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Tue Nov 29 2022 22:04:56

Misleading Pricing by Some Etsy Sellers Erodes Trust

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
The issue of click bait / bait and switch pricing on Etsy has gotten completely out of hand, specifically in the t-shirt category.

For example, a t-shirt listing that shows a price of $9.99+ in search results only has a size 6 months baby onesie available at that price.
These listings are clearly designed with bait and switch pricing. The practice has become so common that it is destroying the marketplace.

The issue has been raised a few times on the Etsy forums, and I'd like to address a couple of common objections.

1) "It's not the seller's fault. That's just how Etsy displays prices." 

No one is buying a t-shirt ... Read More

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Fri Nov 25 2022 16:33:11

What Do Other Sellers Think of Poshmark and Livestream Events?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Would you consider doing a story on Poshmark? I am a reseller and have used Poshmark, Etsy, eBay, Tradesy, Mercari and Depop. I've noticed Poshmark doing livestream parties, which looks to me like they are copying a Facebook idea.

I rely heavily on research you give us on each of the platforms and also love what you do! Keep it up. I also love reading others' thoughts on each of the platforms in the blog section!!!

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Thu Nov 24 2022 09:04:21

Seller Complains to FTC over Etsy Negative Review Practices

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Etsy is committing extortion by deliberately damaging the reputation of selected sellers (not all sellers have been targeted) by placing irrelevant negative reviews under most of their listings. 

The result of this is that these sellers are having to spend more money on advertising and the duplication of listings, in a desperate attempt to remove the irrelevant negative reviews. 

I am one of the targeted sellers and I, along with other sellers, have found that by duplicating a listing that has positive reviews and then copying across the information from the tainted listing, I can remove the irrelevant negative review from that listing for a ... Read More

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Wed Nov 23 2022 20:35:50

Etsy Sellers Worry about Listing High Priced Goods

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
Are you aware of Etsy's new policy change? If an item's tracking shows delivered and even if it was signed for, a buyer can open a "did not receive" dispute and if the purchase price is over $250, Etsy will debit a sellers account and refund the buyer? 

Here is a link to the conversation taking place.

The Big R

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Tue Nov 22 2022 08:54:15

eBay Seller Feels Pushed to the Limit

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
eBay's "How far can we push them?" I've been at this for a minute, longer than I can remember to be honest. It was hard to get going at first with a few failed attempts trying to get traction in the market. In the beginning it was exciting to start making a few bucks and watch it grow with hard work and determination. The more you put in the more you get back kind of thing, a little like farming. 

I remember my 1st bad review that I could not turn around. I lost sleep for weeks. I've only had few over the ... Read More

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