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by Ina Steiner, Editor of
Fri Aug 17 2018 23:10:48

eBay Rolls Out Site Changes and Some Good News

By: Ina Steiner

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Sellers noticed a number of site changes to the eBay website today, including a new sign-in screen. But there's one change that will no doubt be welcome.

In early June, eBay began redirecting completed listings to different but similar listings that were still active. Some buyers may not have realized they weren't looking at the listing they thought they were, and of those who did realize it, many of them didn't realize they could access the ended listing through some extra clicking.

eBay continues to redirect buyers away from ended listings, but as of today, it's more apparent and it's easier to ... Read More

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Wed Aug 15 2018 14:42:42

Would You Trust eBay to Manage Your Photos?

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay is considering launching a new service for sellers who need help managing images in their listings. In a recent survey, eBay asked respondents if they'd be interested in using a photo manager and asked the following question:

eBay is considering launching an online photo manager. You can use it to organize your photos, store them online, edit photos and publish them to listings.

If such a feature were offered, how frequently would you use this when creating product photos for listings?

Sellers had the option of selecting one of the following responses:

- Always
- Often
- Occasionally
- Rarely
- Never, not interested in this feature

eBay had previously offered sellers a paid-subscription ... Read More

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Mon Aug 13 2018 16:23:42

eBay Sellers Bemoan the Loss of View Counts

By: Ina Steiner

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Sellers reported that eBay removed a metric they used to help them decide which items to relist at what prices. A reader explained, "In the past few days eBay has removed the views column from the unsold items page. This was not a glitch, it was an intended removal, based on a moderator's response to a post on the community boards."

Sellers also reported the loss of View Counts on the Ecommerce EKG board:

"What happened to the view count for unsold items when Relisting or using Sell Similar? This was helpful information. I still pay the ... Read More

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Sun Aug 12 2018 21:23:19

Ignore New eBay Tracking Requirements at Your Peril

By: Ina Steiner


eBay continues to raise the bar for sellers as it tries to keep buyers happy, and the Fall Seller Update offers further evidence that eBay finds it a lot easier to just side with buyers when disputes arise.

To wit, a new requirement around tracking that takes effect on September 10. The crux of the issue: eBay won't protect sellers from claims of non-receipt unless they've uploaded tracking prior to the estimated delivery date.

What's changed is the timing and method of providing tracking information: even if sellers can prove their packages have been delivered to buyers by providing shipping ... Read More

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Thu Aug 9 2018 21:40:41

eBay Addresses PayPal Omission in Beta Test

By: Ina Steiner


When eBay split with PayPal in July 2015, eBay CEO Devin Wenig knew the company would have 5 years to wean itself from its former subsidiary's service. Three years later, eBay is inviting some sellers to participate in its new managed payments solution, yet crucial functionality is lacking from the beta product.

Last month when sellers reported back from eBay's seller conference with the news eBay would not allow beta participants to offer PayPal, it raised some eyebrows.

Now we learn it's because eBay isn't prepared from a technology standpoint.

In a broadcast on Wednesday, eBay Senior Director of Global Payment Services Keala ... Read More

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