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eBay Apologizes for Technical Issues

eBay VP Bob Kupbens

eBay VP Bob KupbenseBay apologized on July 3, 2018, for technical issues plaguing its site in recent weeks, though it made no offer to compensate sellers (eBay changed its outage policy in 2014). eBay executive Bob Kupbens had characterized the technical issues as unacceptable during a video presentation last week.

Announcement follows:

We’re Sorry for Recent Technical Issues That May Have Impacted You
During the past few weeks, a number of technical issues have impacted the selling experience on eBay for some sellers. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience these issues may have caused. We have resolved the most critical issues and are working diligently to solve all of them as soon as possible. Please know that we are committed to ensuring a world-class selling experience.

Our goal is to provide you the best platform for your business. In order to reduce the likelihood of technical issues occurring in the future, we are reviewing our testing and implementation practices and instituting an enhanced oversight process for all technical changes that may impact you.

While many sellers were unaffected by the technical issues, we know any interruption to you is frustrating. We appreciate you letting us know through our community platform.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience the technical issues may have caused you.
Thank you for selling on eBay.
Bob Kupbens and Mohan Patt

SOURCE: eBay Announcement

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Ina Steiner
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9 thoughts on “eBay Apologizes for Technical Issues”

  1. The real consequence is that buyers run into problems and they leave and they will never come back. They then tell all of their friends that eBay is broken and so those people will never be back. A spiraling funnel going down the drain.

    eBay = Dead Man Walking

  2. LOL so he does admit they have faulty testing and implementation practices. Which everyone has experienced since Wenig and his cronies took over, shifted the tech contracts to foreign offshore companies and away from American tech firms, and CUT EBAY US TECH.

    While executive compensation soared higher and higher.

    While they to to claim to stockholders and the media that they are tech innovators and leaders.

    Just a lot of plunderers.

    A high school student could run Ebay more efficiently and with less deceit and less plundering.

    When are Wenig and his mob going to reimburse everyone for the thefts they have committed? They destroy the company, destroy more Ebay seller businesses, lay off employees, and STEAL MORE every day.

  3. The most over used word in the world is ” I’m sorry ” cause you ain’t sorrry you just think by saying it it will make everything right again.

    Ebay just fix the crap and move on. The only thing sorry is you.

  4. This “glitch” cost our firm thousands of dollars. eBay is seemingly out of control. Been selling since 1995 and never have I seen so many systems out of whack. Never have I seen so many things not working. This is so horrible and out of control that eBay, our main source of income for 24 years combined with eBays disdain for sellers and unwillingness to support sellers by letting buyers steal from sellers to “make it a good buyer experience” has us looking elsewhere for revenue generating.

  5. Sure, they probably have read this blog to know what processes are involved in platform changes. Able to throw out a few good words that mean absolutely nothing. What tech company in this day and age should be reviewing IT practises that should be standard? Review performances maybe………then, probably all the good ones are gone.

    No mention of the fixes, so who knows if they still have a problem or not. I guess we have to wait and guess. And as for reporting on the platform, well I’d love to but one of your goons saw fit to ban me for life.

  6. I sure hope the major financial publications pick up this story. And saying eBay is diligently working to fix all issues is a joke since some of the “glitches” have been occurring for years. If eBay was so concerned about providing a “world-class selling experience,” they insured that the problems didn’t occur in the first place.

    As many people have stated before, if a “glitch” isn’t costing eBay money, then they don’t care if it ever gets fixed. I can only assume that sellers were getting really vicious if eBay took the step of apologizing. I can’t remember another time when any executive at eBay issued a formal apology.

  7. A high school student could run Ebay more efficiently and with less deceit and less plundering.

    Actually as Meg said before she left that a monkey could come in run Ebay as it ran so smoothly on its own. So they didn’t even need any high school students but got something much worse in Donohoe and Wenig.

  8. Pretty brave statement since they can’t fix anything to save their life…..which is probably why they are trying this pathetic attempt. So sorry…..too late.

  9. Sheer insanity. This is tantamount to Ford coming out and saying…
    “We designed and built the Ford F150, but it keeps crashing for no reason we can imagine.
    We’re asking all owners to please give us reports of malfunctions.”

    More insanity…mere awareness of a problem doesn’t FIX the problem if your fixers are incompetent dolts.

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