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by Ina Steiner, Editor of
Sun Oct 24 2021 20:20:25

Contemporary Nudes Now Allowed on eBay?

By: Ina Steiner

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Sellers are speculating that eBay will now allow them to list contemporary nude art photographs in the Collectibles category after banning them over the summer. But because there was no announcement, they are unsure.

eBay eliminated its entire Adult Only category this summer, but allowed sellers to move certain adult items to other categories as long as they didn't contain sexual content. 

In the case of items in Adult Only Collectibles and Adult Only Art, sellers could relist them in one of four other categories as long as they did not contain sexual content (provocative sexual poses, for example) and sellers made ... Read More

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Thu Oct 21 2021 20:48:54

Blowout Detective Agency Tracks Down Shady Stuff

By: Ina Steiner

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In the face of online scams, users sometimes band together to help each other. On one online forum, there's even a name for the band of volunteer fraud-fighters who look out for each other: the Blowout Detective Agency.

An EcommerceBytes reader sent us a link to a recent thread on the Blowout Cards online forums titled, "Need help from BODA - possible fraud with a sale of my Trout Refractor PSA 10."

The original poster started out:

Hey guys,

I have zero tech savvy and I've not been able to get any help from the Post Office or eBay on this, so maybe there's some guys ... Read More

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Wed Oct 20 2021 20:40:02

Why Does eBay Offer Better Customer Service on Facebook?

By: Ina Steiner

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Why in the world would a company offer better customer service on Facebook than through their own customer service channels? We don't know, but an eBay moderator confirmed yet again what we're hearing anecdotally from sellers: eBay reps on Facebook can resolve issues that regular customer service reps cannot.

A seller had tried to get a shipping metric defect removed because it was a local pickup option - no shipping involved. The unjustified defect resulted in eBay ejecting the seller from its Top Rated Seller (TRS) program, thereby depriving the seller of the benefits of the program.

During today's weekly chat session, the ... Read More

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Wed Oct 20 2021 11:54:41

People More Accepting of Secondhand Goods as Holiday Gifts

By: Ina Steiner


Comedian Jerry Seinfeld put a name to the practice of giving someone an unwanted item they themselves had received as a gift: "regifting." Fast-forward 26 years, and people are finally becoming more accepting of giving secondhand (aka "used") goods as gifts, according to two reports from an online marketplace.

But it's not the online marketplace you might think of when you read about advocating for giving used goods. Giant eBay didn't publish this week's reports - Mercari did.

A spokesperson for Mercari said its inaugural Reuse and Secondhand Holiday Reports show a major increase in Americans considering shopping secondhand amidst supply chain delays. ... Read More

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Sat Oct 16 2021 16:24:11

Holiday Shopping Calendar: eBay vs. Amazon

By: Ina Steiner


eBay is sticking with a more traditional holiday-shopping calendar, while Amazon is already boasting about the early start of holiday-shopping on its marketplace.

On Wednesday (October 13, 2021) at 7:50 pm, eBay's Advertising account tweeted to merchants: "Break out your calendar and circle these important shopping dates to launch your next Promoted Listings portfolio campaign on this holiday season."

It linked to a page on eBay Advertising where a graphic shows the following "Important holiday marketing dates on eBay":

- Early October - Halloween
- Early November - Holiday prep
- Nov. 25 - Thanksgiving
- Nov. 26 - Black Friday
- Nov. 27 - Small Business Saturday
- Nov. 29 - ... Read More

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