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EcommerceBytes Soundoff: Letters to the Editor – July 16, 2017

Letters to the Editor column

Letters to the Editor columnIn every issue, readers soundoff about issues important to them. From shipping issues to payment processing, from fees to online marketplace policies, EcommerceBytes Soundoff gives you a chance to air your views.


Dear Ina,
I just noticed that eBay is hiding the item descriptions again. You have to click on a box to read the full item description. Which opens a new tab in Firefox with the description in plain text.

They keep trying this, probably to accommodate their mobile phone users, but it really stinks if you are shopping for something where the descriptions matter. I don’t know if this is system wide but only noticed it this evening. Along with their box about turning off active content. Such fools. This is what happens when MBA’s that have never used the system start making changes.

Also, you mentioned the other day that eBay was having problems with their label program. They have had problems with it for as long as I have used it. It has NEVER worked properly. 25-33% of the labels I print can’t be printed on the first attempt. Continually get a message that they were unable to complete the label and try again later. And this is for YEARS. I did notice that it is now printing from a pdf file which is new. Yes, I can use PayPal labels and often do. However the prices are not always the same and PayPal does not have all the options that eBay does, (Priority Regional rate boxes, etc). PayPal does allow you to print labels for non-eBay transactions however. Which is useful. So handy to have the tracking info uploaded automatically.

I emailed the other day about getting an item delivered by AMAZON. I bought something else yesterday and saw an unusual tracking number. The carrier is listed as “Amazon Logistics” on the eBay order details screen.

Another little cutie I have noticed on eBay is seller’s listing their items WITHOUT PRICES DISPLAYED!! You have to click to buy the item to SEE THE PRICE!! Here is an item number if you want to check it: 262972786329

Only an eBay MBA could think that is a good idea. Frankly they are killing any interest in many categories with all the listings of new items from retailers, mostly for about the same prices.

Thank You,

Note from the Editor: Leave a comment on this EcommerceBytes Blog post, “eBay Hides Item Descriptions from Shoppers.”


Dear Ina,
Regret? Sure I’ve regretted some choices over the years, but none more than my decision to sell on eBay.

How was this milestone in regret reached? Was it slow sales, difficult customers, fraudulent buyers? No. It was eBay themselves.

Never have I dealt with a company that treats its customers the way eBay does. Really at this point it would be pretty difficult to find an eBay seller that’s not looking to move off this site just due to dealing with eBay itself. There are so many long term site issues unresolved, poor customer service constant rule changes that require hours of updates to listings.

Many sellers have become fearful of eBay, afraid to complain, and feel they have to remain anonymous for fear of some type of reprisal from eBay. It’s like eBay’s trying to become toxic driving business away on its own.

Today a prospective buyer needed a contact number for technical support to a supplier we distribute for. Which we sent through eBay messages we are not trying to hide anything.

In which eBay promptly suspended our 100% Top Rated account for 7 days. The phone number provided to this customer is service advice only they do not perform work or sell any products.

We called eBay customer support they won’t even look at the message from the customer. At no time did we send our contact information to any customer just a phone number to customer support at a company that is outside our business that does not sell direct to the public.

eBay just does not care. No business can prosper and grow by treating its customer’s this way.

We are putting our new products on Vacation and reevaluating if eBay will be part of our business going forward. We started to migrate products to Amazon sales have not reached the level sold on eBay but we have had near zero issues with Amazon itself.

For people and business that conduct themselves with integrity and honesty dealing with eBay has left me feeling I have a business partner I’m not sure is trust-worthy. Sellers are leaving some of us sell hundreds of dollars a year some of us hundreds of thousands.

Deplorable Seller

Note from the Editor: Leave a comment on this EcommerceBytes Blog post, “eBay Hampers Sales Due to Messaging Crackdown.”


Hi Ina,
I had sent you an email back in May showing how my impressions have been dropping steadily.

Since I read that eBay was going to start deleting older listings, I said, maybe that is the problem, and I started deleting anything that had not had sales in the last year, then in last 9 months.

Today I spoke with a lady at eBay that said:

eBay: You have listings since 2013, those are old.

Me: I know but, I keep selling them. I did not think I need to delete those, I am going to lose my history.

eBay: eBay thinks they are old.

Me: Even if you are selling them?

eBay: Maybe you should consider deleting them. Anything that is older than 6 months, will drop in search.

Me: But I have top selling items that I can make 400-600 profits, if they are showing, the listings are more than a year old.

eBay: Well, something to consider.

Since I am ready to close my store, I said, what the heck, and deleted all the 2013, 2014 and 2015 listing even if they were still selling.

But, I really do not think that is the problem. Something happened in March that brought my sales to a halt. For the past 3 months, eBay only opened my store/show my listings on Sundays from 3:30 to 5:30 pm, this Sunday, not even that.

I just wonder what was your take as far as the old listing announcement. Was it supposed to include listings with sales?

I am disheartened, exhausted and ready to pull the plug. Any input will be appreciated.


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