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Sat Nov 28 2020 20:59:20

The Bizarre Case of the Missing Amazon Listings

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I signed up to become an Amazon seller. I was given instructions on how to upload a file of my items. Despite numerous attempts, my items never appeared on Amazon. Then I was billed $2 as a commission on sales I never made. After many useless discussions, I demanded a refund of the $2 and cancellation of my seller account.

Yesterday I received an email from Amazon Services titled Notification of Restricted Items Removed. It was followed by a list of all the items I had tried to post. 

Why did it take FIFTEEN YEARS? It was 15 years ago that I uploaded the file ... Read More

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Thu Nov 26 2020 13:34:12

eBay Seller Feels Throttled During the Holidays

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I have been selling on eBay for many years. After some very decent sales in September and October, I saw sales fall off starting in early November. This is a pattern that I see every year in early November and sales normally recover in late January. This leads me to my question: does eBay throttle small sellers during the holidays? 

The fact that I see this pattern every year makes me wonder. As I listened to the news this morning, one story mentioned that online sales are up 30% or more. One would think that I would benefit from this robust uptick.

I would love ... Read More

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Mon Nov 23 2020 11:09:04

Enrolled in eBay Payments but PayPal Still Required

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I've been forced into eBay's managed payments for a few months now - and many times when I'm listing an item I get this error message

"Sell similar
It looks like there's a problem with this listing.
Payment options - To list this item, you need to accept PayPal or other approved electronic payments as a payment method."

Which means they still think I'm not in managed payments, and their system requires PayPal like it used to in order to list - I wonder if others are having this same issue?

Keep up the good work,

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Fri Nov 20 2020 16:56:35

Etsy Sellers Concerned about Entwined Accounts

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
Thought you'd be interested in this - as I am sure many Etsy sellers would be. It appears that somehow a seller's dashboard is being made accessible to someone she doesn't know but has purchased from (another seller).  

This serious breach of security has been going on for a couple days now with no resolve.  

Here is the link to the forum discussion still going on at this time:

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Tue Nov 17 2020 21:00:47

Seller Perplexed by eBay Payments Category Exclusions

By: Reader


Dear Ina,

Here's another problem having to do with eBay's managed payment deadline. My situation might be illustrative.

Announced last year, eBay has prohibited several existing sales categories from using MP (Managed Payments), including automobiles. Another example includes collectible coins, currency and bullion, where a majority of my sales transactions occur.

Company officials have assured sellers that they will find a solution, although they haven't stated what the problem is that must be solved. But so far, no guidance has come forth.

I have not signed up for MP, as the word from various chat rooms and forums is that ... Read More

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