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eBay Hits Sellers in the Pocketbook with Payout Delays

eBay Hits Sellers in the Pocketbook with Payout Delays

eBay Payments experienced a glitch yesterday, and today, eBay is showing no disbursements (payouts) for today, and sellers say they have received no communication from eBay about the issues.

Those who are on a daily payout schedule (5 days a week) fear it will get bumped again tomorrow.

“Who knows if we will actually get a payout tomorrow or if it will be “bumped” again,” a seller wrote on this thread the eBay discussion boards. “That would require eBay proactively communicating with us and giving us accurate information – I am not going to hold my breath on that one.”

Even worse, a seller on a weekly payout schedule said the display shows today that their next payout is scheduled for October 13 – meaning they will have to wait an extra week for access to their funds.

Cash flow issues couldn’t come at a worse time as sellers need access to funds to procure inventory for the holiday shopping season.

One seller wrote, “I’ve tried to ride this managed payments things out but it really killing my ability to reinvest and grow as we were when PayPal handled all transactions.”

The seller who reported the issue on the eBay boards also reported the problem on Ecommerce EKG.

On another thread reporting the payout problem, a seller said the last payment they received was on October 2nd. “No communication at all, had to find out the hard way!”

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4 thoughts on “eBay Hits Sellers in the Pocketbook with Payout Delays”

  1. Don;t worry folks ebay has to make up for all those golden parachutes they gave to get rid of their incompentent leaders in order to hire a new set of bozos. If anyone thinks that Greedbay is losing any sleep over your 500.00 pay outs I have a news flash for you. They will more than likely make you wait a few more days. BUT JUST BE SURE TO GET YOUR JUNK IN THE MAIL ON THEIR SCHEDULE.

  2. Walkers West must have cut their tabs off and be demanding they actually pay in cash, so Ebay has to hold the payments due to the Sellers to help cover their tabs.

    These are the exact types of issues that many users on this site were concerned would happen and as usual at the worst possible time for most Sellers. Ebay only had 5 years to get ready for this and still cannot help continuing to have problems getting Sellers their money. I guarantee you that if this Ebay not getting their money from Adyen they would be on the phone screaming bloody murder until the problem was fixed. But since it is not costing Ebay a single penny, there appears to be no rush to try and fix the problems.

    Why can’t they stop making constant changes to their program (see eBay Rolls Out Hundreds of Software Releases a Month) or at least do a complete beta test on every single one of them. Instead they continue to use Sellers pocketbooks to test their changes figuring we will then tell them what is wrong rather than having to spend any of their money to determine if their cheap offshore labor knows what they are doing while programming code that they know will never be checked nor will they be held accountable for all of the issues they cause.

    Just more broken promises, this time about always testing the updates before putting them out as part of another update. Nothing ever gets checked nor tested and as long as it is not costing Ebay money directly, they really do not care if they find the problem or not. With all of these constant errors and glitches I sure am glad that I have not been forced into Mangled Payments and have to worry not only about my cash flow and ability to order inventory for the all important 4th quarter, but to know that somehow Ebay is going to mess up the issuance of 1099’s which will once again cost the Sellers time and money to verify that Ebay has not issued an erroneous 1099 which of course they won’t worry about correcting because it is once again not costing Ebay any money.

    I wonder how the executives would feel if Ebay constantly changed the software used to process their payroll each payday and if they had and made a big mistake, if they would have the tolerance that we as Sellers are supposed to have for their ineptitude? I would love to see the reactions of the executives if their W-2’s were completed and forwarded to the IRS without checking them for all of the errors they continue to throw at Sellers each update and then be expected to find the errors by themselves or have to pay their CPA’s extra money to find and fix the problems.

    How would you guys feel if your paycheck was not deposited on time or handed to you for deposit on time because once again the updated software from the Tech Giant malfunctioned. Would you tolerate having to delay paying your bills, buy food for your family or worse yet not be able to get to work because you no longer have enough money to pay for the gas you needed for you car because Ebay could not figure out how to get you paid on time? But that will never happen because Ebay always makes sure they take care of themselves while putting those people who generate the money to cover those checks in that exact same position. And then they wonder why so many Sellers want to opt out or not be forced to participate in Mangled Payments !!!!

  3. Received eBay payout messages and emails 9/30, 10/1, 10/2, 10/5. 10/6, and 10/7. Payouts through 10/6 were posted to the checking account on the next business day. I expect the 10/7 payout to be posted tomorrow.

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