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eBay Struggles to Fix Chronic Problem with Promoted Listings


eBay logoeBay Promoted Listings have been experiencing technical issues for the past 7 weeks, and the company said it will take another 4 weeks to fix. A seller who brought the problem to the company’s attention on Tuesday was skeptical over eBay’s claims that the problem reporting ad impressions hadn’t also had an impact on the visibility of his ads.

The seller pointed to other problems sellers were struggling with, writing: “eBay needs to get a handle on their software release process, we are seeing a constant stream of broken and non-working code being released as production. I work in a large company with major web and internal software, we would lose our jobs if we were producing this much broken code and pushing for it to be released as production.”

In response to the seller’s post, eBay Seller Evangelist Brian Burke apologized and said eBay was aware of the problem: “Sorry for any inconvenience this caused you. This was not a issue with software, I will spare you the details, we are aware and are working on resolving the issue. We set the impression counts to zero rather than provide inaccurate counts. This issue has been raised to our CTO and the appropriate people are working this issue – we take this seriously, we are not perfect, but will continue to strive for it.”

Promoted Listings are a small but important source of revenue for eBay – it eliminated much of its third-party product ads that drove traffic off the eBay site and replaced them with the seller ads. eBay CEO Devin Wenig told analysts on Wednesday that over 100,000 sellers are using Promoted Listings and indicated its potential when he pointed out “and we have 20 million-plus sellers.”

Announcement follows:

The Promoted Listings Service Is Currently Unable to Display Impression Data
Since September 1, 2017, the promoted listings service has been experiencing issues with reporting impressions within the campaign management tool. As a result, it was displaying incorrect impressions data. While we work to correct this issue, impressions will not be displayed in the dashboard, downloadable reports, or campaign flow.

We apologize to our sellers for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

This issue affects only reporting and does not affect the visibility, clicks, or sales of promoted listings. Sponsored ads continue to be presented to buyers as normal, and sellers can still view other promoted listings data, including clicks and sales. To do so, follow the steps outlined here. Because sellers’ ads continue to be shown across eBay, we encourage sellers to continue creating new promoted listings campaigns.

eBay is actively working to correct this impressions-reporting issue, and we expect it to be resolved by mid-November. At that point, impressions data will be available, and data from the affected time period will again be viewable as normal.

Again, we apologize for this inconvenience, and we thank you for selling on eBay.

SOURCE: eBay Announcement

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Ina Steiner
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4 thoughts on “eBay Struggles to Fix Chronic Problem with Promoted Listings”

  1. eBay Seller Evangelist Brian Burke said, :”This was not a issue with software, I will spare you the details…”

    LOL really? What was it then if not a software issue?? Delayed onset Y2K CPU glitch finally rear its head?

  2. Rev. Brian said: “This was not a issue with software, I will spare you the details, we are aware and are working on resolving the issue……………………. This issue has been raised to our CTO

    Technology Issue: (Not Software) = Hardware (Servers?)

    Don’t spare me, I’d like to know what kind of @#@#UP this was. Seems like if you actually suckered some sellers into pay-to-play, they should get what they paid for. OOPS! I suppose then everyone else would expect to be exposed also………

  3. Guy Kawasaki is probably the first person who was anointed as an “Evangelist” by Apple. And he has done well for this company.

    Who in the heck ordained Brian Burke, of all people, as a Seller Evangelist? Cannot believe someone who is responsible for more anti-seller actions than anyone in the history of eBay could hold this title.

    Seller Satan would be more accurate.

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