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Etsy Helps Sellers Pay for Google Ads to Draw Traffic to Its Marketplace

Etsy Helps Sellers Pay for Google Ads to Draw Traffic to Its Marketplace

Etsy launched a new platform to help sellers buy ads on Google to draw traffic to their listings on the Etsy marketplace.

A spokesperson for the company told us, “Etsy Ads unifies the company’s existing tools (Promoted Listings and Google Ads) into one simple, turnkey solution.”

“Sellers can now set one budget, and Etsy will leverage its data insights and marketing expertise to optimize how their dollars are spent across channels,” she said.

Etsy Chief Marketing Officer Ryan Scott blogged about the new program here, and you can find more information on the Etsy help pages.

Etsy announcement follows:

Introducing the new way to maximize your advertising: Etsy Ads
We’re super excited to introduce our powerful new advertising platform: Etsy Ads. With Etsy Ads, one campaign makes it easy for shoppers to discover your products on both Etsy and Google and make a purchase from your shop. Instead of managing two separate campaigns through Promoted Listings and Google Shopping, you can set a single daily budget and see your advertising performance in one place.

Why’d we make this change? You’ve told us that you want simpler advertising tools. Etsy Ads helps you grow without all the guesswork. We’ll optimize your campaign by using our data insights and expertise, so you get the most visits for your budget.

You’ll be seeing Etsy Ads in your Shop Manager over the next few days. If you’re currently using Promoted Listings or Google Shopping, you’ll get an email from us with more details. Those campaigns will be automatically moved over to Etsy Ads in the next few weeks.

Want to learn more? Check out etsy.com/advertising.

And if you have feedback to share, we encourage you to fill out our seller survey form. We are collecting feedback and suggestions from the community here, and the team is actively reviewing it over the next couple of weeks.

SOURCE: Etsy Announcement

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3 thoughts on “Etsy Helps Sellers Pay for Google Ads to Draw Traffic to Its Marketplace”

  1. Lately it’s ALL acting like an extortion scheme.
    Throttling, hiding, and other unnatural acts…..
    Need NEW Venue please…..organic and clean…..

  2. Your headline is inaccurate … “Etsy Helps Sellers Pay for Google Ads to Draw Traffic to Its Marketplace”.

    In actuality Etsy is pirating sellers advertising dollars to help Etsy pay for google ads.

    Think about that ….. and this …..

    Seller does not know what keywords are being advertised, has no control over the cost of individual clicks, and is supposed to smile and say cheese when their advertising money is used to place competing ads on pages they have rented from Etsy.

  3. Yeah, of course they’re “super excited”. You bet your a$$ they are. Now it’s even more unclear knowing where our ad money goes.

    What kind of transparency is Etsy giving sellers in regards to Ad Views and Clicks? How do we truly know these numbers are valid and correct?

    You can try using Google Analytics to match up some numbers but Etsy prevents certain stats such as sales to reach Google. Deliberate? Of course.

    If our shop only sells domestically in the US, are our products Google searchable world wide? If so, are we charged the click-through rate if someone in, say, China clicks on the item? If so, this would piss me off.

    And finally, when looking at the stats they do offer, why is Item #1 with 15-Clicks; $3.95 while item #2 with 14-Clicks; $6.71?

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