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by Ina Steiner, Editor of
Fri Jan 22 2021 22:10:34

Seller Points to Added Cost of Doing Business on eBay

By: Ina Steiner

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An eBay seller was surprised to learn that she would no longer be able to pay Store fees using her credit card. She was told today by a customer service rep that moving forward, all her eBay Store fees and charges would be deducted from her Managed Payments payout - "It seems there will no longer be an option to pay by PayPal, credit card or a "different" bank account," she told us.

The seller had a couple of issues with how eBay will now deduct her fees. "For anyone who uses, as I do, a cash-back business credit card to ... Read More

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Wed Jan 20 2021 20:58:22

Some Top Rated eBay Sellers Can Say No to Remorse Returns

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay sent a letter to sellers of certain collectible trading-card categories informing them of a new more seller-friendly policy. eBay did not post the news on the announcement board, but it sent the following email to Top Rated sellers on January 19th:

As of January 11, 2021, listings in the Sports Trading Cards, Collectible Card Games, & Non-Sports Trading Cards categories are no longer required to offer remorse returns to qualify for the Top Rated Plus 10% final value fee discount. While your listings may qualify for the Top Rated Plus rating and discount, at this time, the Top Rated Plus ... Read More

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Sun Jan 17 2021 19:59:19

Sellers Grow Wary of eBay Advice in New Customized Reports

By: Ina Steiner

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When some eBay sellers panned a new report designed to help them improve their listings, an executive acknowledged it was a work in progress, even though it doesn't appear eBay advised sellers of that fact when making it available to them.

eBay executive Harry Temkin touted the new Listing Quality Report during a podcast published on Tuesday, which he said was currently available to approximately 30,000 US sellers.

"This report goes well beyond just telling you how much you've sold. It literally is identifying actions you can take to improve the quality of the listing and thus improve the conversion potential," ... Read More

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Wed Jan 13 2021 22:22:49

eBay Reporting Could Hamper Sellers at Tax Time

By: Ina Steiner


Imagine if you wanted to look at your bank records, but you could only access information from the last 3 months. That's the challenge sellers face when downloading reports on eBay - they can only access data from the most recent 90 days.

An executive said this week eBay is working on extending reporting to a full year, but it may not come in time for tax time.

eBay sellers had always relied on the more robust PayPal reports when gathering information for IRS filings - but now, eBay has placed many more sellers into its own "Managed Payments" program.

The problem is ... Read More

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Tue Jan 12 2021 09:28:25

eBay Holds Seller Funds in Another Apparent Payout Glitch

By: Ina Steiner


eBay is holding seller funds today in what appears to be another payout glitch. "Quite a few people are posting that eBay managed payments payout is being declined this morning. I myself am included, and it is a higher payout than usual," an EcommerceBytes reader reported on Ecommerce EKG.

One seller glommed on to a thread from December 2nd when eBay had experienced a similar payout glitch. "I am seeing one of these today where it says payout failed and eBay will retry," the seller wrote this morning. "Nothing has changed with my bank account. ... Read More

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