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Tue Dec 11 2018 13:17:28

Is eBay Payment Rollout Impacting Sales?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina, 
I am wondering what is going on of late with the eBay payments system. I have yet to convert as I don't like to change horses so to speak in the middle of the year when it was launched. 

My question is, have you heard from other sellers that feel their sales have been throttled (more than usual) for those that haven't converted over to the eBay payment system? 

I would be curious to know as my sales have slowly taken quite a dump particularly in the past few months.
Thanks in advance.

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Mon Dec 10 2018 23:14:36

eBay Treatment Rankles Top Rated Anchor Storeowner

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
We are a Top Rated Anchor store that has been on eBay since 2000. We are about to lose our top rating because the tracking uploaded on time will drop below 95% (94.33%).

The 14 late tracking uploads happened on October 21st when a customer purchased 15 postcards from us. We combined the order and used eBay shipping to create one shipping label and shipped in 1 day from the sale, as we always do. 

eBay showed all 15 items as shipped and did automatically upload the tracking to one of the postcards but not the other 14. I noticed the tracking was missing a ... Read More

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Thu Dec 6 2018 14:06:21

eBay Push to Offer Free Return Shipping

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I wanted to pass along to you, something I learned today that may be of interest to others that I don't believe has already been covered. 

Back when eBay really started pushing sellers to offer "free return shipping" (seller's to bite this cost), I think they referenced the return policy of both Overstock and Wayfair who, at the time, offered free return shipping. 

Well, it has recently come to my attention, that both Overstock and Wayfair no longer are giving their customers this "free return shipping"! 

Hmmm, interesting that two of the biggest online retailers are no longer offering this, yet eBay wants its sellers to offer ... Read More

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Wed Dec 5 2018 12:26:54

Seller Extends Invitation to New eBay Executive

By: Reader


Dear eBay Management,
It's been just under a month since my last letter that Ina was so kind as to share on EcommerceBytes, and sadly, not much has changed. While I realize I missed the mark in that you squeaked out earnings of 2 cents beyond projected, I hope that didn't give you a false sense of relevance. For, you see, your small sellers are dying out here, and you've not so much as offered a bandage.

We are now at the end of Cyber Monday. Many of your mom-and-pop operations counted on this weekend for survival. We had hoped you would prove we mattered to ... Read More

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Tue Dec 4 2018 11:24:41

Problems with New USPS Collection Box

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I just have to complain about this to you and your readers: 

The Postal Service, in its usual contempt for the customer, has changed NYC mailboxes from a swinging door arrangement to a rigid slot.

The result for sellers like me, who brace most envelopes with hard cardboard, is that I can no longer mail those braced envelopes unless the post office nearby is open.  

Very annoying and inconvenient; likely going to be a nationwide change, with no apparent consultations with customers beforehand.

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