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Fri May 26 2023 21:59:19

Seller Floats Theory on Why His eBay Sales Tanked

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
As you may know eBay's sales views, etc., have been terrible for a while now. I have found something interesting that may be the cause or partial cause. If in the event you considering using this info I would appreciate if my name is not included. This info/speculation is coming from myself and other sellers who have been selling on the platform for 20 plus years, needless to say we have a good idea of the ebb and flow of sales, though any reps I have spoken to repeats that there are no problems they are aware of. This is where ... Read More

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Wed May 24 2023 11:22:36

Pirate Ship Integration with PayPal Not Ideal for This Seller

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I got (shipping solution) Pirate Ship's notice that they have just implemented integration with PayPal and unfortunately leaped before I looked hard enough at all the ramifications. I'm sure I won't be alone; and while I'm sure it is going to be truly helpful for many, it is not going to work for me. In fact, it would actually create more work.

 I did the integration and discovered to my horror that it does not work going forward from when I did it - rather, it "imported" PAST orders for which customers had used PayPal to pay, but as ... Read More

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Mon May 22 2023 10:01:42

Will eBay Release a Suspended Seller's $7000?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I have been an eBay buyer and seller over 6 and 2 years respectively. I have 100% positive feedback and no any issues with buyers and sellers. 

Recently eBay told me that I violated eBay's policies and asked me to provide the receipts for items I was selling under my account. I loaded everything eBay requested, however my eBay account was permanently suspended and I still did not know what policies I violated. 

The problem I am facing is I still have over $7000 of my funds held by eBay. There is zero issue with the payments I received for the fund. 

Because of the suspension, my ... Read More

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Sat May 20 2023 14:04:15

Buyer Disgusted after Etsy Seller Delays then Cancels Order

By: Reader


Dear Ina
A small issue: What would you do when an Etsy seller takes your order and says they will deliver between ten and eleven days later, and on the delivery date, you check and see that it has been moved a week later, and you contact them and they cancel the order, and say they are unable to deliver, but do give you a refund?

I particularly wanted some (items) I saw and it stopped me purchasing elsewhere. Further there is no way to give a review about this as this option stop when one receives a refund, and there is no option to ... Read More

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Thu May 18 2023 15:22:57

eBay No Longer Honors 'Newly Listed' Sorting?

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
Thank you for the news flash e-mails. I just wanted to comment that over the past couple weeks at eBay website, when scrolling various categories of items for sale with the 'sort' feature set to "newly listed", the newest items are often no longer displayed first but are now mixed with other items that are NOT new listings. 

For example, when I type "remington xlr" in eBay's home page search window (looking for electric shavers & parts by Remington) under 'All Categories', click the search button, then set sorting to "newly listed", I must scroll down to the 15th listing to arrive at the ... Read More

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