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Tue June 19 2018 17:05:15

eBay Executive Slams Amazon Repricing

By: Ina Steiner

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An eBay executive slammed Amazon's practice of "repricing" during an interview published in Forbes

The interview with eBay's head PR executive Dan Tarman wasn't meant to be provocative - it was a piece called Doing Well By Doing Good, "to learn about how the pioneering e-commerce brand continues to differentiate itself through brand purpose, since its inception more than two decades ago." 

Tarman took a dig at the rival marketplace when answering a question about eBay's brand, though he did not mention the company by name.

Here's the exchange:

Kwittken: How does eBay use its brand purpose to empower others?

Tarman: Purpose is central to our business and ... Read More

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Mon June 18 2018 20:52:55

Do New Penalty Fees Create Conflict of Interest for eBay?

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay must adjudicate SNAD claims, but when eBay sides with buyers, it benefits in more ways than one thanks to a new policy it announced last month as part of the Summer Seller Update. This creates a conflict of interest, one seller asserted in a question submitted to eBay executive Bob Kupbens for an upcoming Q&A video chat.

The issue is more important than ever as sellers feel squeezed by eBay practices around returns - some sellers say eBay is doing less to protect them from buyers who file false SNAD claims (Item Not as Described) to avoid paying ... Read More

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Sun June 17 2018 16:20:53

eBay Sellers Pose Questions to Bob Kupbens

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay sellers have questions for eBay executive Bob Kupbens ranging from eBay's return policies to the numerous glitches that have hit the site of late.

Kupbens, in charge of the seller experience, will take questions during a live Facebook video chat on June 27. However, this is eBay's version of an Ask Me Anything session, so questions will be pre-screened.

Sellers are taking advantage of the opportunity by asking detailed questions. One that struck a nerve with other sellers was more of a cry for help than a question and received 6 comments from other sellers:

Sale gone to zero from several $thousand monthly. Help???
Hi Bob, I ... Read More

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Thu June 14 2018 14:55:10

eBay Resurrects Dormant Saved Searches in Haunting Glitch

By: Ina Steiner


"Apparently eBay turned back on some 15-year-old dormant searches this week. It's like my 30-year-old self is spamming me :( "

That's a tweet from this morning from Woot founder Matt Rutledge (who sold the company to Amazon) and who now runs If you click through to his tweet, you can see the messages eBay sent him containing items it thinks he might be interested in based on searches he'd saved long ago.

We also experienced this eBay "haunting" this morning, which we reported on Ecommerce EKG. eBay sent us a "saved search" email with current listings for ... Read More

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Wed June 13 2018 23:07:15

eBay Eerily Quiet on Glitch that Began Tuesday

By: Ina Steiner


eBay is experiencing technical issues that have been ongoing since early Tuesday. Both buyers and sellers navigating the site are encountering the following error messages when trying to accomplish tasks:

"Something went wrong. We're sorry. If you want to start over, go to the homepage. If you're stuck, let us help you."


"Sorry, we couldn't complete your request. Try again later."

Readers sent us emails and reported the issue on Ecommerce EKG and on

One reader explained, "For the last few days I have been getting this error message when opening or going to a new page through eBay links, specifically on the Selling Hub pages, or when ... Read More

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