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Sat May 30 2020 12:17:16

eBay Seller Flummoxed by Multiple Quantity Orders

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I (along with others) have written on the subject many times before, but this month - my best ever on eBay - has been beyond belief. The issue...eBay's unwillingness to make available to sellers the opportunity to "bundle" purchases with a discount (i.e. buyer wants to buy 8 items for a reduction in the total listed price).

Currently, the most common way to do that is to make the sale then refund the purchase. Of course, since eBay does not offer the seller credit for partial refunds, the seller pays the full price. 

There are more complicated ways to "beat the system" but they are ... Read More

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Wed May 27 2020 16:24:53

eBay Wrongly Refunded Sales Tax from Seller's Account

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
eBay has another issue with sales tax and how they refund it to the buyer on a return. I recently had a $19.99 item returned and I issued the customer his money back. My customer was charged $1.61 in tax initially, yet when I looked at the PayPal return, he was refunded $1.32 FROM MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT. 

YES, I PAID HIS TAX REFUND instead of eBay!! 

I called them and they saw what I found and corrected it but how many thousands of other sellers are paying the sales tax that eBay should be refunding?  

I asked the eBay rep to look into this so others wouldn't ... Read More

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Mon May 25 2020 12:12:43

eBay Places Seller into Global Shipping Program without Notice

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
eBay sellers beware. As reported by another user in the EKG reports. eBay has lost their little bit of remaining minds and are now INVOLUNTARILY and with NO NOTICE to the Seller "OPTING" store sellers INTO their "Global Shipping Program". 

Yes, I do not use their wrong-headed Global Shipping Program and have never ONCE regretted NOT using it. Why? Because it costs my International buyers $$$ vs. my shipping to them directly using USPS First Class International OR USPS International Priority Mail. 

Not only is the up-front $ cost lower, but also the ONLY VAT or Import Duty is charged by the FOREIGN country. ... Read More

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Sat May 23 2020 16:48:46

Hearing-Impaired eBay Seller Faces Customer Service Hurdles

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
In the very past eBay had offered email contact to reply to a dispute as a seller and respond with my appeal. That email offered feature never worked when I clicked it and required me instead to call eBay. This caused me to lose money on the transaction dispute, because I could not call eBay to respond in a certain period of time. I am deaf and I do not use a cell phone. 

This also causes problems with eBay's new features such as the new Pickup delivery code, which requires an app to scan the code to protect a seller from a ... Read More

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Thu May 21 2020 17:01:10

Seller Unable to Get eBay Support to Fix Errors

By: Reader


Dear Ina, 
Hope things are going well. Which wondering how everybody's experience has been using eBay's customer service via email.

Reason I'm asking, I have a perfect track record on my shipment time end on time being scanned in. Four weeks ago I sold some items and ship them through the post office. They were shipped and delivered and scanned on time. However I got seven bad marks from eBay saying they were never scanned in by the Postal Service.

I messaged eBay through their Email system and was told it was a glitch by the Postal Service and they will remove the bad marks within 24-48 ... Read More

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