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eBay Sellers Cry Foul over Missing Print Button

eBay sellers are concerned over missing functionality that helped them to document their listings in the case of disputes. The print button on the bottom right side of View Item pages disappeared and was noted at the end of February in this Ecommerce EKG report:

“What happened to the “Print” function on eBay listings? It was located right above the eBay item number & next to “report item”. Noticed it is no longer there about 3 hours ago.”

A reader explained she relied on the print functionality to keep records of her listings, useful proof of the photos she included should a dispute arise. eBay only archives listings for 60 days, yet buyers can file a dispute through PayPal for up to 6 months.

“That Print button allowed you to print all your pictures in a good visible size,” the reader explained. “Your only option now is the standard print button under “File,” which prints a maximum of 3 pages.”

We asked eBay spokesperson Ryan Moore on Monday if the missing button was due to a glitch, or, if it was intentional, the reason for its removal. We also asked him how eBay recommended sellers document their listings either way, and how eBay would handle disputes after 60 days when sellers could no longer call up their listings.

We haven’t heard back from eBay, but eBay’s Jim “Griff” Griffith provided wrote on a discussion board thread on Wednesday that the issue had been reported to the appropriate team, which acknowledged its receipt. “They have begun investigation. We will report any updates if still necessary, next week. Tune in then.”

On the same discussion thread, eBay’s Director of Community appeared to get snippy with a user who was persistent asking for an answer about the missing functionality. The seller asked why the “Print” feature was removed and whether there were plans to bring it back or provide an alternative. When Terrell replied, “We’re looking into this,” the seller responded, “Jeff…how is THIS an acceptable answer. This issue was reported on Chat last week and it was to be looked into. Is it that hard to let users know if it was purposely taken away or if a glitch that will be fixed?”

To which Terrell replied, “I don’t work on that team. I don’t have any direct control over this issue. If my answer is not acceptable, please feel free to reach out to any other employee you would like to who can get you an answer you like on the timeline you expect. CS would be my recommendation.”

Some readers were suspicious about eBay’s reason for removing the button. On the Ecommerce EKG board, a seller wrote, “They are just doing this as people found a work around on how to see what a best offer was on an item. Sad that they would take away a legitimate feature because they want to close a loophole that they caused. Why would you removed a necessary function,” the seller asked.

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