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by Ina Steiner, Editor of
Tue Sept 28 2021 11:40:58

Some Blame Slow Sales on New eBay CPC Ads

By: Ina Steiner

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How are eBay's new cost-per-click ads (CPC) impacting sales? Some sellers have raised concerns about the program called Promoted Listings Advanced, still in Beta.

A Top Rated seller told EcommerceBytes they felt eBay was strong-arming them to use it. "It feels my store has dropped off the face of the Earth - no sales since end of August, which never happens."

When they contacted eBay about the sales drop, the rep pitched them on the new CPC ads (eBay Promoted Listings Advanced), where sellers pay eBay whenever a buyer clicks their ad, regardless of whether the buyer purchases the item. 

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Sun Sept 26 2021 20:32:12

eBay Glitch Sabotages Sellers' Offers to Buyers

By: Ina Steiner

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Imagine sending an offer to eBay buyers to entice them to purchase your items at a discount, only to have a warning included in the message that states you won't ship to their location. 

A reader had reported the problem in a letter to the editor published on EcommerceBytes in March ("eBay Randomly Tells Buyers Seller Does Not Ship to Their Location").

There's now a growing buzz about the glitch thanks to more sellers becoming aware of the issue and speaking out publicly, including posts on the eBay for Business Facebook page.

Don Heiden, who posts content on YouTube under the moniker the Auction ... Read More

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Thu Sept 23 2021 15:49:16

Account Opened in 1999 Is Ineligible for eBay Payments

By: Ina Steiner

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A seller finds himself in an unusual situation. He kept getting errors when listing on a little-used personal account, and discovered it was because he hadn't yet signed up for Managed Payments.

But then came the Catch 22: his account was too old to sign up for Managed Payments.

"I was basically told that my account was so old that managed payments had not made it that far and they were unsure if it ever would," the seller told EcommerceBytes. "The eBay rep suggested that I open a new account."

The idea that eBay may not be able to get older accounts set up with ... Read More

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Wed Sept 22 2021 16:21:11

ALERT: USPS Reduces Size of Some Priority Mail Boxes

By: Ina Steiner


Sellers who rely on USPS free packaging may have to adapt as the organization will reduce the dimensions of the packaging.

"Changing the dimensions will allow the boxes and envelopes to be processed on mail processing equipment more efficiently, increase visibility, and reduce the need for manual package sortation," according to today's announcement.

NOTE: the changes result in a maximum width of 12 inches and a maximum length of 15 inches. (There are no changes to existing heights.)

Included in the changes are the following packaging supplies popular with online sellers:

The Priority Mail Large Flat Rate ... Read More

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Tue Sept 21 2021 09:17:11

eBay RICO Lawsuit Goes Off Track, Case Dismissed

By: Ina Steiner


A buyer sued eBay alleging it worked with sellers to scam buyers for profit in what he alleged was "racketeering." But a Federal Judge in Massachusetts said even in his amended complaint, the plaintiff failed to state a RICO conspiracy claim and said the elements to show the existence of a RICO enterprise were "clearly lacking."

EcommerceBytes reported on the lawsuit in June, explaining the plaintiff had alleged eBay was fraudulently presenting a money back guarantee in cases where the buyer fails to receive their item. In the amended complaint filed on July 20th, the plaintiff elaborated on the ... Read More

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