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Fri Sept 25 2020 09:34:49

Is Etsy Penalizing Sellers for Postal Holiday Delays?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I've been getting the email at the bottom from Etsy a week or two after every USPS holiday lately. Etsy doesn't take US postal holidays into account, and even when it's a postal holiday, they tell me I have to ship on that postal holiday. 

I sell vintage items there and I ship 6 days a week (1-day handling). Same-day if the order comes in before 10am. But, you can't ship when USPS is closed for national holidays. 

I've NEVER shipped a package late with Etsy. I'm wondering if my account is taking a hit for their backwards running system that doesn't take national holidays ... Read More

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Thu Sept 24 2020 10:58:28

eBay Taps Seller Bank Account while Holding MP Funds

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
eBay's managed payments raided my bank account for refunds and made me pay for postage via credit cards while withholding $6XX in 'pending payouts'.

After 2 days of trying to get help, eBay shut the managed payments help system down.

They also charged me for the 'free listings' I shut down.

Despite the amount of personal info they collected, DOB, SS#, drivers license # and at one point demanding bank documents for an account they've been linked to since 2010, the helpline lady told me they're not a bank and PayPal is. But I can't use PayPal for my linked account, she said.

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Tue Sept 22 2020 11:01:34

eBay Commission on Sales Tax Adds Up

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I am on the eBay managed payments and just noticed I was paying final value fees on sales tax collected.

This morning I sold 2 separate clothing items for $29.99 each. One item to Alaska with no tax collected and a final value fee of $3.45. The second item was to Texas, total sale with tax of $2.45 = $32.46 and a final value fee of $3.73. 

I can see this fee adding up for eBay, quite a scam.

Note from the Editor: Because eBay doesn't break out the payment-processing charge, it's impossible to see what portion of the "commission" fee on sales tax is extra revenue for ... Read More

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Sat Sept 19 2020 22:32:01

Reader Seeks List of Brands that Target eBay Sellers

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I was wondering if this topic ever came up or even answered.

I have been running into vero photo issues on eBay in the past and have changed my listing to try to comply. 

I recently had a problem with HP again on an item and I used eBay's catalog and stock photo and was restricted for 3 days. When I called eBay, they reinstated me and removed the violation from the account (so they say).

Anyway, my question is, is there a free place that sellers make and add to a list of companies that enforce vero? I believe that would be an asset to a ... Read More

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Thu Sept 17 2020 13:41:36

Hair Raising Experience Prompts Seller to Quit eBay

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I've had my eBay account since 1999. I've been a seller since 2008. I've rolled with all of the punches because it was the best game out there at the time. 

Since I sell pre-owned clothing, once eBay went to 30-day returns, I opted for no returns. My sales, understandably, took a bit of a nosedive, but I'd rather have that than dealing with clothing rental. 30 days is a long time for used clothing.

I tested and sold a set of hot rollers last month. I've sold many of the vintage wax core sets in the past. These were sent out working and immaculately ... Read More

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