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by Ina Steiner, Editor of
Sat May 8 2021 11:19:15

eBay Blocks Sellers from Seeing Who Follows Them

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay stopped allowing sellers to see who "follows" them, which hampers repeat sales, some sellers said.

"Buyers can still click the "Save this Seller" link so they have easy access to their favorite Sellers, but Sellers are blocked from seeing who those Buyers are," a seller who wished to be referred to as "Mr. L." wrote in an email to EcommerceBytes.

"I am just one of a number of Sellers who has asked eBay why they did this as well as requested that we be given access to those who Follow us," Mr. L. said. "It has been months and eBay, ... Read More

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Wed May 5 2021 20:33:40

Marketplaces Reveal CEO Compensation: eBay, Amazon, Etsy

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay's CEO was the highest compensated of his immediate peers in 2020. Jamie Iannone, who became CEO of eBay on April 27 of last year, received $35 million in total compensation in 2020. That compares to nearly $1.7 million for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and $1.9 million for Etsy CEO Josh Silverman (or $7 million if you take into account Silverman's front-loaded grant - more on that below).

Since 2018, public companies have been required to report the CEO Pay Ratio metric, which highlights the discrepancy between CEO and average employee compensation. 

Comparing eBay and Etsy to Amazon is comparing apples to oranges, ... Read More

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Sun May 2 2021 15:36:01

Will eBay Copy Etsy's Unpopular Offsite Ad Model?

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay CEO Jamie Iannone told Wall Street analysts on Wednesday it would launch experiments this quarter to further monetize the site through the following new advertising models:

- Promoted Listing Ads for auctions;

- CPC ads;

- Offsite ads.

eBay Promoted Listing ads are CPA - Cost Per Acquisition. The seller doesn't pay unless an item sells, though the shopper doesn't have to buy the item right away. The CPC ads eBay is testing stands for Cost Per Click. The seller pays when a shopper clicks on the ad, regardless of whether they purchase the item.

Currently Promoted Listing Ads are available only for fixed-price listings.

One of eBay's tests is an offsite ad ... Read More

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Wed Apr 28 2021 16:03:54

eBay Standard Envelope Expands to Stamps, Postcards, Money

By: Ina Steiner


If you sell something cheap on eBay that fits in a regular envelope, you might be okay with adding a stamp and dropping it in the mail. But it leaves sellers vulnerable to Item Not Received claims, and not offering tracking can hurt their ability to qualify for Top Rated Seller. The alternative is to send it with tracking, which is expensive relative to the selling price.

That's why eBay launched a new shipping option for sellers in the trading cards category, and while the reviews have been mixed for eBay Standard Envelope, eBay is expanding the shipping option to more ... Read More

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Tue Apr 27 2021 21:55:37

eBay Ploy to Attract High End Inventory

By: Ina Steiner


eBay told sellers about its escrow service for high-end watches earlier this month, and this week, it told the rest of the world through a post on the eBay corporate blog. The news got picked up in the press, including the Robb Report, a publication for the affluent and aspirational.

"Benefiting both parties in the transaction process, escrow is now available to those buying and selling luxury watches over $10,000, expanding the payment options for luxury watch enthusiasts in order to foster an even more seamless experience," eBay explained. It also rolled out escrow on eBay ... Read More

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