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Thu Sept 16 2021 10:56:15

eBay Lets Large Retailer Break the Rules?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
While eBay posts annoying warnings in messages about off-eBay sales and that they scan messages for violations, they apparently give free rein their larger sellers. 

Take eBay seller "(redacted)" for example. If you want to contact the seller without even bidding, eBay supplies you their phone number. 

Go to "Contact Seller" - Select Other and eBay provides you with "How can I call the Seller?

Click below to view their phone number.
View phone number" The view phone number is a link that when clicked gives you "Call the seller at+1 888-(redacted)". Further below in the seller provided Q&As the seller has provided "Do you have a phone number ... Read More

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Mon Sept 13 2021 12:20:37

Seller Says Her Buyer Has Her Hand in the Cookie Jar

By: Reader

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Dear Ina.
I’m sure this issue has been raised but I want to ask.

How does a seller protect themselves from bad buyers? I have a buyer I sold a very nice cookie jar. 

She complained she paid too much and the lid doesn't fit right. With purpose she did not have the lid seated correctly. When I realized this, I let her know if you move it slightly to the right it will fit.

Then she writes and demands I give her half of her money back? 

We work hard to provide excellent service and they can destroy your scores by falsifying issues, lost sales and more. Any suggestions?  

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Sat Sept 11 2021 16:27:33

Seller Who Fought Fakes Shattered by Treatment from eBay

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I've been selling since the start, I was in on the Alpha eBay, spoke to Pierre on several occasions, so I've been here the whole time. 

I sell many things, but one of them is US Coins. Also I've fought for decades all the fakes on eBay. I used to have my own contact person in the President's office and I would feed him all the fakes. Submitted a lot of them to So imagine my surprise today when three auctions for US Silver coins were removed as "replicas". 

I called them, big mistake. That led to some horrible person at eBay taking it ... Read More

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Thu Sept 9 2021 16:44:14

Will 1099-K Reporting Requirement Drop to $600?

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I currently sell on eBay and read your article from March 2021 regarding the new tax law requiring online platforms to report seller's income over $600. 

You said in the article that the bill had to be sent back to the house for approval before being signed into law. I can't find any information regarding the current status of this bill online. 

I contacted eBay several times and the CS reps are still telling me the threshold is 200/20K. eBay's website regarding 1099K for sellers is also stating the same. there is no mention either on eBay's website or with their CS reps that ... Read More

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Tue Sept 7 2021 11:27:18

Wanted: Insurance for Inventory of Vintage Costume Jewelry

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I am a subscriber to EcommerceBytes. I have an eBay Store, and sell Vintage Costume Jewelry, and have spent a lot of time trying to get Insurance for my store contents and have been unsuccessful.

Do you know of a company that I can contact for this? It must be for fire, theft, and earthquake. 

Thanks so much for what you do.

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