters you've prepared? 

Any thoughts appreciated - thanks again for your newsletter, it is very informative and a great read. 
Bill R.

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Wed Feb 12 2020 09:15:00

International Marketplace Orders Lack Crucial Info

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Recently Brazil made adding buyer tax ID mandatory for all packages sent from abroad. But not eBay nor Amazon collect this info from buyers, and packages get disposed or returned. 

Also, international shipping uses customer phone number as delivery aid. But Bonanza never collects this info and Amazon is even worse - they replace the customer phone with an Amazon extension that has no response. 

Why don't all marketplaces collect all the necessary details? The delivery is quite messed up without those details and sellers' ratings go down!! 

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Mon Feb 10 2020 10:18:57

eBay Unyielding on Tracking for Combined Orders

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I had a customer order three inexpensive rings from my store which offered free shipping. She used three different accounts. The rings were very light in weight and all went to the same address so I put them in one package and was able to ship them for three dollars. 

I went to add the tracking number and eBay would not allow me to add the same tracking number to all three rings. I called them and was advised that since she used three different accounts, I had to mail the packages in three separate envelopes. 

So for these inexpensive rings, eBay wanted me to ... Read More

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Fri Feb 7 2020 20:33:51

Seller Points to eBay Payments Category Exclusions

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
eBay's managed payments does not allow coins, currency, bullion, tickets, or automobiles.

Sellers forced into managed payments confirm that they are unable to list coins.

Note from the Editor: eBay's regular Accepted Payments policy allows additional payment options for certain approved categories, but sure enough, "coins" does not appear to be one of them. 

eBay provides a phone number for sellers enrolled in managed payments, found on the Payments Terms of Use page on

"For assistance with managed payments transactions (for example, inquiring as to the status of settlements or appealing payments dispute fees), please contact eBay Commerce at ... Read More

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