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Tue Oct 20 2020 15:13:01

What to Do When Buyer Changes Mind about Return?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I am a seller. A buyer sent a return request and they decided to keep the (item).

I requested the buyer to close the request, but they asked me to handle it. 

So far eBay has sent me in circles. Anyone know how to cancel from the seller's end? 

All messages between me and the buyer have gone through eBay so they have a record.

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Thu Oct 15 2020 21:15:05

eBay Makes Seller Fit Square Peg in Round Hole

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I am trying to get going on eBay again. They tell me I have to have item specifics for quite a few items in order to sell them. 

It won't let me use "NA." They want hard model #'s etc. They provide choices of several model #'s that undoubtedly incorrect.

I sell mostly used, one of a kind items - I usually don't have any item specifics other than those I can see - "glass w/ chrome metal frame" etc.

Wish I didn't have an inventory I would forget the whole thing!!

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Wed Oct 14 2020 16:55:26

Etsy Search Is Hindering This Shopper

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Etsy doesn't want my money/business! 

For over a month Etsy search for specific items with specific filters is not working. I type in a specific search, pick the category (in most cases, jewelry) filter "vintage", filter "United States only", filter "newest first". 

The first page will show these specifics. Starting with the second page and going for hundreds of more pages, my requested results are sprinkled in among clothing, silver ware, handmade, and every category of things that one could imagine. 

I have contacted Etsy about this several times now with the same answer - rep will let technical people know about it. Over a month and ... Read More

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Mon Oct 12 2020 20:31:25

What Is eBay's UPS Label Fee, Seller Asks

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
eBay recently added UPS to the list of shipping options via labels. I sent an item last month via UPS labels on eBay and found on my invoice a "$1 UPS label fee". This is in addition to the label cost found in my invoice. 

I talked to eBay today about another matter and also asked about this fee. He wasn't aware of it and said he would look into it. 

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Fri Oct 9 2020 11:57:36

eBay Seller Concerned about Security of Banking Information

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I just spoke with managed payments team because my account cannot be verified (like everyone else lol). Disturbingly the agent reassured me that last week eBay made it possible to see all of our banking information and account info that was previously blacked out for security reasons as promised. 

The agent stated that their computer screens were being recorded to help track down bad agents that steal the information! 

This is opposite of what eBay has assured us in the past about the safety and security of managed payments system. What prevents a disgruntled employee or their boyfriend/girls side ect, from snapping a screen shot ... Read More

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