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Etsy Gives Sellers Access to Ad Performance Data

Etsy Gives Sellers Access to Ad Performance Data

Etsy is giving sellers who pay extra to advertise their listings new tools to see how their ads are performing. It may come as a surprise that the new metrics hadn’t been available to sellers previously, especially click through rates.

“Now in the Etsy Ads dashboard, you can see the click rate and return on ad spend (ROAS) for each of the listings you’re advertising,” Etsy announced. “Click rate is the percentage of your ad views that result in a click. ROAS tells you how much you’ve made from every dollar you’ve invested in advertising.”

Etsy told sellers the new data can help them better understand which ads bring the most traffic and profit so they can make the most of their ad budget. “On the page you can see all these stats for each of the listings you’re advertising, and use the toggle to quickly start or stop advertising a specific listing based on how it’s performing.”

Etsy provided details on the Seller Handbook. (Note that Etsy Ads are optional and different than the Etsy Offsite Ads program, which is mandatory for sellers of a certain size.)

Some sellers thanked Etsy for the improvements in a post on the Etsy Seller Handbook, some said they wished they could set the CPC rate for their ads, and others left comments such as the seller who said ads being shown in countries they don’t ship to does not make sense.

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2 thoughts on “Etsy Gives Sellers Access to Ad Performance Data”

  1. “sellers who pay extra” :
    We’re being ROBBED to the tune of 12 – 15% on TOP of the total 13% “Etsy” take.
    We don’t want to “buy” ads. Didn’t need ’em then, don’t need ’em now.
    And SINCE WHEN is telling Congress to pass a bill prohibiting American selling venues from stripping us of more than 3% Wishful Thinking ? HUH ? ? ?
    So, the idea of robbing us at 12 – 15% is O.K. ? ! ? ! ?
    That’s just SICK ! !
    It’s all a$$ backwards.
    Try siding with Good for a change.

  2. “Wishful Thinking” = Hopping on the lawn mower firmly believing I don’t have to do garbage pick up first :o)

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