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Mon Nov 12 2018 11:22:08

How Do You Temporarily Suspend Your eBay Listings?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Just needed your advice. I sell on eBay but don't have an eBay shop. I'm going abroad for Christmas, what do I do? Delist my merchandise?

Note from the editor: We've read horror stories in the past from sellers who thought they put their listings in vacation mode only to come back from a trip to find they made sales while away. Please share your tips on how to temporarily suspend your eBay listings without any negative consequences! (And indicate if the procedure is different for sellers with an eBay Store versus without.)

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Sun Nov 11 2018 20:29:50

Seller Says Using eBay Sell Similar Feature Causes Problems

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Don't use sell similar to list an item on eBay. eBay reinserts descriptions and photos from the old listing. Buyers get upset and think the shipment is complete. 

I have seen the wrong photos posted on eBay. 

I can't monitor all the listings to correct these types of errors.  

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Fri Nov 9 2018 20:20:12

Why Did eBay Stop Showing Relay in Search?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
eBay is not showing our listings. I had a relay I sell that had been selling well then all of a sudden they stopped. 

When I went to the general search, I discovered eBay is not showing my listing. 

At the top of the list is a statement that reads "We removed some search results to show you the most relevant listings. View all results" - one has to click on this message to see my listing. 

I am outraged that I am paying to have this item on eBay every month and they are not even putting it in the search results. I have screenshots I ... Read More

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Tue Nov 6 2018 20:51:55

Did eBay Make Changes to Customer Service for Stores?

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I have an eBay Anchor store. When I call Customer Service, I try and do it when they first open. I am familiar with the "we are not open yet" message. Normally it tells me when they open in terms of Pacific time. I think it was 8am Pacific time.

Today I got a different message. It's now Mountain time instead of Pacific time and its 6 am.

I could be mistaken and/or you may not care. I thought it was something not everyone will notice and I thought you might like to know.

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Mon Nov 5 2018 23:55:08

Reader Points to Contradiction in eBay Policy over Repros

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
Given eBay's lackluster 3rd quarter performance and now aiming to "adjust", this might be worth a re-visit. Found it on the eBay seller board.

eBay's contract with China is much different than the one we have to abide by. But eBay considers anything made in China to be a "REPRODUCTION" and therefore eligible to be sold on eBay. But if anybody else sells the exact same thing, then it is a counterfeit or a fake.  

Here is a link to an article written about eBay in which then President of eBay Marketplace Devin Wenig explains why eBay gives the Chinese all this information about what is ... Read More

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