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Fri Feb 22 2019 10:24:22

Improved Search Would Boost Sales on Bonanza

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I followed the results for the 2019 Seller's Choice results. I noticed that the Profitability rating for Bonanza was the same as the previous year. I also noticed where sellers still complained about sales lacking on the Bonanza site.

I believe I have a sound reason as to what contributes to the lack of sales directly from the Bonanza website.

Over the years, we have mentioned that the search functionality needs work when doing a site-wide search. We've said if it worked better, we felt we would get more sales.

To this day, the search functionality I am speaking of further below has not gotten resolved OR ... Read More

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Mon Feb 18 2019 22:27:39

Check Your eBay Returns Policy Reader Advises

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I was also perplexed by the announcement that eBay made regarding sellers updating their return policies to match the current return policy options. (See "eBay Reminder on Returns Comes Out of the Blue.")

After all, the options they listed have been the only options available now for at least 6 months and at that time they automatically converted all non-conforming listings to returns accepted within 30 days/buyer pays (even on GTC, good til canceled listings).

We accept 30-day returns from buyers domestically and internationally. This has not been different in years, and we relist the same exact items every month. In the ... Read More

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Sun Feb 17 2019 12:06:30

eBay Hides Listings from Eager Buyer

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Last month I did not sell anything for 14 days out of the 31, and I put it down to Government shutdown. Though I have to say, my sales on eBay have been going down every year.  

This morning I received a message from a potential buyer. 

"Hi XXXX there may be several misunderstanding - maybe I did not make it clear enough. I am not interested in the XXXX - this is the only item that is listed when I visit your eBay page. I am interested in XXXXX, and the one mentioned I get from a search profile I have installed. I do ... Read More

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Fri Feb 15 2019 23:21:57

Why Some Sellers Are Avoiding Sales to Germany

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I was wondering if you are aware or have plans to do a story on the new German Packaging Laws that came into play Jan. 2019. Both Amazon, eBay and Etsy forums are filled with confusion over this and who is required to register. 

Many sellers are ending sales to Germany until more information comes to light. Etsy has refused to answer any questions as they regard this as legal counsel. 

Amazon is requiring sellers on their .de and Pan Europe sites to register.  

The law is in German and has not been translated to English as of yet. The concern is over the hefty ... Read More

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Wed Feb 13 2019 00:12:59

I Am a Mouse and eBay Is a Maze

By: Reader


I Am a Mouse, and eBay Is a Maze
I am a mouse. 🐭And, eBay is a maze. Once upon a time, I diligently worked my way through the maze and eBay rewarded me with a sweet treat. After my treat, a big hand would come down and grab me by the back of the neck and set me outside of the maze to start all over again. 

I thought, "That sweet treat was good!" I've got to try again! 🐭once again I turned this way and that and finally I found the end of the maze.

Woohoo! The eBay maze gave me another sweet treat. In ... Read More

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