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eBay Says It Helped Boost Small Biz during Pandemic

eBay Says It Helped Boost Small Biz during Pandemic

eBay said the number of US small businesses on its marketplace grew 34% from April 1 to September 30, 2020, and 38% in sales, crediting its site with helping small businesses during the pandemic.

“As evidence of the value of this partnership, a recent survey of eBay small businesses revealed that 84 percent said that eBay was essential to keeping their business open and connected to consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic,” the company wrote on the eBay corporate blog.

It said some of the most striking jumps in eBay sellers and their sales came from the most remote and rural states, “pointing to the power of ecommerce to allow small businesses to reach consumers outside their immediate region.”

And eBay’s impact on small sellers has been felt long before the pandemic, it said: the number of small businesses on eBay in rural counties in the US grew 13.7% from 2011 to 2018.

In a post on social media pointing to the announcement, eBay CEO Jamie Iannone wrote in part, “In our 2021 U.S. Small Online Business Report, we found that more than 99% of eBay-enabled small businesses in the U.S. sold to buyers outside their home state in the first six months of the pandemic. We are committed to helping our sellers keep their virtual doors open — whenever and wherever they need us.”

You can find download the full report on the eBay Main Street website.

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Ina Steiner
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3 thoughts on “eBay Says It Helped Boost Small Biz during Pandemic”

  1. no ebay did not help any sellers….the pandemic helped in spite of ebays mafia

  2. Ha ha ha – good one
    So THATS why I lost TRS globally , because they helped me
    They helped me refund 7 buyers who opened cases , 4 didnt need refunding but AS USUAL , EBAY throw my money round like rain ……
    It’s so easy to be generous when its not YOUR money

  3. What an outrageous statement.
    ebay did nothing as usual in this pandemic.

    Everything was done by assistance from the government, buyers, and sellers. PERIOD.
    Retail competition got sidelined and left the ecommerce sector wide open.
    When a state of emergency is enacted, it is illegal to throttle your site. IT’S THE LAW!!
    Sellers see an increase for a short time frame exposing just how bad ebay inhibits business growth.
    My sales quadrupled in April of 2020.

    ebay shut down its support system, withheld money from seller accounts, stole tax money, abused everyone they could to maximize ‘gains’ their struggling company.
    This is how they “Helped Boost Small Biz during Pandemic”??

    But this shows how detached and absent minded the executives really are. These are the scum who run a major corporate entity, and further discredits any claim they have in trying to ‘suggest’ making decisions for your business.

    This recent stream of false claims of progress, new ideas to abuse the seller, and overall the release of information on the CEO salaries is just more pulp to rub it in our faces.
    They know what they’re doing, and they are becoming more arrogant about it.

    More evidence of how bad the BOD and investors ruin the economy and your personal business.
    I hope it keeps up, they just keep on growing their rap sheet.
    The higher they climb on their own lies, the harder they will fall.

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