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Wed July 18 2018 20:57:22

eBay Buyer Says Beware of Overseas Sellers with US Shipping

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
It has come to my attention that a person better think twice before making an international purchase even if they claim to have shipping from the US. 

I spent $2385.00 on a cnc machine that to this day does not work! It arrived with a broken foot which meant at least a month delay on getting it up and running. 

Then the software did not work. I paid an additional $500 to prepare my computer to run their software and still the cnc machine would not run! 

eBay was no help at all because "our time had expired" on an item that supposedly had a lifetime warranty ... Read More

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Mon July 16 2018 22:05:28

eBay Buyer Allegedly Defrauds Seller on $6500 Item

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
There's a disturbing thread on seller discussion board. Seller sold $6500 embroidery machine - buyer filed not as described and sent old broken machine back. 

Lots evidence, including pic of buyer with old machine on his Facebook, wrong shipping weights, etc. 

Seller lost, eBay made him pay seller fees and promotion fees because they had to step in, now invoicing him for refund when he already had money removed from PayPal.  

Please give a look.

Note from the Editor: Message 246 of 247 on the thread is from an eBay moderator telling the seller, "I'm going to have your case reviewed today by a specialist. We'll update you ... Read More

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Sat July 14 2018 23:41:12

Wisconsin Sends Sales Tax Notice to Sellers

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Here is some more info on the new sales tax rulings. We received an email from our state (Wisconsin) sales tax entity today. They will be starting the new tax regulations on Oct. 1 following the South Dakota v. Wayfair recent ruling. 

They are one of 24 states that are working with the entity This site has a lot of info on what is happening before Oct. 1. 

You will be able to register on their site for all 24 states at once at no cost. They also have Certified Service Providers CSP that can be contracted to take care of all the tax ... Read More

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Thu July 12 2018 12:39:03

Seller Questions eBay Commitment to Stores Feature

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
The July update has ushered in many unannounced changes to eBay's stores. Banner headers and seller defined categories have disappeared from most stores except for a chosen few. 

The store search box is gone, making it impossible to navigate inside a store. If you reorder item from a known seller they are no doubt losing business. The little colored store door under the seller's name is being phased out and replaced with a bland "Visit Store" link. 

It would have been nice of eBay to warn its sellers that these drastic changes were being made while they had the chance to end their subscriptions penalty ... Read More

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Wed July 11 2018 21:33:15

Etsy Seller Lets Off Some Steam

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I am struggling to understand the rationale behind Etsy's new policy regarding their increase of fees beginning shortly. They are changing their policy to collecting transaction fees to include items sold and shipping charged.

Shipping? Really? Turns out, it's not the increase from 3.5% to 5% that will be the real money maker for Etsy, it's the change to "entire transaction."

While I can rationalize the payment processing fee charged on the entire purchase, a charge of 3% + $.25 per transaction, I cannot understand profits being made by the merchant of record on shipping as that portion is not part of the merchandise sold.

And I ... Read More

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