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Sat July 31 2021 21:25:57

Wanted: Shipping Carrier That Won't Break Fragile Items

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I had two orders this week that were cups and bowls and the USPS and UPS broke them. They were in boxes, well secured with paper wrap and bubble wrap. I even put air pillows in to pack it.

I wrote "do not toss" on the boxes and they still manage to break them. 

Do your readers have suggestions? I'm tired of filing insurance claims.

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Mon July 26 2021 11:51:37

eBay Seller Hit by Low-Feedback Buyer Who Won't Pay

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
eBay at one time had a listing option that was in essence: "block bids from potential buyers with a feedback rating of less than 5."

Did that get purged with the newer "we love buyers, sellers not so much" corporate strategy?

I've been screwed again by low-feedback buyers that won't pay.

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Sat July 24 2021 22:43:07

Seller Asks Why eBay Overcharges Buyers on Shipping

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I am a seller on eBay for over 22 years and I have a question that could possibly be interesting for you to investigate.

One of my accounts, the one I've used the longest has, since free shipping became a thing, offered that service. However, I have a smaller account that I started a little over a year ago. There, I charge shipping for the majority of the items I sell.

Since that account was moved to Managed Payments several months ago, I have been noticing that customers are paying inflated shipping rates that are significantly higher than the price I am quoted using the ... Read More

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Thu July 22 2021 23:57:38

USPS Keeps Losing Posters Mailed in Tubes

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I am writing to you because I am at my wits-end with the inconsistencies and failures of the USPS and I don't know who else to turn to. 

I am a small (eBay) business owner and sell posters. To be shipped safely and efficiently, my posters are rolled and shipped in tubes. 

The USPS has become constantly unreliable in delivering tubes on time or without incredible delays. 

Additionally, eBay has not adjusted shipping time expectations (for tubes) with buyers. 

Every week I have multiple items lost or in limbo within the USPS system. I literally do not trust the post office at this time to deliver a mailing tube. 

What needs ... Read More

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Tue July 20 2021 12:19:35

Seller Feels eBay Misleads on Media Mail Option

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
eBay this week has changed the option to ship by media mail in more categories in the stamps category. Categories (US collections, lots), and (Albums and Supplies) up to this week were able to ship by media mail. 

The real kicker is eBay allows you to select media mail when you list, takes payment from the buyer for media mail, and they take their cut, but when it comes time to print a label the option is grayed out. This seems to be very misleading and probably illegal for any company to do. 

Obvious workaround is go someplace else to print the label, but if ... Read More

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