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Thu Aug 16 2018 23:37:58

High Volume eBay Seller Immune to Negative Feedback?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
There's an eBay seller whose feedback I've been watching for the past few months, eBay ID (redacted). This seller has quite literally been receiving about 10% negative feedback, and that's not even counting the neutral feedback. Currently, they have 6 negative feedback in their last 25 transactions, and 29 negative feedback in their past 200 transactions.

However, every few weeks, a large number of negative feedback is removed from their feedback profile at one time, probably adding up to 50-100 removed per month. These feedbacks are not being revised, as the revised feedback number does not go up. 

Most, if not all negative feedback is ... Read More

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Wed Aug 15 2018 07:58:48

eBay Forces Seller to Lower Shipping Costs

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
While updating some items' shipping cost, I received this error: "our account or listing is in violation of one or more eBay policies. -It looks like your listing includes postage costs that are unusually high for this category. Please go back and edit your shipping costs. You will need to offer at least one standard postage option under $10" 

They refer to this page for more information. 

I never encountered that error before since I usually do calculated shipping so it might have been around for a while and I didn't realize.

Just thought I'd share thank you for your informational website!

Note from the editor: eBay imposed shipping-cost caps in ... Read More

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Sun Aug 12 2018 11:55:12

Most Confusing Transaction of the Year Award

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I've been struggling all summer with eBay, low sales, glitches, and constant reply that nothing is wrong with the site.  

Had a buyer send a message asking for tracking on an item, typical request, except I have not sold that product for months. Turns out the buyer purchased from another seller.  

I called eBay and they confirmed the buyer bought from someone else. I asked the buyer to send me a screenshot to confirm what he said, just making sure the buyer didn't get confused. Screenshot clearly shows it was purchased from me.  

Not sure you're interested in this, but it would be nice to get eBay ... Read More

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Thu Aug 9 2018 14:00:42

eBay Undercuts Seller Prices with Promotions Practices

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I didn't see this covered on your site, sorry if I missed it.

I'm sure you know there are changes and issues with the Market Manager and price-cut sales.

Well, we ran sales. There was no indication that the item was on sale other than a 10% off note far away from the price. There was no slash through the original price and no lower price listed. But when a buyer clicked to buy (at the full price) they would only be charged the sales price of 10% off! 

So, buyers who were willing to pay say, $100, were only charged $90 with no prior notice that ... Read More

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Wed Aug 8 2018 14:19:52

Seller Shocked by Shipping Rules Settings in eBay Seller Hub

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I'm not sure if anyone has already reached out to you about these things or not, but I see a lot of posts about people having strange things happening with their listings on eBay and I've had some very odd things as well and I may have accidentally discovered what is causing some of this. 

Over the course of just a few days, I started having customers reaching out to me, about the strangest things! 

One customer sent me a message, asking if I could forward her the tracking info on her package I had shipped out. She hadn't received the auto email, customers have ... Read More

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