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Thu May 23 2019 12:28:35

Vet Vows to Fight Outrageous Attacks on Sellers Like Him

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Many of us that sell on eBay or other online platforms also have brick and mortar store, or will have one day. 

All of us like to think we are too smart to get scammed. When a company sets out to scam and defraud Veteran and Minority business owners and uses attorneys and the legal system to do it, there is not much we can do. 

I want to warn all small business owners to always do a lot of research before signing any kind of lease. Even if you think you are smart enough to understand the lease, you will still lose. 

My store is Veteran ... Read More

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Wed May 22 2019 12:17:48

Feedback Sought on eBay Seller Pays for Returns Policy

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
We are feeling pressure building to pay for return shipping on buyers purchases. Thus far we have resisted doing so due the great likelihood of fraud being perpetuated on us by unethical buyers. A possibility well supported by stories shared by others. 

With the last article we can find relating to this topic, eBay Launches Auto Returns and a New Refund Option, would you consider asking your readers how adopting the Seller Pays for Return policy has affected their eBay business?

eBay has some perks, such as the Top Rated Plus rating, that may make the positives outweigh the negatives of adopting the policy, and ... Read More

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Mon May 20 2019 12:54:26

Any Advice for Seller Battling eBay Fee Error?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Late last year I had two of my eBay listings charged a bold listing fee for $4 each, which I am absolutely certain I did not request. The listings were for different quantities of the same item, and were selling for $18-$30.

Before I discovered the problem, the listings had both auto-relisted once, so the total amount charged to me was $16. What really bothers me about this is that eBay refuses to take responsibility for what was their fault, due to an apparent site glitch.

I have called them several times regarding this, filed an appeal, and have gotten nowhere. They refuse to refund ... Read More

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Thu May 16 2019 20:43:49

Seller Explains His Love-Hate Relationship with eBay

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
As a 21-year full-time eBay seller, I've developed a love/hate relationship with eBay.

The hate: often it seems eBay's objectives are at cross-purposes to mine. What eBay considers good is often not so good for me, costing me time and money seemingly to no useful purpose.

The love: I sell collectibles, there is nowhere else online or in 3D-land where I can sell collectibles for as much money as on eBay, be it in an antique store, antique mall, local auction, flea market, or on other online sites. 

So while it is quite frustrating dealing with eBay's seemingly nonsensical, ever-changing rules laid down for my behavior, I ... Read More

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Tue May 14 2019 22:23:30

Annoying eBay Shipping Habits

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
Here is a new one regarding eBay's postage label page. I sold a dress. I had postage set for Priority. When I went to print the Priority service, I opened the drop-down box, I selected Priority "padded" flat rate. However, I was not able to change what the buyer selected "Priority" to what I preferred "Padded Flat Rate" Priority. 

I had no choice but to take the dress back out of the sealed padded Priority envelope and mail it in my basic polymailer. Why???!

On top of that, I'm tired of eBay using my paper and my ink as real estate to advertise their message ... Read More

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