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eBay CEO Visits White House and Capitol Hill to Talk Trade

eBay CEO Visits White House and Capitol Hill to Talk Trade

eBay CEO Scott Schenkel visited the White House and Capitol Hill “to explain the unique role eBay’s platform plays in connecting US small businesses with global buyers.”

eBay issued the following announcement on its eBay Main Street government relations website:

eBay CEO visits White House, Capitol Hill to discuss policies impacting customers
Every day, policy makers around the world are making important decisions that impact eBay and our customers. The eBay Government Relations team focuses on ensuring that eBay, and the millions of entrepreneurs and small businesses that utilize our platform, have a voice in the policymaking process and advocate for important issues such as fair trade, taxation and postal reform.

This week eBay CEO Scott Schenkel was in Washington DC to meet with US government leaders to explain the unique role eBay’s platform plays in connecting US small businesses with global buyers. He had the opportunity to attend the US-China “Phase One” trade agreement signing ceremony at the White House, as well as meet US Cabinet Secretaries and key Members of Congress who play an important role on the policy issues that matter to eBay’s business and our small business customers. With 96% of eBay-enabled small businesses in the US exporting and reaching an average of 17 foreign countries, trade is hugely important to our global platform. Ensuring that large trading partners – like China – have fair and seamless customs and duties provisions is important to our sellers.

eBay’s platform connects buyers and sellers around the world and enables economic opportunity for millions – communicating this to government officials is a critical part of the work we do every day. eBay Government Relations and eBay executive leadership will continue to advocate for our customers.

SOURCE: eBay Announcement

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Ina Steiner
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4 thoughts on “eBay CEO Visits White House and Capitol Hill to Talk Trade”

  1. Its sounding more and more like Ebay has decided to stick with the loser Schenkel as their permanent CEO as there is never any news about any actions being taken to hire a new one and they no longer refer to him as the interim CEO. They also promoted another individual to his CFO position and gave both of them contracts for those positions. They have probably found out that nobody with any brains or integrity wants to get involved with Ebay even as the CEO.

    This also winds up saving them a lot of money as they still wind up losing another body in the Upper Management ranks by just moving bodies around, regardless as to whether they are qualified or not. Schenkel was useless as the CFO and now is being useless as the CEO as nothing seems to be changing other than more and more lip service, just a different set of lips moving. They are not going to change any program where they can steal more and more of each Sellers smaller and smaller sales amounts (Mangled Payments and Promoted Listings or GTC) but once again give sellers more lip service about how they will protect them against unscrupulous buyers but of course no buyer is really ever considered a bad buyer. Ebay can’t seem to increase their active buyers anywhere near what their competitors do so they sure are not going to eliminate one that actually spends money on their site, even if it spent in anticipation of stealing the money, item or both from the Seller because its not costing Ebay a penny. If the Sellers leave they just brag about how Sellers are nothing but noise and are a dime a dozen.

    But it seems Ebay UK is starting to recognize the loss in sellers is also costing them larger dollars in GMV so now are hiring managers to bring in more product for sale. Once again the right hand has no clue what the left hand is doing or what the right eye sees vs the left eye. Until they clean house in Upper Management and get rid of all the long time BOD members who do not have a clue how to run an Ecommerce site this site will continue to flounder further and further down the drain until they can no longer make any changes that might salvage their platform.

  2. How is ebay helping small sellers in the global market??? Shipping rates have increase over 300% since 2015 which is when I ended international shipping. I sell fishing items, I’ve sold all over the world, Japan and Australia my biggest customers, rates went from $3, then $6, 2015 it double to $12 and that’s when sales dropped 99%. Now its running around $14 for 8 oz and then jumps to $25 after that.
    I just couldn’t sell anymore international, not to mention the chance of package getting lost or broken, I’d be out all that money just for shipping plus the items. Of course the CEO of ebay is gonna be there for the China trade deal, that’s all that gonna be left on ebay.

    1. Ebay has been stating for years that China is Ebays future and they have proven it over and over again. Ebay rolls out all of these changes to their US customers but their Chinese Sellers are still working with the old Ebay software, not the POS Seller Hub where Ebay has so many issues due to the controls they built into the software so they have additional controls over Sellers and how they operate.

  3. I agree @Silver Ice King. The responses Jordan Sweetnam were a sign of things to come. No changes that are decimating small sellers again and again. Pretty much everything small sellers are asking for is being told no.

    I am fascinated with these “so called” activists. I’ve encountered a few in my past employment. Generally, what I knew was to get out and get out fast. It’s about their investments, not about the people in the business. Even eBay’s exec team should be bailing if they had any clue at all, but unfortunately we know they don’t have a clue.

    The eBay everyone remember is gone and has been gone for a very long time. China and India have a big footprint, Unfortunately, many small sellers do not have the mind of big business. They will make no difference to the future of the marketplace.

    eBay was a good training ground for my change in the business world, because the platform did show me that I could accomplish things I never thought I could. To go from zero dollars to a six figure business in three years is not a bad accomplishment. All by my little own self. (feel like I should be doing a Shirley Temple sticking my finger into my sweet little dimple). Awwwwww

    I’ll bide out my time until Managed Payments come in. By then I will have my own website up and running and ready to close up shop. Thanks eBay! Couldn’t have done it without you.

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