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Etsy Adds Custom-Date Feature to Help Sellers Analyze Ad Performance

Etsy Adds Custom-Date Feature to Help Sellers Analyze Ad Performance

Etsy updated its newly launched advertising program to better help sellers analyze the performance of their ad campaigns. The new custom-date feature helps sellers isolate ad statistics beyond the “last 30 days” and “last 12 months” options. Etsy also provided tips on how sellers could use the new feature.

In addition, Etsy Ads now offers the ability for sellers to sort their individual advertised listings stats across all key metrics.

Announcement update follows:

We’re continuing to make Etsy Ads a more useful tool to help you grow your business. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be updating this thread when we release new updates and features to enhance your Etsy Ads experience. Stay tuned!

For our first update:

To help you better understand how your ads are performing, we’ve added an option for a “Custom” date picker. Now you can see your overall and individual advertised listings stats at any date range in addition to the preset “Last 30 Days” and “Last 12 Months” options on your Etsy Ads dashboard.

Here are some ideas around how you can utilize the “Custom” date picker:

  • You can now select individual dates to see your Advertising stats for.
  • If you made a change to your budget on a specific date, you can select the custom time range before and after that date to see how that change has impacted your ads.
  • If you want to see how your seasonal items were performing during a specific holiday period, you can select the custom time range.

Additionally, we’ve also added the ability to sort your individual advertised listings stats across each of the key metrics. For example, see which of your advertised listings have the most clicks and are driving visitors to your shop!

Check out etsy.com/advertising to see the new features.

SOURCE: Etsy Announcement

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One thought on “Etsy Adds Custom-Date Feature to Help Sellers Analyze Ad Performance”

  1. I’m not interested in advertising or any type of promotion on Etsy.


    Because I won’t offer free shipping, so I have no confidence that my paid promotions will garner any traffic to my listings, as Etsy is now NOT showing my listings, or most of the, when key search words are entered.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who is tired of wondering how much support financially to give to Etsy in light of their current practices.

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