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Tue June 28 2022 09:15:08

eBay Coaches Sellers in China, Amazon Cracks Down

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay was on hand at a cross-border trade expo in Shenzhen, China recently where it hosted lectures to teach sellers there about the popular product categories available on its platform, according to the South China Morning Post (via Yahoo News).

The newspaper said "flocks of logistics company representatives" were also in attendance providing attendees with information about shipping services to the US and Canada.

While Covid saw China's cross-border ecommerce trade growing at 31% (and exports up over 40%) in 2020, that growth has seen a significant slowdown - growing 15% and 24.5% respectively in 2021. 

The newspaper also said ... Read More

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Mon June 27 2022 22:29:00

Videos in eBay Listings 6 Months Later

By: Ina Steiner

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In January we wrote about sellers' experiences adding videos to their eBay listings as the company made the new feature more widely available. Six months later, things appear to be going more smoothly.

However, a thread on the eBay boards shows sellers are looking for a way to leverage the work they do to create the videos and to make listings that contain videos stand out - "to try to spark buyer interest in opening the listing," as a seller put it.

The seller had the idea of putting the word "video" in the eBay listing title to spark buyer interest but ... Read More

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Sat June 25 2022 22:21:17

eBay Leverages Perplexed Customers to Improve Google SEO

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay is using customer's questions as fodder to gain greater visibility on search engines like Google. It recently coached buyers and sellers to do a better job of creating titles when creating a discussion-board post.

As an example, eBay said, "Instead of using, "I have a question" as the title, consider something like, "How do you print a shipping label on eBay?"

That way, eBay explained, "If someone were to run a search within Community or on a search engine about how to print a shipping label on eBay, it'll increase the chances significantly that your post will be served-up to them."

Here's how eBay ... Read More

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Tue June 21 2022 21:14:58

The Cost of Buying Collectibles Stored in the eBay Vault

By: Ina Steiner


eBay hyped the recent launch of its new Vault where it physically stores customers' collectibles in a real-life warehouse, but it did not highlight the cost of using the service.

We took a look at the fees and found that if you buy an item that is already stored in the eBay Vault, you (the buyer) will have to pay fees, even if you don't want to keep your new collectibles stored there.

That's a new concept on a site where buyers usually pay only the selling price, shipping and handling, and sales tax, so buyers should pay close attention.

Buyers should also be aware ... Read More

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Sun June 19 2022 19:54:11

How Online Sellers Are Coping with High Gas Prices

By: Ina Steiner


A majority of online sellers are taking action in the face of soaring gas prices and are doing so numerous ways, with only 11% who took a recent EcommerceBytes poll reporting they had made no changes as a result of higher costs of gas and goods. Three percent of respondents said they had stopped selling online altogether. 

The survey focused on fuel prices and inflation's impact on sellers' product sourcing (how they buy inventory to sell online). The poll went live on June 12th with an announcement on the EcommerceBytes Blog.

Higher Costs Impact Product Sourcing
The poll asked, "What, if ... Read More

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