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Wed Jan 17 2018 16:58:51

eBay Stops Auction Bidder in His Tracks

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Happy New Year!

I went to eBay to place a bid at the last second and a Red Letters Billboard popped up telling me I was prohibited from bidding unless my account was linked to PayPal.

This has never happened. "Credit Cards Processed by PayPal" was always the norm.

Looks like I won't be buying anymore if it's all like this... eBay will be losing TONS of sales.
The End

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Mon Jan 15 2018 11:44:05

eBay Buyer Encounters Problem Leaving Feedback

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I am a fairly steady buyer in one collectibles category. I buy for resale; this is business for me. For efficiency, I typically concentrate my purchases on a few sellers, usually purchasing between 5 and 50 items per group/week from any single seller.

Around 13 January I was catching up on leaving feedback for purchases I had received and discovered that the feedback page (at least the version served to me) had greatly changed.

I should note that I am using the most recent version (56) of Firefox available for my o/s as of three weeks ago. I have a fairly fast Internet connection (currently ... Read More

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Sat Jan 13 2018 17:13:03

Amazon FBA Seller Battles with Returns Fraud

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Return fraud on Amazon FBA items is rampant. I have been selling iPhones via FBA for some time. Recently I sold iPhone 8 Plus via FBA. Over half of my returns are fraudulent. 

One buyer returned 8 of these items. FBA refunded this buyer in full for every return. What makes it worse is the fact that I filed a reimbursement claim for the same fraud back in April on an order sent to the same name and address. Then in November they pulled the same scam on iPhone 8 plus with 2 different buyer accounts both utilizing the same contact name and ... Read More

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Thu Jan 11 2018 08:44:01

Seller Warns of the Limits of Third Party Shipping Insurance

By: Reader


Dear Ina, 
Sellers need true protection when they insure items, but there is a pitfall with insuring using a third party insurance company that many sellers may not know about. In October, 2017, I insured a very expensive item using Shipsurance via Seller Sourcebook. The item shipped USPS Priority, requiring a signed delivery confirmation. Weeks later the delivery confirmation showed that it had not been delivered or signed for. 

I first contacted the buyer, who was not responsive. I then contacted USPS, and opened an investigation. A few weeks later USPS online showed "case resolved". When I contacted USPS, they stated that the case was ... Read More

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Mon Jan 8 2018 09:19:01

Miscategorizing Items Hurts Buyers and Sellers

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I visited your 2009 article on miscategorization in eBay listings. In the intervening years, the problem has gotten worse, frustrating sellers and buyers and diminishing sales. 

Potential customers have expressed their dismay when perusing the listings in my category, Theatre Memorabilia, to find that they have to plough through misplaced Movie Memorabilia items, among other wayward listings, to find what they want. Many have simply thrown in the towel. 

I believe that this happens largely owing to ignorance rather than deliberate misplacement. One lister with whom I corresponded used the logic that movies are shown in theatres; therefore, her movie posters are in the theatre ... Read More

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