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USPS Tells Employees to Carry Papers amid Civil Unrest, Pandemic

USPS Tells Employees to Carry Papers amid Civil Unrest, Pandemic

The US Postal Service took the unprecedented step of advising employees and contractors to carry an “essential service provider letter” as they perform their duties and travel to and from work.

The letter explains that postal employees are providing an essential service for the federal government.

“The Postal Service is reminding employees and contractors that they are exempt from curfew orders and other travel restrictions issued by state and local governments due to recent civil unrest and the coronavirus pandemic,” the organization said.

The Postal Service is advising employees and contractors to:

  • Carry a Postal Service-issued identification badge and the essential service provider letter whenever they travel
  • Show the postal ID and letter if stopped by law enforcement officers enforcing travel restrictions
  • Explain the nature of their work for the Postal Service and the reason they’re traveling, including whether they’re commuting to or from work or traveling during their workday

Employees and contractors should also carry their supervisor’s name, number and email address in case authorities need additional information, according to the advisory posted on the USPS website.

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3 thoughts on “USPS Tells Employees to Carry Papers amid Civil Unrest, Pandemic”

  1. If they have ID on them, does it have their picture? These are scary times. I sometimes think I’m living in a surreal nightmare.

  2. Right on, Chicago48. What frightens me even more is how the socialism supporters are encouraging ordinary people/private citizens to tattle on each other… “See something/say something” is a good idea for spotting terrorist things, but they are pushing the idea to get people spying on their next door neighbors.

    Snopes may have proven the “background” of the Communist Rules for taking over a country is not truthful https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/communist-rules-for-revolution/ but surely those rules, and how they seem to be happening, are frightening.

  3. Somehow I read the headline as “USPS tells employees to carry pepper sprays amid civil unrest”. Don’t know why. Speed Reading don’t work for me!

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