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Mon Aug 8 2022 10:51:53

eBay Seller Experiences Shipping Label Errors

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
This may have already been mentioned, but in recent weeks, when creating a shipping label, eBay will change the pounds field on me (one pound changes to 13 when I tab to the ounces field, for example) or the dimensions will increase as I tab to the next field. 

Obviously, if I don't pay attention, I'm going to pay more for that label. 

I think I've caught them all so far (fingers crossed) but it's like walking on eggshells every time I create a shipping label. I can't just breeze through the process anymore. It happens a lot. It's funny. Those numbers always increase, not ... Read More

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Thu Aug 4 2022 21:31:35

Etsy Stirs the Pot with Reminder to Leave a Review

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I was sent a notice from Etsy asking me how my recent order from Etsy was, and I had already left 5 stars and a glowing report for one of my fave sellers. How weird. 

I guess they are just testing their new "Seller Protection" by sending out letters, and stirring the pot that was already off.

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Tue Aug 2 2022 09:02:52

Etsy Hides Behind Automated Emails after Distressing Accusation

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I have had my handmade shop on Etsy since 2008 selling over 9,000 (redacted). 

Etsy recently deactivated a listing of mine saying it wasn't handmade. I've filled out numerous support tickets and even tried to email Etsy legal about getting my listing reinstated. 

I submitted pictures of my handmade process. 

They keep sending back automated emails saying I can't appeal my listing deactivation. I am distraught because everything I make is handmade and I don't know how to reach a real person at Etsy.
Distraught Seller

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Mon Aug 1 2022 16:32:58

Why A Seller Feels Forced to Ship Priority Mail over Ground

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
To all sellers: does it seem like USPS is trying to force everyone into Priority Mail with excess damage/breaking using Retail Ground, no matter how WELL the packaging is done?

Have gone so far as to carve rigid foam to cocoon glass.

I am not a conspiracy nut but I am starting to wonder.  

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Fri July 29 2022 08:09:03

Strong Dollar Taking a Toll on Seller's Summer Sales?

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
My eBay sales are lower this summer, so far, compared to last year; part of the reason is fewer people are buying online as I've read in the news (for various reasons). 

My specific question or topic, regards the current strong dollar and its potential negative effects on US based ecommerce businesses, such as myself, who sell overseas. (I have no figures ready to compare this years' overseas orders with last year).
Thank you,

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