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Bonanza Advises Sellers on How to Handle Holiday Returns

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Bonanza Advises Sellers on How to Handle Holiday Returns

As the Christmas holiday season turned to the New Year “season of returns” for the retail industry, online marketplace Bonanza provided sellers with information about how to handles returns.

It first advised sellers of a change in the way it applies credits to sellers billing statements:

Credits automatically applied: “When you request a fee refund for a return on an item, and the final value fee to Bonanza has already been processed, we may issue a credit to your account. In the past, credits had to be manually applied to your bill. Now we will subtract your credit amount from your billing statement automatically when fees are paid. This prevents overpayment and saves a step, as well. If your bill is paid automatically with your credit card on file, we will deduct your credit at that time, lowering your bill. If your credit is more than your bill, we will use what’s needed to cover that month’s payment and save the rest as a credit for your next monthly bill.”

Bonanza doesn’t dictate what returns policy its 40,000 sellers should offer, but it advised sellers who don’t accept returns to communicate this “quickly and politely” to customers. Though as one seller commented below the post, customers can always file for a refund by filing an “item not as described” claim through their payment processor – “I’ve yet to have a payment processor honor my stated return policy,” the seller said.

Sellers who do accept returns should work with the buyer so they can send the item back. “We don’t currently have the capability to sell return shipping labels through Bonanza, but you can purchase a return shipping label through your preferred provider (Stamps.com, UPS, etc.) and send the label to the buyer directly,” the marketplace advised. “Simply contact the buyer via Bmail and request they provide their email address so you can email the shipping label to them. Paying for a return label upfront is a gesture of goodwill to your customer, and lets you control the shipping service your item will receive.”

Bonanza explained the process of issuing refunds through PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Stripe, and said once the buyer was refunded, sellers could submit a fee refund request.

Finally, being an online marketplace, Bonanza suggested sellers relist their returned items. You can find the full post on the Bonanza blog.

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