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Sat Apr 1 2023 13:40:23

How Big of a Problem Is Dropship Fraud for Marketplace Sellers?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
We had a situation happen in the Walmart Marketplace and I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else. All of a sudden, we had 10 orders come through for an SKU that sells very slowly, and we were ecstatic, because all the sales happened in the space of a day or two. 

About 2-3 weeks later we noticed that Walmart had refunded each and every one of those orders for "Lost After Delivery", and the channel that initiated the refund was "Chatbot_Returns". We checked the tracking numbers and found that each and every one of them had been delivered, so we initiated ... Read More

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Fri Mar 31 2023 15:48:24

eBay Seller Smells Something Fishy about SNAD Claim

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I'm writing you in regards to difficulty I'm having with eBay as a seller. 

Recently I shipped items where the buyer claims it's not as described, as I shipped a pair of sunglasses, and buyer says that they received cans of tuna.

eBay does not offer very much seller protections it appears. Other than making a claim with the Postal Service, is there any other avenues that I can utilize to work through eBay? It seems that they just don't care about sellers as much.

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Thu Mar 30 2023 11:43:50

Seller Says Etsy Disadvantages Those Outside the EU

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I wanted to bring to your attention a recent issue that has surfaced in relation to Etsy's Off site ad programme which was suppose to be mandatory for all sellers earning over $10k.

It now transpires that due to some EU law, countries in the EU (to date 11 of them) have been able to legally opt out by formally requesting to be excluded. 

Etsy have not been transparent and are refusing to state what EU law is applicable even when requested to do so.

This has big ramifications for Etsy as it now ... Read More

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Mon Mar 27 2023 11:06:37

Reader Asks How to Remove the Hold on Her Amazon Funds

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I'm having trouble with Amazon. They put a "hold" on my account and I have done everything they requested to removed the hold. 

Is there anyway you can assist me in taking the hold off?
Thank you,

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Fri Mar 24 2023 12:58:09

eBay Resets the Clock on Deadbeat Buyers

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I sell collectibles on eBay using auction. A common occurrence is non-paying buyers. 

After 2-3 weeks if I don't hear from the buyer, I sometimes re-send an invoice. However, sending an invoice resets the eBay 'purchase date' clock to the current date making it impossible to cancel the order without waiting 4 additional days.  

This is a serious problem that eBay has had for a while making it difficult to do business. Sending an invoice SHOULD NOT reset the purchase clock, instead eBay should be looking at the original auction close date when they won the item to determine if we can cancel an order.

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