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eBay Promoted Listings Ads: Set and Forget

eBay Introduces Rules-Based Automation for Promoted Listings Ads

eBay introduced new features sellers can use to manage their Promoted Listing Ads, though the company may be exaggerating about how innovative the features are, given the prevalence of automated rules for ad campaigns on other platforms.

What’s new with eBay Promoted Listings? The ability for sellers to set rules in order to automate which listings are promoted and what ad rates they’re willing to pay.

Sellers determine ad rates as a percentage of the sale price, and eBay charges the seller when a buyer clicks on the Promoted Listing and purchases the promoted item within 30 days of that click; the fee is based on the ad rate that was in effect when the promoted listing was first clicked.

With the new feature, sellers can select the “automate suggested ad rate” option; if they do, eBay automatically adjusts daily to eBay’s suggested ad rates.

In addition, eBay explained, “Sellers looking for more control can simply set an ad rate cap, or even use the suggested ad rate as a benchmark and adjust their rate above or below to protect profit margins.”

eBay said the automated ad-rate feature can help reduce overspending and make it easy for sellers to “set and forget” their campaigns.

Readers should keep in mind that eBay recently retired the quarterly ad credits it had offered to sellers based on their Store subscription level and whether they were top rated.

You can read eBay’s announcement on the eBay corporate blog.

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  1. Interestingly, eBay is giving itself 30 Days on their own links to make a sale to charge for Adverts, but their Affiliates are stuck with only 24 hours to make a sale.

    Seems wrong to me…

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