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Fri Feb 16 2018 20:14:05

PayPal Chargeback Fee Comes One Day after Sale

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I recently had a chargeback the day after a $1000 item sold on eBay and paid through PayPal. I got docked $29.35 (1000x2.9% +0.35) from PayPal as a fee for the chargeback. 

In reviewing the PayPal TOS, the fee is only supposed to be $20. I had no idea there was a fee to begin with as I had no control over this transaction, but, there it is.  

The eBay FVF refund was not automatic so I had to call eBay to get that back too. I will also need to check my dashboard after the next update and call eBay again to get the ... Read More

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Thu Feb 15 2018 14:00:20

eBay Pads Delivery Window for Guaranteed Delivery Listings

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
We just signed up for eBay Guaranteed Delivery and found that they are padding their delivery time quotes. 

Our items are slowly being updated by eBay to include EGD and found that the items with the guarantee will require 1 more day to arrive to the same zip code versus one of our items without EGD.

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Tue Feb 13 2018 10:08:20

eBay Seller Describes Catch 22 of TRS Shipping Standards

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
eBay touts fast and free shipping, and many sellers are now part of the Guaranteed Delivery Program. Shipping has become a huge part of sellers' performance.

I have more than one eBay account. Recently, I saw a fall in sales. (Who knew that it could fall further.) I looked at the Seller Dashboards on all accounts. Each account has a "Late Shipment Rate" of more than 7%, with an alert.  

My "Tracking Uploaded on Time and Validated on Time" ratings are above 98%. I ship same day or morning after. I fall just short of begging USPS to scan my packages, but they always insist ... Read More

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Sun Feb 11 2018 12:20:16

eBay Encourages Sellers to Lower Prices

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
Have any of your readers reported seeing recommended prices from eBay now showing up on their manage active listings screen? Today is the first time I have seen it. 

I truly wish they would stop all of the futzing...I thought this is what the growth tab is supposed to be for in Seller Hub, which I think is useless.

Out of curiosity I have gone to the growth tab on Seller Hub, and their recommendations are often ridiculous; many times they recommend a price with nothing to compare it to or the item being compared to is not the same brand or condition. I imagine ... Read More

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Fri Feb 9 2018 10:18:54

Has eBay Solved Deadbeat Bidder Problem?

By: Reader


Dear Ina, 
I do believe eBay has solved the non-binding Auction bid problem. 

I had 3 auctions this morning that did not require that I send an invoice or reminder to customer to pay. It looks like eBay may be charging the PayPal account at the time of highest bid.

Has anyone experienced this movement?

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