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by Ina Steiner, Editor of
Wed May 24 2023 22:50:39

eBay Sets AI Loose on Sellers with No Warning

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay added a new icon in the listing flow on mobile apps, but a seller who clicked on the icon to see what it did discovered it replaced her entire product description with different text - and she had no way to recover her original description.

It turns out eBay unleashed generative AI (artificial intelligence) on its mobile apps, but did so without informing sellers and without labeling the icon.

"A weird thing that happened today," the reader told us. "I was writing an eBay description, had it just the way I wanted it, when I noticed a little ... Read More

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Wed May 24 2023 16:24:26

Is It Fair to Display 3 Feedback Comments inside eBay Listings?

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay displays a seller's feedback differently when you're inside one of their listings compared to their main feedback page, and we've seen two readers discuss areas of concern in a 24-hour period.

Today, a seller reported on Ecommerce EKG:

"Clicking on a seller's feedback score on a listing page does not show their feedback, it just scrolls the page down partway. Recently, it would do similar, but show a feedback summary with a link to see full feedback. Now, nothing resembling feedback."

When we click on the feedback number to the right of a seller's User ID on a forum post, we're ... Read More

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Mon May 22 2023 23:49:53

Fanatics Disrupts One of eBay's Key Focus Categories

By: Ina Steiner

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After acquiring trading card company Topps last year, Fanatics is reportedly acquiring trading card company PWCC. If the name sounds familiar, PWCC had sold on eBay and was a major partner in the trading cards category, but then found itself accused by eBay of shill bidding and suspended from the marketplace.

ActionNetwork and ESPN reported the news on Monday, though Fanatics and PWCC do not appear to have officially announced the news themselves.

ESPN reported that "sources close to the deal" said the acquisition would prove beneficial to Fanatics Live, its planned live-shopping platform expected to ... Read More

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Fri May 19 2023 23:20:23

eBay Switches to FedEx for Return Shipping Labels

By: Ina Steiner


In early May, some sellers began noticing that eBay was using FedEx instead of USPS when issuing buyers shipping labels for returns ("Has eBay selected FedEx as courier to provide return shipping?") This week, eBay moderators confirmed this was the case when additional sellers began reporting the issue on the company's discussion boards.

On May 5th in another thread ("Return auto default to Fedex?"), a seller wrote, "This is a new one for me. Why is Fedex been auto default for Returns when I original shipping method was USPS. Please help me change this."

Moderators responded with the following ... Read More

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Tue May 16 2023 10:27:50

Are Zero Fees for Private Sellers Working on eBay Germany?

By: Ina Steiner


eBay made a major change in Germany on March 1st by making it free for "private" (casual) sellers to sell on the platform. Not only did eBay waive listing fees for non-business sellers, but those sellers don't have to pay commission fees either.

eBay Germany said at the time that the new fee structure would add to the selection of items available on the marketplace and said consumers who sell on often buy on the platform - all to the benefit of fee-paying business sellers.

Eleven weeks later, eBay called the move a success and cited the following statistics:

- The ... Read More

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