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eBay CEO Gets the Band Back Together

eBay CEO Gets the Band Back Together

eBay is hiring so many former employees, they’ve come up for a name for it: “boomerangs.” And with eBay CEO Jamie Iannone – himself a boomerang – hiring Eddie Garcia back in the role of Chief Product Officer, it has colleagues using another term: “Great to see the band getting back together,” former eBay executive Bill Cobb (not a boomerang) commented on LinkedIn in response to a post from the current CEO.

“Iannone and Garcia…having flashbacks!! Congrats Eddie, you’ll be great,” Cobb continued.

In his post, Iannone said that during Garcia’s initial time at eBay in the 2000s, “he created high-impact customer experiences,” and said he looked forward to seeing how Garcia would bring his blend of customer centricity, user experience and inclusive product design to eBay’s team.

Bob Swan, eBay’s former Chief Financial Officer who currently sits on eBay’s Board of Directors, commented, “Great to have you back, eddie.” Swan is an operating partner at Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) where other eBay alum have landed, including Jeff Jordan, who has been a general partner at the venture capital firm since 2011.

In last week’s press release announcing Garcia’s return to the company, eBay said Garcia would lead its Core Product organization, “building on the company’s tech-led reimagination to deliver a streamlined, world-class experience.”

Garcia will report directly to Iannone and officially joined the company on Monday, April 18, 2022. “This role marks a return to the eBay product organization for Eddie, where he held roles in search and buyer experience from 2003-2014,” eBay noted in the announcement.

Like Iannone, Garcia did a stint at Walmart between tours of duty at eBay.

Another boomerang executive whose time at eBay overlapped that of Iannone and Garcia is Randy Shoup, who rejoined eBay in June of 2020. During his tenure in the 2000’s, Shoup led the design and architecture for eBay’s results ranking system (“Best Match”) and spearheaded development of eBay’s next-generation real-time search engine (“Cassini”).

Iannone is bringing back the two alum, Garcia as eBay’s Chief Product Officer, and Shoup as eBay’s Chief Architect. What may catch sellers’ attention is that Garcia and Shoup both worked on search as eBay transitioned to Cassini. Will that experience stand them in good stead?

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4 thoughts on “eBay CEO Gets the Band Back Together”

  1. Hooray! Now they can all get their (dunder)heads together and recycle the ideas that led eBay to where it is today…..the bottom pile.

  2. The band didn’t produce any hits back then, now they are older, greedier, and more theftastic then ever- so what’s the big deal??????

    Imagine buying a Greatest Hits CD/LP and it’s totally blank! – that’s these cliwns

  3. eBay & Etsy are so disgusting they make me want to get behind every one of their competitors.

    Like most publicly listed companies, eBay stock is a non-physical, unsecured, diluted, misrated, manipulated, overvalued, unsustainable worthless toxic “asset”……. sitting in many retirement accounts……..in an inflationary environment.

    Thanks to financial reg-u-laters like the SEC and worthless Attorney Generals around the country, ebay is just another executive compensation scheme that preys on employees, buyers and sellers just to make a worthless stock look just a little better and claim these executive degenerates add shareholder value.

    What can ebay do to make things better? Hire another competent chief legal counsel that prosecutes instead of defends the last few corporate looter placeholders for REAL leaders.

    What a disgusting unregulated wreck of a company……..

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