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Tue Nov 30 2021 22:23:06

Seller Wants eBay to Get a Grip

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I've started selling gun parts on eBay. Our oldest of 3 eBay accounts is 17 years old.

I used the word "grips" in a listing. Our store was suspended for 3 days (now going on 8) because you can't sell "grip frames" or other "frames" which I knew.

My grips in this listing were 2 small plastic pieces that screw on to the pistol's handle (where the magazine goes). You can find hundreds/thousands of "grips" on the platform.

Here are some highlights from the first of now 6 interactions on the issue - a phone call:

eBay: "No you can't take an accessory off a gun and sell it ... Read More

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Wed Nov 24 2021 09:17:54

A Cautionary Tale of Using Facebook to Sell

By: Reader

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Dear Ina, 
A timely warning here for folks not to get too invested in FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE (they deliver no communication and can jump to unexplained, unjustified, severe measures in a heartbeat).

I have been on Facebook for years with an accumulation of cherished family photos (kids and now grandkids). About a year ago I found that Facebook Marketplace provided an outlet for large items to sell where shipping is otherwise prohibitive so when my father-in-law passed away recently, I was asked by the family to take and sell some of his bigger stuff. 

I listed a collection of 50 quarters that pop in a large cardboard map ... Read More

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Mon Nov 22 2021 11:47:41

Amazon Funds Stuck in Reserve Since September 30

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I am a seller on Amazon for 2 years. I am so frustrated with them. Amazon is my main means of money. I sell pretty good like around $500 a week.

But about 2 months ago the entire profit I made went to their reserve account, which they say is for precaution in case of returns and things and I'll receive the money 7 days after the delivery - that’s when whatever profit made comes out of the reserve.

Well they've been putting my entire profit in reserve for 2 months - that's 4 pay periods. I have $2,200 in there, and when I call ... Read More

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Sun Nov 21 2021 16:38:55

eBay Buyer Leaves Neg after Seller Denies Partial Refund

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I've been selling on eBay for 22 years and recently ran into a situation that you might find interesting enough to share with your readers.

We sell a wide range of fully assembled diecast models that include aircraft display models. These models are 98% assembled and the buyer need only attach certain parts to it to make it complete such as missiles, landing gear. etc. One such item we recently sold is eBay's item #(redacted). Up until today, we had 100% positive feedback, which fell to 99.6% because of one inane buyer who just doesn't get it no matter how many times I ... Read More

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Fri Nov 19 2021 13:44:22

Reader Says eBay Wipes Car-Parts Negs Clean

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
There is a seller on eBay - (redacted) - who receives plenty of negative feedback, but they ALL get wiped off each day.

This is a seller of cheap Chinese parts with over 646,000 feedbacks and is 100% positive (a nearly impossible feat). 

One day I saw 22 negatives and at the end of the day the seller had zero negatives again. This happens every single day. You can watch the negatives rack up - then disappear.

This is so unfair. Why would eBay do this for this seller?

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