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Volume Shippers Can Expect Higher International Rates

Volume Shippers Can Expect Higher International Rates

Stamps.com warned that large international shippers who get discounted USPS shipping through a consolidator may see a significant rate increase starting July 1, 2020.

Customers who use Stamps.com for single package international shipping labels will not see a rate increase on July 1, and the company said most Stamps.com customers fall into this category.

However, it said the US is negotiating new agreements with many countries, “so other country shipping rates may change soon after July 1, 2020.”

Stamps.com provided some context, explaining the US had pressured the Universal Postal Union (UPU) over terminal dues – the fees that a national postal service is charged to have packages delivered in another country.

“Under the new UPU agreement, the USPS has increased its terminal dues to about 70% of the U.S. domestic rate, which experts believe will result in significantly increased postage rates from other countries, especially China where manufacturers were able to deliver a package from China to the U.S. cheaper than a domestic U.S. delivery.”

Since the USPS increased its terminal dues, other countries are reciprocating, thus the reason for changing rates.

The full announcement is on the Stamps.com blog.

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2 thoughts on “Volume Shippers Can Expect Higher International Rates”

  1. Does it really matter? Seems like we here in the US got the short end of the stick for a while, in all areas. For the last 2 + years I have seen UK sellers with shipping costs at 1/2 of what it would cost for me to ship there. Same in much of Europe. On top of it the items purchased in the USA shipped to Europe are taxed heavily. Not so much the other way around. Why are intl single buyer items not charged any duties coming into the USA? Sure as a seller if we purchase bulk items from outside the country….we pay customs fees!

    And we all know how sellers here in the USA have gotten beaten up by china based sellers with cheap shipping rates. 70% is not enough, it should have been 100%. Why must we always capitulate?

    I stopped selling INTL from the usa a long time ago. Not worth it, and there is no demand any more.

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