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Wed Oct 23 2019 11:42:22

Ramifications of Etsy Free Shipping Program

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Simple question. With Etsy free shipping program, do sellers offering free shipping realize they have to raise prices when rates go up every year?

Do they realize they will have to include box prices when USPS no longer offers free boxes?

Also, I have not heard a word about Etsy's worldwide free shipping program that was to take effect in September?
Thank you

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Mon Oct 21 2019 13:08:41

US Canada Postal Money Orders Policy Hurts Seller

By: Reader

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Dear Ina and Dave,
I've been an EcommerceBytes follower almost from your beginnings... I'm wondering if this topic has come and I missed it about, what is for me, a serious change in the USPS and Canada Post Money Order policy as it pertains to our two countries. As of 30-August-2019 ALL International Money Orders (my favorite way of being paid) between our two countries has been permanently discontinued. 

This was a shocker to me and has significantly hurt how I do business. 

The benefits for both our US Customers and us were:

(1) Easy to buy at local Post Offices
(2) Cheap to buy... (only $9.50)
(3) Readily accepted and ... Read More

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Thu Oct 17 2019 17:02:46

Seller in the Dark about Performance of New Etsy Ads

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
The email is regarding a blog that you wrote about, "Etsy Adds New Features to Its Seller Ad Program." I happy to see that someone is paying attention out there to the Etsy world. 

In the past, we as sellers used to have the ability to set our cost per click and know what we were paying; this allowed us to live within our budget. At this point, we do not know what we are spending per click, we can not set our budget per item, and we do know where the real budget is going.  

I can not speak for the others ... Read More

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Tue Oct 15 2019 11:56:19

Time for eBay to Reexamine DSRs?

By: Reader


Dear Ina
I have been selling on eBay for the past 12 years with excellent record, I have earned about 1900 feedback all positive with 5/5 DSRs. 

Recently I sold an item internationally, with free shipping. I emailed the buyer immediately after sale, thanking them and providing them with tracking info for the item, the parcel went out the next morning and was received in 9 days internationally. 

The buyer left immediate positive feedback, however, my DSR of 5/5 went down to 4.8/5 immediately after the feedback was left. 

I was extremely upset, called eBay and the young man who was extremely inexperienced not only did not understand me, ... Read More

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Sun Oct 13 2019 19:49:38

Did an eBay Change Impact Auction Sniping Ability?

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
Not sure if this has come up but the bid sniping service that I use on eBay just informed everyone that eBay just changed their logons purposely to kill bid sniping. The bid sniping service is still trying to find a work around and is estimating at least 2 weeks for a solution.

In the meantime, one seller that I was trying to get some items from lost out big time when my snipe bids didn’t work. So I’m assuming lots of other sellers are losing out on higher selling prices on auction sales with this latest change.

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