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New eBay Product Attributes to Become Mandatory Next Month

New eBay Product Attributes to Become Mandatory Next Month

eBay introduced new product attributes that sellers will be required to use in all new and revised listings effective February 22, 2021. A UK-based vendor that helps merchants comply with eBay Item Specific requirements reminded sellers in an announcement on Thursday.

Optiseller announced that “a whole raft of new item specifics in the home and garden, fashion, lifestyle and business and industrial categories are being rolled out.” It offers a tool called Optiseller Aspect Finder+ to help sellers comply with eBay policies, including helping them identify listings that are missing required attributes.

Optiseller executive Richard Falconer said eBay Item Specifics help both buyers – by helping them search in a more structured and specific way – and sellers, whose listings become easier to find.

eBay explains the boost in exposure applies to Google as well. On the landing help page for Item Specifics, eBay states: “Complete and accurate item specifics can increase the visibility of your listing in eBay search results, Google search, and Google Shopping, and help your buyers find exactly what they are looking for.”

The page features a video showing a UK seller describing the benefits of Item Specifics. The page also describes how sellers can find and bulk-edit listings for compliance using eBay’s own tools.

Optiseller said its tool is available free of charge to eBay sellers until June 30th, pointing to this page on the Optiseller website for more information.

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4 thoughts on “New eBay Product Attributes to Become Mandatory Next Month”

  1. Once again Ebay creates more work for the Sellers while dong nothing to improve their site, reporting or Mangled Payments. Just another way to try and distract Sellers attention away from their pathetic site and all of its inadequacies. The do not care in the least about the product they continue to throw out there for Sellers under the guise of helping them, while all they are really doing is trying to move our sites off of all their deficiencies that they refuse or are unable to fix.

  2. Attempts to use the Optiseller software while it was free revealed that It did not work. Issues reported to Optiseller received no response.

    In the Stamps category, eBay defined Item Specifics are mostly useless. Filters are clogged with built-in values at odds with descriptions used by most stamp dealers. How could anyone expect anyone with an existing database to somehow adapt their data to ever-changing eBay requirements. Except for a few poorly defined mandatory Item Specifics, most stamp dealers appear to be ignoring eBay Item Specifics.

  3. they cannot serve up a fully functional non glitch filled site.

    now with this nonsense, more glitches

    and I’m sure after a short time ebay will do another money grab and charge for this nonsense.

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