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Monday Updates on eBay Seller Hub

eBay Seller Hub

eBay Seller HubSellers in the US were taken by surprise when eBay rolled out Seller Hub to their accounts last week. There has yet to be a response from eBay to the outcry, but on Monday, eBay Australia gave their sellers a warning that the changes would be coming to that marketplace in September, with no way to opt out.

An eBay moderator in the US also acknowledged a problem on Monday with Seller Hub displaying incorrect information. In response to a query about data showing zero sales, the moderator wrote: “Hey everyone, I have seen a few other members running into this, but I want to get as much detail to our tech teams as I can. If anyone on this thread has a screenshot of what they are seeing I will be happy to include this in my report!”

eBay Australia announcement follows:

Seller Hub becomes the single go-to destination for professional sellers***
Seller Hub is the place for professional sellers to manage their business on eBay. You’ll find marketing guidance and analytics insights that will help you to make informed decisions and grow your eBay sales. As we continue our efforts to make Seller Hub the one stop shop, from September 2017, professional sellers will no longer have the option to opt out.

Seller Hub has combined all of eBay’s seller tools into one location – from creating your listings to managing the returns process. It shows you valuable analytical information including traffic to your listings, number of views or watchers, and insightful recommendations.

SOURCE: eBay Australia Announcement Board

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2 thoughts on “Monday Updates on eBay Seller Hub”

  1. Like we have told all our friends and family. Set up your bookmarks for every page you need on Fleecepig. Then go to customize and delete everything. What you have left is a pure white page, nada on it, no scrolling ads for the crap fleecepig thinks you want. Now you just have to learn to use your bookmarks. That is a more pleasant experience then the overload on Seller Hell.

  2. I really do not have a big problem with the Seller Hub itself. It has the same information as Selling Manager Pro, just in a different format.

    What is worrisome is the Underperforming Listings section. EBay is stating that one-fourth of my listings fall into this category. And rumor has it that these listings can be deleted without any notice. And there is no way to retrieve them to relist, and the listing must be started over from scratch.

    Looking at my so-called “Underperforming” listings, there are many items that haven’t even been listed for 30 days. And since they, in most cases, are the only examples on eBay, the software determines them to be “100% less likely than competitors”.

    Hope these will not be pulled from the site without even having a real chance to ever be seen. And what does ending listings accomplish for eBay? Their gross available product market value goes down, which cannot look good to shareholders.

    There can perhaps be legal ramifications as well, since sellers are paying for a certain number of listings with their store subscription. It must be assumed that a company could not deny or take away something a customer is paying for.

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