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Adding Videos to Etsy Listings May Attract Eyeballs

Adding Videos to Etsy Listings May Attract Eyeballs

Etsy is encouraging sellers to add videos to their listings and said it improves exposure. In a recent update, Etsy said listing videos are now visible to almost all shoppers after taking them out of beta testing.

“We’ll continue to promote videos to shoppers in 2021, so adding them to your listings is a great way to increase your chances of being featured in our marketing channels,” it wrote.

In an article over the summer, Etsy provided tips and listed three recommended types of listing videos:

  • Videos that address common questions. Etsy recommended addressing common buyer questions and “showcasing your product from a variety of angles, conveying scale, and highlighting unique details of the materials and design.” And, it noted, “For vintage items, a listing video can help communicate any signs of wear or flaws that a shopper might overlook in a written description, preventing customer service challenges down the line.”
  • Videos that show your products in use. Etsy said, “If you sell wearable items like jewelry, accessories, clothing, or shoes, filming your items on a model helps clearly convey scale and movement.”
  • Videos that highlight the creative details. Etsy suggested trying to capture “the hands-on components of your work at different stages, such as a timelapse video of the process for making your item, or the careful addition of a customization option.”

The article went on to describe additional ways of using videos to showcase products, available on Etsy Seller Handbook.

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Ina Steiner
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2 thoughts on “Adding Videos to Etsy Listings May Attract Eyeballs”

  1. Wrong eyeballs, Wrong exposure.
    Nobody needs to know anything about your “process”.
    This only leads to your getting ripped off by China, Etsy’s bed partner.
    Get serious about YOUR business.
    It’s YOUR business that YOU started and built from the ground, up.
    You have absolutely NO OBLIGATION to show anybody anything.
    DON’T DO IT.
    AND REMEMBER : You are NOT an Etsy employee (don’t take the 1099 bait)…

  2. Here’s a thought… it may seem a little controversial.

    NOT suppressing listings may attract ‘eyeballs’ aka buyers.
    Big Tech censorship has run as rampant as COVID-19 (the virus) : )

    While I’m sure many posters are aware of this by now, here are some links I found:





    What say you (paid) cheerleaders?
    I just hope that it will cast a very WIDE net for the venues abusing sellers for THEIR hard work.

    Maybe the execs. and investors should have taken their ‘work’ SERIOUSLY for a change.

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