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Mon Apr 23 2018 09:12:11

Seller Raises Concerns about eBay Store SEO

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
After 2 weeks and multiple calls to eBay support I have been unable to get any specific information regarding items outlined in the 2018 Spring Seller Update (regarding eBay Stores).

eBay copy writers/ marketing people write some very flowery talking points that have 0 substance and, wanting clarification, as I cancelled my store subscription some time ago due to not seeing any benefit from it, I have repeatedly asked for clarification on how they plan to implement these advertised improvements.

My main area of concern is SEO as effective off eBay proper as currently the state of SEO on eBay would legitimately ... Read More

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Fri Apr 20 2018 22:34:33

eBay Seller Says Loss of Markdown Manager Hurts Sales

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I read your newsflash emails every day. I have not seen anything about the following and thought I'd submit.

I am a near 20-year seller and have two accounts - (redacted #1) and (redacted #2)

We have over 5,000 active listings in our two accounts and have what we call 'old catalog' and 'new catalog' items. Our old catalog items (both accounts) have been updated to comply with eBay requirements, but were not originally created in a way (categories) that allow easy manipulation in a broad way to use the promotional sale tool. 

Sales are how we keep large groups of items competitive as time ... Read More

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Thu Apr 19 2018 13:52:27

Should eBay Allow Buyers to Rate Sellers on Import Fees?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
This morning I saw a neutral feedback left by a UK buyer complaining about import fees. I assumed this was eligible for feedback removal as I have had them removed multiple times though not recently. 

Much to my surprise, eBay CS told me today that it is NOT removable. The agent gave me the same patronizing crap, admitting that import fees are out of the seller's control but it's the "buyer's opinion" and therefore not removable. 

At some point eBay quietly changed their policy, of course to disadvantage sellers and benefit buyers.

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Tue Apr 17 2018 19:45:48

Sell to Mexico at Your Own Peril Reader Warns

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
The Mexican post office almost NEVER updates reception of packages from USA. Often the only tracking shown is on the USA side. Once it leaves USA, the package whereabouts go dark. 

Dishonest buyers working eBay's system file for non-receipt and get full refunds.

eBay does not care if tracking shows package was received and processed by USPS. They only care about what happened at the destination and for the matter when it comes to Mexican postal service that will almost never be known. 

This has happened to us about 75 percent of the time. As such we had to exclude Mexico from our list of international destination ... Read More

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Mon Apr 16 2018 11:34:20

Buyer Says Scammers Use eBay Listings as Bait

By: Reader


Note from the Editor: We do not advocate visiting the site referenced in this letter. (The domain is registered using the address of the Intel Museum.) Also note the site was reported on the eBay boards in November.

Dear Ina,
Here is a new internet scam I just came across. They got me! Site is

They appear to have taken eBay listings and put them on their site with impossibly low prices. I bought one, paid with a debit card and a few minutes later had an email from the bank about fraudulent charges. 

There were two charges attempted from China, one successfully, one declined. Probably within minutes, or ... Read More

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