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Etsy Adds Features and Promises More International Marketing


Etsy recently added some new capabilities for sellers – one is for sellers who list variations of their products, the other for sellers who list internationally.

The online marketplace also noted that it would be increasing its marketing activity internationally. “We’ll also continue to invest in the success of our international markets. In the coming months, you’ll see increased marketing efforts across many channels, all aimed at bringing more buyers from your country to Etsy,” it promised.

Country-Specific Sales for International Sellers
On June 26, Etsy announced it was readying new tools to allow sellers to run country-specific sales. “In August, we’ll be expanding the sales and coupons tool with new functionality that’ll allow you to set a country-specific sale, making it easy for you to offer sales for different buyers in different countries,” the company announced.

“We’re creating tools to help you grow your local business,” it noted. See the full announcement on this Etsy Seller Handbook article.

Photos in Listing Variations
On June 18, Etsy announced sellers could link photos to listing variations so shoppers can see what each option looks like before they make a purchase.

“When a shopper makes a selection from the variations drop-down and chooses an option that has a linked photo, they’ll see the photo for their choice on the listing page and all the way through checkout,” Etsy explained. The benefit to sellers: “Giving shoppers more details, in the form of great photos, means fewer questions about your different variations and less time spent trying to explain each option in your listing description.”

Many sellers reacting to the news said it was a good move: “This is so needed,” wrote one seller. “No more messages from buyers: “I bought blue wine charms, but it shows pink wine charms.””

See the full announcement on this Etsy Seller Handbook article, and you can find sellers discussing the new feature and how they will use it (or not) on this thread of the discussion boards.

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4 thoughts on “Etsy Adds Features and Promises More International Marketing”

  1. The variations change is a really good one! And far too long in coming – it’s one of the few copycat things Silverman has brought over from eBay that makes a lot of sense.

  2. I’m not that keen on shipping overseas–it’s extremely expensive. I waste a lot of time answering questions (just did that last week for a potential customer in Germany,) and when they finally settle on what they want–and see how much shipping is going to run, they cancel out.

    What I find interesting lately, is that Canada has reduced shipping costs to the U.S. Do you think we have any hope of the US Postal Service doing the same? I doubt it.

  3. BY the way :
    I notice Etsy is full of redundant links and pointless links.
    Top of the page : “Discover” and “Notifications” are useless, time wasting links.
    I’m just there to sell my invention.
    I don’t have a second to waste on that junk……
    Depopulate the page. It will look nicer and function faster.

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