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Don’t Let eBay Ads Lapse after Christmas, Company Warns

Don't Let eBay Ads Lapse after Christmas, Company Warns

eBay advised sellers not to let their eBay ads laps after Christmas, and it provided data to back up its claims that shopping doesn’t end on December 25th. “Around 3.1 billion searches occurred between December 25 and January 31 last year on eBay,” it said.

The announcement came on Monday as the Christmas cut-offs for shipping carriers are days away. “The holiday rush is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you should end your Promoted Listings Advanced BETA campaigns early,” eBay said in its post.

eBay Promoted Listings Advanced BETA are cost-per-click ads, which unlike regular Promoted Listings ads, incur a fee whether or not the shopper who clicks on the ad actually makes a purchase.

eBay linked to more information on its eBay Ads blog, where it told sellers in a December 8th post, “Not only will shoppers look to swoop on post-holiday sales, they’ll also be on the lookout for items to help propel them to reach their 2022 goals and New Year’s resolutions.” Included was a graph showing the daily number of searches in the post-Christmas period last year.

eBay also shared some results of a survey on buyer intentions in the blog post and said, “Extending your Promoted Listings portfolio campaigns through the start of 2022 will keep listings in front of buyers in a shopping state of mind, and jumpstart your 2022 marketing goals. Make sure to extend your campaigns today.”

You can find eBay announcements and seller discussions about eBay CPC ads (eBay Promoted Listings Advanced Beta) on this section of the eBay discussion boards.

eBay appears to be responsive to sellers on the board, though on a thread where a seller described having problems with the reporting tools, eBay’s response did not seem to help them. eBay continues to roll out features, saying on November 30th that “more updates and enhancements are on the way over the next couple of weeks and months.

If you have tried out the new CPC ads, share your experiences in the comments below.

Likewise, if you use the cost-per-sale version of eBay Promoted Listing ads, let us know if you’ve experienced any changes since the launch of the Advanced version.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Let eBay Ads Lapse after Christmas, Company Warns”

  1. From my experience,
    the real Christmas shopping starts right after the crowd opens their gifts and goes out your door.
    The leftovers are packed into the fridge and the hosts settle in cozy to peruse the online offerings that have been dancing in their heads since Thanksgiving.
    Hopefully that holds true this year as well….

  2. Sure! Keep feeding the San Jose beast!!!!

    He’s hungry for more money as the cost of wings has gone up over at Walkers West!

    Gotta pad those numbers so when q4 numbers come out , they aren’t a total embarrassment and the HEAVY Xmas bonuses can continue unabated!

    The good news is that eBay stock is now down from 70 to 65 so it’s headed in the right direction (down)(to match reality)

    Hopefully by years end we can be at 60!

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