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Wed July 15 2020 00:50:02

Mail Carrier Bails on Signature Required Deliveries

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,  
I've noticed a postal problem that may soon cause mayhem for online sellers. At least twice in recent months I have been home waiting for an important package that required me to sign for it on arrival. In both cases, instead of buzzing my doorbell, the carrier left a postal form on which he falsely alleged that there was "no access" and thus he took the package back to the local office.  

I think he simply was afraid to stand next to me while I signed for it, especially since he cannot be sure I will be wearing a mask at that time ... Read More

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Thu July 9 2020 22:31:17

eBay Block of International Bidders Harms Auction Seller

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Back when the Covid-19 crisis started impacting mail services around the world USPS created a list on their website of countries where they could not currently ship to because of lack of transport or lack of mail services.

Almost immediately, eBay adjusted my listings to block bidders with an address in any of those countries from bidding. While this might at first glance may have appeared like a reasonable solution, they disregarded the fact that my shipping to a majority of those countries is via FedEx, which was little to not impacted. 

I contacted eBay at the time to ask for a solution, since I ... Read More

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Thu July 9 2020 08:38:56

Seller Bypasses Bank Sign-in Requirement of eBay Payments

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I just discovered that signing up for Managed Payments requires logging into your bank account WHILE inside the eBay site.

I had gotten OK with giving eBay my account and tracking numbers, but this is a big red flag. Waving $50 at me doesn't allay my fears of this nonsense.

PS: The lunacy of eBay. I went and got a separate bank account from other than my current bank for Managed Payments. In sign-up, you click your bank's logo and it takes you to your bank sign-in screen. If you deselect that sign-in screen, you get another screen pop-up with the OPTION to enter your ... Read More

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Mon July 6 2020 23:34:08

eBay Seller Asks for Help with Listing Problem

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I can not get eBay's "inventory" to work. I create folders in "inventory". I then copy some "ended" listings into the folders. They show up in inventory with a "Last submitted date" as the date that I moved the listing into inventory (basically today's date).  

When I try to "sell again" for listings in inventory, it takes me to a screen that lists the items that I now want to sell. It says to click "continue". Lo and behold it brings up my "summary" page and does not list the item.  

No messages, no warnings, no "Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go", nothing!!!!  

What is ... Read More

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Sat July 4 2020 21:18:11

Buyer Forced to Pay Duty on eBay Transaction

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I tried to buy an item on eBay in Canadian Prices and I live in B.C. The dealer sent me an invoice with duty, etc., added. 

I told him I lived in Canada and I didn't have to pay duty. His listing was on eBay Canada. 

His answer was that he was listed as a U.S. seller and had to charge duty. 

What a rip-off.

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