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Etsy Says Its Phone Support Remains Open for Calls

Etsy Says Its Phone Support Is Open for Calls

Getting support can be tricky these days with so many customer service reps now working from home, but Etsy wants sellers to know it is providing around-the-clock support.

A representative reached out after seeing a letter from an EcommerceBytes reader who bemoaned a lack of phone support.

Etsy offers phone support from 7 am – 10 pm EST, seven days a week, the Etsy spokesperson told EcommerceBytes, and chat support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “We are committed to supporting our 2.7 million sellers, particularly during this challenging time,” she said.

She also explained that Etsy had recently consolidated one of its customer service lines, which could have contributed to the reader’s issue. Sellers can find more information about contacting Etsy Support in its Help Center.

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Ina Steiner
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One thought on “Etsy Says Its Phone Support Remains Open for Calls”

  1. Please take a look at the Etsy forums. Sellers have been posting for weeks that Etsy is not returning callse when the phone number was still posted. Then they started deleting the phone number anytime someone posted it in the forums. Click the link provided in this article and try to find the number. Good luck. However, the last number I had, I’ve had it saved in my phone was/is 1-844-659-3879.

    I did call Etsy on 4/21. I was “disconnected” when I said “Hello, I’m here”. So, I called back. I chose the get a callback from Etsy since I waited for a long time on hold for my fist call. My place would be held in line if I opted for a callback. I’ve now been waiting since 4/21 3:37pm CST. During this wait, Etsy also fully refunded a sale to a customer with not 1 but 3 items. They paid for 1 and didn’t return any. For a seller, they wait 2-3 days for them to respond to a case or provide a full refund, even now. For a customer they allow them a full month to respond and won’t close a case until that 30 days has passed even with no customer input. So, during a pandemic, waiting for Etsy to call to discuss a false claim, they provide a full refund while a customer has multiple free items and Etsy won’t return a call.

    This isn’t new. Dec 2019, Etsy stopped answering customer service calls from sellers. If you wanted to talk to customer service you had to call and pretend to be a customer. Then you talk to someone.

    Etsy’s message support system, don’t expect a response from there either in a timely manor. Some sellers have had cases open without responses for 2+ months. Three days for a response, you are so lucky. So, when Etsy holds sellers to a 72hr response standard and they take days to months to respond is their customer service really open? What are the sellers fees paying for?

    Etsy should stop the smoke curtain. Provide true customer service all times of the year. ALSO, don’t increase fees up to about 22-25% from 10% during a pandemic when you have your best April EVER due to mask sales. Profits are the main goal at the cost of the sellers that are already struggling. Struggling WITHOUT customer support from Etsy.

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