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Amazon Tells Stranger to Keep 20 Found Packages

Amazon Tells Stranger to Keep 20 Found Packages

A New York man found about 20 Amazon packages on the side of the road, and the Internet was abuzz about how Amazon handled it when he notified them.

The man initially took the packages to the police who told him to contact Amazon, he wrote on social media. But, he told a CBS reporter, he was shocked when Amazon told him to just keep the packages.

One of recipients told CBS that Amazon replaced her order, but upon learning Amazon had told a stranger to keep the package addressed to her, she grew concerned about her privacy.

What’s also interesting from a seller’s point of view: her package had been marked as delivered.

Sellers weighed in on Amazon seller boards. Some believed an Amazon delivery driver dumped the packages on purpose. And some said Amazon wasn’t overly concerned about the packages because, they believed, third-party sellers would ultimately bear the cost.

“What is not being addressed is how many of those were sent by third party sellers who will then have to eat the cost of the product and the shipping once the customer says they didn’t receive their item,” a seller wrote.

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2 thoughts on “Amazon Tells Stranger to Keep 20 Found Packages”

  1. Another problem with retail theft being encouraged by big commerce.
    This is encouraged mail fraud being used at the expense of the seller.

    I was tempted to post a video link of a buyer who encouraged their dog to “get” their delivered
    package from Amazon.
    It was on Americas Funniest Home Videos, my whole outlook was different since I began selling online.

    When customers believe that it’s okay to just let commodities get destroyed because Amazon, and ebay will somehow cover the expense out of the sellers wallet, (or unauthorized access to sellers bank accounts). It is encouraged theft, and corporate is now an accomplice.

    What would fast food, and pizza shops tell the customer when their dog gets the customers food or it drops on the floor?
    If they pay for a replacement, or refund, that comes from the house/owner. Not the supplier, or delivery guy, or any other unrelated party who isn’t responsible for the customers, or couriers mistake.

  2. I don’t think the sellers should bear the cost of an Amazon delivery service error – ever! But keeping the packages is less of a hassle than the safety of redelivering possibly Covid contaminated or even tampered packages. Amazon should have some sort of insurance to bear the brunt.

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