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Tue June 19 2018 14:21:34

Etsy Masks Buyer Email Addresses

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
As of June 12th I have noticed on the payment notification that I get from Etsy that the email address of my customer no longer appears, just like on the eBay payment notifications from PayPal. 

On the email I receive from Etsy, if I hover over the link at the bottom of the payment notification that says "Send Them An Email" you can see the email address of your customer. But it no longer appears printed on the payment notification email.

Yet another example of Etsy following what eBay does. I shudder to think what might be next!!! 

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Mon June 18 2018 21:37:39

Overcharged when Using FedEx through eBay

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
My son shipped a package FedEx using an eBay label. He measured it exactly because 2 inches more and it would cost $125.00 to ship. So he was really careful to make sure he had the box cut down to the cheaper cost. Well, his eBay account was charged $125.00. 

He called eBay and they told him to call FedEx. 

FedEx told him to call eBay. 

Ends up nothing he could do but pay the $125.00. And to top it all off the mirror ended up broke and FedEx said because it wasn't their packaging they would not pay. 

So he was out the money for the mirror and ... Read More

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Sat June 16 2018 13:09:36

Seller Puts a Price on New eBay Return Policy

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
eBay's new FREE RETURN Policy will cost me money no matter what I do.  

I am a Top Rated Seller Plus with 100% 3,320 positive feedbacks. In order to receive my much earned 10% seller fees, I must opt in for FREE RETURNS. 

The returns will cost me $3.17 per return and I cannot get my 10% restocking fee.  

Now I must raise my prices to anticipate the FREE RETURNS (which is only FREE to scam buyers). eBay is doing everything it its power to kill Sellers bottom line.  

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Fri June 15 2018 23:42:17

eBay Sides with Buyer Making False SNAD Claim

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I had an interesting conversation with an eBay supervisor. I sold a brand new appliance garage to a woman. She received it and in her email thru eBay stated that she knew it was the wrong color when she purchased it, but she bought it but was thinking she could re-stain it or change the color some how.

After receiving she realized it was typical cabinet material and not solid wood and could not be changed in color. She asked if she could return it and I told her she could, she would need to ship it back to me at ... Read More

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Tue June 12 2018 13:24:53

When Should Smells Count in eBay SNAD Claims?

By: Reader


Dear Ina, 
I'd like to share an experience I had with eBay customer service as a seller and possibly a new way eBay now handles returns for no-returns seller.

Buyer opened an "arrived damaged" return request for a dress. She claimed that the dress smells bad. Dress was cleaned prior to shipping and didn't smell of anything to me. Smells are subjective and this is exactly why eBay never considered them as a reason for SNAD (see the first reply in the thread, by eBay).

I tried communication with the buyer, but she wasn't cooperative, so I called eBay to have the case escalated and ... Read More

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