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Fri Aug 23 2019 14:05:24

Seller: eBay Eliminated Used Condition in Fragrance Category

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I am an eBay seller who specializes in fragrances, including those that are discontinued and very old. Some of my inventory is new old stock from brick-and-mortar stores that went out of business, but a lot of it is sourced from estate sales, private collectors, and thrift stores. Those bottles are usually no longer boxed, and they are almost always used, not full. 

I was stunned to find that eBay had made changes to the fragrance category literally overnight. Up until now, the only two condition categories for Fragrances were "new" or "used." But as of today, the "used" category no longer exists. ... Read More

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Tue Aug 20 2019 13:49:43

Can eBay Turn Off My Sales with the Push of a Button?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
As a seller of collectible music and art items, it seems I am constantly contacting eBay's catalog team to fix errors in their catalog.  

The most common issue is the linking of my items to catalog products based on UPC alone.  However, in many cases (perhaps MOST cases with the types of items I deal with), the same UPC may be on multiple variations of an item.  

So, even when eBay's catalog is accurate for one specific edition, it is likely incorrect for all of the other editions with the same UPC.  

I contacted eBay just today to let them know about the latest issue of this ... Read More

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Sun Aug 18 2019 13:11:12

Former eBay Seller: Other Venues to Explore

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Google Business pages allow you to list products with info, prices and photos for sale - as does Bing for Business -  and images are searchable, which a lot of people would rather use to search for items. The pics have $$ sign on them and link back to vendor. 

I have not figured out how successful this is but maybe you can?

I stopped using eBay even though I still have an account except for weird items I know would sell better there than on my website.

By the time I pay for the listing and sales fees including shipping and PayPal, I wonder if it's ... Read More

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Fri Aug 16 2019 09:11:01

eBay Steps Up Pressure on Sellers to Join Managed Payments

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
eBay sent a letter practically demanding I join managed payments:

Dear Seller:
Our records indicate you have been previously invited to managed payments - eBay's simplified seller experience to sell and get paid. Based on our review of your account, the features and tools you use on eBay are fully compatible with managed payments. To benefit from the new payments experience early, register at All eBay sellers will progressively be required to transition to managed payments in the coming months.

Managed payments offers more ways for buyers to pay with credit, debit and gift cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and PayPal Credit. Payouts will be ... Read More

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Wed Aug 14 2019 16:41:59

Seller Says eBay Displays Her Ads but Not Her Listings

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
eBay has started to just show the Sponsored or Promoted Listings on the first 5 slots of my division in Jewelry and Watches. My original listings are not on the page at all. 

That means that if my item is liked by a customer then the customer has to buy the "Sponsored" item. This costs me $8.XX for each sale I make over and above my listing fees.  

I do not believe that this is legal or indeed proper for eBay to do since I cannot sell my item without paying the Sponsored Price. What am I to do? 

I signed up for Sponsored Listings because eBay ... Read More

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