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Etsy Delays Ad Filter Feature, Adds More Stats for Analysis

Etsy Delays Ad Filter Feature, Adds More Stats for Analysis

Etsy informed sellers it has delayed the introduction of a new feature for its seller-ad program that would give them the ability to filter their Etsy Ads advertised listings. “We are still working to make this feature as helpful as possible for you but unfortunately, we weren’t able to launch it when originally planned. We’ll update you when it’s ready!”

Etsy recently integrated Etsy Promoted Listings with Google Shopping in the revamped “Etsy Ads” offering, which is optional.

In announcing the new ad program in August, Etsy explained, “Instead of managing two separate campaigns through Promoted Listings and Google Shopping, you can set a single daily budget and see your advertising performance in one place.”

Etsy also announced it added functionality to the program to help sellers analyze the performance of the ads:

“We do have a new update that’s already available in your Etsy Ads dashboard: Now you can see helpful data and stats about all the listings you’ve advertised, including listings you’re not currently promoting. These more in-depth stats can help you make smarter decisions about which listings to advertise.”

See the full announcement on this Etsy Announcement board post which the company continues to update.

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Ina Steiner
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2 thoughts on “Etsy Delays Ad Filter Feature, Adds More Stats for Analysis”

  1. Etsy spends way too much time and money tinkering with things to get sellers to part with more money. What if they used those magic powers for good, to make fees cheaper for sellers who would then sell more things that would get earnings back up where they want them? The way to get more money out of sellers isn’t to waste seller fees on stupid coding changes and marketing gimmicks like changing the ads dashboard or holding sellers hostage to free shipping. So much frustration! I think it’s because e-commerce bytes declared them the best venue last year, so they think sellers won’t abandon Etsy no matter what they do wrong.

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