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eBay Hires New VP to Help Win the Sneaker Wars

eBay Hires New VP to Help Win the Sneaker Wars

eBay hired a new Vice President of Fashion, Charis Máquez, who will oversee eBay’s fashion initiatives, according to the company’s announcement to sellers on Friday. And believe it or not, sneakers are one of the most strategically important for eBay.

Máquez will help eBay as it prioritizes certain luxury categories by offering special selling rates to attract inventory, offering authentication services to allay buyers’ concerns, and marketing aggressively to consumers.

Two of those categories: sneakers and watches.

So important are those categories to eBay that Máquez is looking for a Senior Director/General Manager of Sneakers. The job posting calls sneakers “one of the most strategically important for eBay and comprises a key role of the Verticals organization.”

That may be because sneaker marketplace StockX came out of nowhere and poached a key eBay executive a few years ago.

According to eBay’s post announcing Máquez’s appointment (she joined the company in January), “Sales continue to rise across categories like sneakers and watches – we’ve reached double-digit growth in luxury watch sales, and authenticated more than 150,000 pairs of sneakers – boosting our position as a fashion player and making significant inroads to attract more consumers, including both luxury and younger shoppers.”

Máquez comes to eBay from Levi Strauss & Co. where she focused on enhancing the organization’s digital selling process, in-store consumer experiences, and site merchandising. Prior to Levi’s, Charis held leadership roles at Sears, Kmart and Sam’s Club.

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Ina Steiner
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5 thoughts on “eBay Hires New VP to Help Win the Sneaker Wars”

  1. Leadership roles at Sears, K-mart, and Sam’s Club?

    How are some of those stores doing right now?

    Just because ‘someone’ has been a ‘leader’ in previous organizations, does not at all mean that they were any good at it.
    Levi’s has also been very sluggish for many years.

    So ebay is yet again hiring ineffective staff to ruin more business strategy, all while issues from previous hiring’s, and poor planning still plague the site. To be more accurate, the economy.

    I am finding it hilarious that investors and executives are struggling to find ways to make their bottom line, and with more and more arrogant and aggressive methods to wrongfully acquire funds, they are heading faster to bottoming out.

  2. this should be good for Harry and his sons sneaker business.

    another waste of salary on someone has a track record of being a failure.

  3. Why is Ebay wasting more money on an Executive specifically for Sneakers when they do not even charge a FVF when the item is sold if its over $100, which most are? So now they are going to pay another executive some huge inflated salary to try and boost sales in a category where they do not even collect fees for the sale of the items and I am sure this executive is now included in the ever growing Executive Bonus Pool. It appears Ebay is depending on all of these sellers to use their overpriced and based on past history less than reputable companies to authenticate a sellers items. Then the seller has to depend that the item they sent in for authentication is not swapped out for a pair of fake sneakers by one of the employees or just suddenly disappear as happened with previous companies Ebay employed for this type of service. I am sure the price for this service is priced well over what a Seller would pay normally since Ebay has to get their cut out of the fees, which I am sure is much higher than normal since they have to make up for no FVF on the sale, plus the authenticator has to get their cut for performing the service.

    Again, based on their prior history with authenticators and other similar types of services there is no way in heck I would ever purchase any item that was sent to one of these outside companies as i would never trust that it was what it was purported to be and if I ever did I would wind up spending even more money to have my own trusted authenticator check it out and verify that it was indeed real. Ebay always starts these partnerships to supposedly help save their Sellers money and to make their buyers feel safer but then a short time later stop paying attention to what is happening with that outside company and the entire process becomes a nightmare for both buyers and sellers.

    As a current reminder of an Ebay partnership where it was supposed to help Sellers lower their costs and make it easier to ship internationally while protecting the Seller as long as the item arrived at the Kentucky location safely, has anybody dealt with or read how things work with all of those Ebay protections for using GPS services now? Those protections are long gone and yet Ebay has yet to announce that things have changed, at least that i have seen or heard. Just one of the more recent Ebay problematic partnerships that the push on their Sellers to pull extra monies into their coffers. Also don’t forget that partnership they formed with another company to translate your items into other languages and list them on other Ebay sites. That fiasco took forever for Sellers to get straightened out as just clicking on the advertisement immediately signed the Seller up for the subscription and caused many Sellers who were selling one of a kind items to suddenly oversell since the site would allow the sale on every site even when they only had 1 item. This naturally caused sellers to have to cancel sales and start getting defects which would cause the sellers to wind up below standard when in fact all they had done was click on an ad that was on the Ebay site. Even after being informed of all of the problems and issues Ebay continued to place that ad on their site causing more and more sellers to get caught in the trap. These are the types of situations that wind up happening every time Ebay offers Sellers an outside service that is supposed to help them.

  4. Fashion Career = Nordstrom, Saks, House of Bijan, NOT NOT NOT KMART

    eBay dopes doing it again

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