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Tue July 5 2022 08:58:37

eBay Protects Seller from Bad Buyer's Credit Card Chargeback

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I am a long time reader. I have an issue I think many readers will find interesting. And concerning.

I have been an eBay seller for 22 years. It seems I have had more buyer related issues in the past year than in the previous 21 years combined. Here's the latest one.

I listed a brand new, brand name (redacted) on eBay for $500. It sold pretty quickly to a 119 feedback eBay member of 6 years tenure. He even listed a business on his eBay "About Me" page. 

He paid immediately via eBay managed payments and I shipped the product immediately via FedEx, insured, with signature ... Read More

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Mon July 4 2022 10:00:27

Unrealistic Limits on eBay Feedback Revision Requests?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Perhaps I missed it in an eBay policy update. I just spotted that I am now limited in how many revision requests I am allowed. 

The note next to my feedback page says "You are eligible for 5 feedback revision requests per 1,000 feedback received in the past 12 months." 

It's disappointing that revision requests would be limited when there would only be justified reasons for a request.

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Sun July 3 2022 09:48:36

Amazon Penalizes Seller over Juneteenth Postal Holiday

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
A little fun fact I recently discovered. Amazon does not recognize Juneteeth as a Federal Holiday.

I had a recent conversation with a customer service person regarding Seller Performance on Amazon. I currently have a warning on my account due to late shipments. However, I don't have any late shipments.

What they are counting as late shipments are due to the Juneteeth Federal holiday celebrated on June 19th. Amazon currently does not recognize this as a Federal Holiday for 2022 and per their schedule of holidays they aren't planning to for 2023. They told me maybe in 2024 but it hasn't been decided ... Read More

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Fri July 1 2022 21:16:16

eBay Buyers Don't Have Control over Returning the Wrong Item?

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
Once or twice per year eBay hits the press boasting of their seller protection. Do they do this for Wall Street or is just an attempt to convince sellers that they are doing something about buyer fraud? Many sellers who post on EcommerceBytes say that there is no seller protection, that it is all lip service. I for one agree.

I recently sold an item that was in beautiful condition, no defects whatsoever. After receipt, the buyer opened an Item Not As Described case and attached a photo of a similar item stamped with a large DEFECTIVE stamp on the inside ... Read More

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Mon June 27 2022 09:57:32

How Feds Can Seize USPS Priority Mail Express Packages

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
Take a look at this YouTube video:

The most interesting part is at 1:58. The US Postal Inspection Service, the law enforcement arm of the US Postal Service, claimed the following reasons were sufficient to seize, open, and inspect the contents of a Priority Express Mail parcel:

- Bulging contents
- Frequently mailed parcels from the same name/address
- Taped or glued on all seams
- Parcel destination is a known drug trafficking area
- Parcel mailed from a known drug source area

USPS Priority Express Mail is considered to be constitutionally protected against opening and inspection without a warrant. So is ... Read More

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