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Tue Jan 25 2022 13:55:48

Etsy Won't Help Seller Comply with the Law

By: Reader

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Dear Ina, 
Hope you are well. Question about the taxes with Etsy. Seems to be they will not let you update your account from personal to business without entering this Business Registration Number. After months of research with my accountant and legal team, no one knows what they are looking for. I put in every number I have to legally run my business and nothing. It tell me it's the wrong number.

According to my accountant and legal team, all Etsy needs is our EIN # which when we enter that number into their system, we get an error message that the number is incorrect. ... Read More

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Sat Jan 22 2022 11:29:47

What's Left Out of the $600 Reporting Threshold Debate

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
This is regarding the 2022 1099-K $600 threshold. The literature that says if you are selling your personal items casually you WON'T have to pay taxes is a bunch of horse hockey!!!

As a seller and a former CPA here is the real deal as to why it is such a burden:

I will use a recent sale of mine as an example:
Item sold for $30
Shipping $9.50
Sales Tax $3.51 
eBay Fees $5.70
Actual Shipping Out $9.04

On this transaction my actual earnings WITHOUT considering the cost of the item were $24.76. On my 1099-K eBay will report that I earned $43.01. So how do I deduct the $18.25 in expenses?

There are 2 ways to report ... Read More

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Wed Jan 19 2022 20:00:59

eBay Buyer Refuses Refund but Allowed to Retaliate

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Well now I can not get anyone at eBay on the phone. Maybe if you got 20 layers deep you could contact someone - but I can't find out how???

Buyer left me a negative after wanting a discount or partial refund - which I don't do. I offered a full refund including shipping, but no - item was very bad, but they didn't want to return the item?? They left me a long negative.

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Wed Jan 19 2022 19:34:19

Is It Legal to Run a Marketplace without Customer Service?

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
In regards to the story about the lady who got ripped off by Facebook, it's totally believable and totally probably true - I have no doubt there is no way to contact anybody at Facebook. 

If you ask me, it should be illegal to run a business where you're not able to be contacted. 

I tried to delete my profiles multiple times and was unable to do it because the site would reject me back to the previous page. I finally just gave up and quit accessing Facebook deleted it off my phone and have decided it is evil.

However, they're not the only ones ... Read More

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Sun Jan 16 2022 13:22:09

Reaction to eBay Chargeback Shows Level of Seller Distrust

By: Reader


Dear Ina, 
I think eBay is spot checking people that send items without tracking. 

We had an item that was a flat item that went out first class mail, it was for $8 or something item, if we lose it, we lose it you know? It was sent first class mail with no tracking. We haven't had a lost package or letter in over 4 years. 

So a few weeks later, we get an email from eBay stating

XXXXX has filed a payment dispute outside of eBay about an order that was placed on Dec XX, 2021. This means the buyer has disputed a charge directly with their payment ... Read More

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