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by Ina Steiner, Editor of
Sun Jan 19 2020 19:56:35

eBay Buyer Discovers Seller Venting about Their Claim

By: Ina Steiner

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Awkward! A buyer who vented about an eBay purchase on a Reddit thread discovered their seller was venting about *them* on the eBay boards!

Our first thought was that it's often true there are two sides to every story. A person on the eBay thread counted 3 sides - "the sellers, the buyers, and somewhere in there is the truth!"

There are two things to keep in mind should you decide to watch the drama unfold:

1) The eBay thread is *long* and confusing (it's 23 pages long as of Sunday evening). One person joked John Grisham ... Read More

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Fri Jan 17 2020 00:01:05

Google Buys Pointy 10 Years after eBay Bought Milo

By: Ina Steiner

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Google is acquiring a company called Pointy that helps local retailers bring their in-store product inventory online, nearly 10 years after eBay acquired a company called Milo that promised to do the same.

Retailers plug Pointy technology into their barcode scanner or ties the Pointy app into their Point of Sale system, and product availability displays in their business profiles on Google Search in the "See what's in store" section.

Google said in its announcement, "Since we introduced this functionality a few years ago, Pointy has been one of our key partners, helping thousands of local merchants display this data within ... Read More

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Tue Jan 14 2020 15:17:46

eBay Hires Category Managers to Beef up Inventory

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay is hiring category managers to recruit sellers in the UK to help beef up its selection of inventory, even as the company shuffles executives at corporate headquarters in San Jose, which you can read about in Friday's blog post.

An eBay manager posting on a career-networking site said eBay UK was hiring a "lot" of new category managers in the UK and pointed to a post on eBay's London jobs site.

Category managers might typically be seen as specialized support staff to help eBay sellers succeed, but from the job description, it appears they'll be focused on recruiting efforts to ... Read More

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Fri Jan 10 2020 12:20:32

eBay Removes Chief Strategy Officer from List of Leaders

By: Ina Steiner


eBay played a game of musical chairs with its "Our Leaders" page on its corporate website, and one executive is missing - its head of strategy.

Kris Miller joined eBay in 2014, and while missing from the page, she still lists her current position as Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at eBay on her LinkedIn profile.

eBay also continues to list her as a board member of the eBay Foundation.

While Miller went missing from eBay's Our Leaders page, the total count went up thanks to the following additions:

Suzy Deering (VP, Global Chief Marketing Officer)
Rob Hattrell (VP, ... Read More

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Wed Jan 8 2020 12:00:15

eBay to Reveal 2019 Financial Performance in 3 Weeks

By: Ina Steiner


How did eBay perform in 2019? We'll find out on January 28th when the company releases earnings for the fourth quarter (October, November, and December) and full year.

eBay's Scott Schenkel, who took over as interim CEO after Devin Wenig's abrupt departure on September 25th, may have some interesting things to say in light of all the changes at eBay. Here's a look at some questions and issues he may address:

- The progress of eBay's search for a new CEO.

- More color on what eBay will do with the $4.05 billion from the sale of StubHub. (In November, he said the proceeds would ... Read More

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