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by Ina Steiner, Editor of
Mon Feb 17 2020 21:38:21

Should eBay Do Live Streaming Auctions?

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay auctions haven't changed much since the site launched. In a question submitted for next week's eBay Town Hall session, a seller asked if the company would consider offering live streaming auctions in real-time "to keep the site up-to-date with 21 Century Technology."

The seller, User ID walnutts-2.0, said sellers have been running live streaming auctions on Facebook. "Seller can show the potential Buyer their items in real time, like a real live auction house would do. The buyers watch on their computer or mobile device, while the "auctioneer" describes the item to the audience. The product can be shown from ... Read More

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Sun Feb 16 2020 21:03:23

eBay Controls Messaging about 'Evolving' Managed Payments

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay is being tight-lipped about Managed Payments to the point that moderators are unable to answer some specific questions on the eBay discussion boards. 

During Wednesday's weekly chat session, sellers raised a couple of issues related to the functionality of eBay's payments program. 

"What is going to happen to the coin, currency, and bullion sellers when all sellers are forced into managed payments, when they can't use managed payments for payment," a seller asked. That appeared to be a reference to the fact that eBay is excluding certain categories from Managed Payments, as reported in a recent Letter to the Editor.

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Sat Feb 15 2020 17:04:00

Sellers Choice 2020 Pulls Back the Curtain on Marketplaces

By: Ina Steiner

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The results of the 11th annual Sellers Choice awards are in! This is an insider's look at the joys and pitfalls of online selling, far from the carefully crafted messaging from the marketplaces themselves.

eBay came in first place in the 2020 Sellers Choice awards. In fact, in six out of the last 7 years, eBay has placed in the top-three.

eBay has a low barrier of entry and high traffic, but sellers have a long list of critiques. To gain a better understanding of the forces at play, it's helpful to look at the alternatives from which sellers have to ... Read More

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Tue Feb 11 2020 14:43:35

eBay CEO Takes a Vertical Approach to Compete with Rivals

By: Ina Steiner


eBay is looking at getting back to its roots and is willing to experiment more in vertical markets, according to eBay interim CEO Scott Schenkel. The strategy comes as eBay faces growing competition in various niches, such as the sneaker category where a marketplace now headed by the former head of eBay Marketplaces Scott Cutler is engaging buyers.

The chief executive gave a presentation at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on Tuesday, February 11, 2020, where he also discussed two dynamics that negatively impacted the company's sales growth in 2019: state sales tax collection requirements and reduced marketing spend.

Schenkel said ... Read More

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Mon Feb 10 2020 11:07:46

eBay Executives to Field Questions from Sellers

By: Ina Steiner


eBay will hold a "Town Hall" session in a chat format on the eBay discussion boards, and sellers will be asking the questions, providing insight into what's on their minds.

eBay executives will answer the questions "live from San Jose," although sellers must submit them ahead of time, giving executives 5 days to prepare their responses.

eBay invited sellers to submit their questions on this eBay discussion board thread. Sellers have until 5 pm PT on February 20th to submit their questions and/or vote on their favorites.

The Town Hall is scheduled for February 25. eBay executives Jordan Sweetnam, Harry Temkin, and Marni Levine ... Read More

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