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by Ina Steiner, Editor of
Sat Mar 23 2019 22:14:43

Pros and Cons of eBay's Pilot Fulfillment Program

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay invited more sellers to participate in its fulfillment pilot program that we wrote about in January. The Fulfillment for eBay program is part of eBay's efforts to compete with Amazon and offer shoppers faster shipping for items ordered from its sellers.

In the invitation featuring the headline "You Sell It. Our Partners Do the Rest," eBay explained that its partners will "pick, pack, and ship" sellers' orders - it did not provide the name of those partners. 

One seller who received the invitation said he did not currently plan to participate. He cited three reasons for his reluctance to join the ... Read More

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Thu Mar 21 2019 11:35:11

Does eBay Have a Buyer for Its Classifieds Business?

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay may have a buyer for its classifieds business. Europe's biggest publisher, Axel Springer, is interested in buying eBay's classifieds business, reports Fortune, citing German trade magazine Capital.

While eBay classifieds never took off in the US, internationally it owns a number of big names, including Kijiji, popular in Canada.

The business is important to eBay - the head of eBay Classifieds Group, Alessandro Coppo, is one of only 11 top executives featured on eBay's "Our Leaders" page. But activist investors began pressuring eBay in January to consider selling the Classifieds Group as well as its StubHub tickets marketplace.

One can see the attraction of ... Read More

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Wed Mar 20 2019 10:54:37

eBay Gives Buyers Greater Flexibility when Haggling

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay buyers are able to haggle with sellers through the Best Offer feature, and eBay announced Tuesday it will give buyers the ability to specify the expiration of their offer. "We believe this change will increase the use of Best Offer and create additional sales opportunities for sellers that use it," eBay said. 

The expiration periods (12, 24, and 48 hours) will require a seller response prior to expiration in order for the transaction to remain valid.

"This will benefit buyers who have to make a decision on their purchases within a shorter time frame, and allow them to ... Read More

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Tue Mar 19 2019 20:20:31

eBay GTC Presents Wrinkle for Sellers Collecting Sales Tax

By: Ina Steiner


Sellers face unique challenges around sales-tax obligations when selling on eBay, and the new Good Til Cancelled (GTC) mandate could add to their difficulties, even as states get more aggressive about forcing online sellers to collect, report, and remit sales tax for purchases made to their residents. 

A reader who sells on eBay explained his less than ideal experience trying to comply with state laws after moving from one state, Illinois, to another - Georgia.

"I just moved to outside of Atlanta, GA from Chicago area and made sure to delete collecting sales tax from Illinois (IL) and adding Georgia (GA). I sold ... Read More

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Sun Mar 17 2019 20:18:29

One Fear about eBay GTC Mandate Is Laid to Rest

By: Ina Steiner


As sellers brace for the rollout of the eBay GTC Mandate, which could come as early as Monday, an eBay moderator laid to rest fears that eBay would automatically change active listings to "Good Til Cancelled" (GTC). 

On February 26th, eBay announced as part of the Early Seller Update that it would be removing duration options on all fixed price listings. Once the policy is in place, all newly listed fixed-price listing will be Good Til Cancelled, meaning all fixed-price listings will automatically renew every 30 days (and will incur listing fees with each renewal).

During Wednesday's weekly chat session, a seller asked ... Read More

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