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Mon Sept 24 2018 14:02:37

eBay Seller Confronted with New Shipping Label Layout

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Another day, another useless change. Went to print a USPS label, and I'm presented with a whole new template. As usual, info is spread all over.

In addition, and true to form, a box proudly announces that I saved $1.35 using eBay labels.

WRONG!...I "saved" 35 cents.

PS: Just noticed a little "reminder" in that template that my customer expects his delivery by the 27th. Sale was today (24th), my handling time is 2 can do the math.

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Sat Sept 22 2018 22:20:45

PayPal Tells Seller It Can No Longer Unhold eBay Holds

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I found out something interesting from PayPal. (They have a new chat service that is actually very good.)

The reason I was calling was due to a held payment, where the customer had already received the item and given feedback. Normally PayPal would release the funds 3 days after confirmed delivery and if feedback was received, they would release the funds immediately. 

This is what the Customer Service rep informed me:

"Thank you so much for your information, After further review I see that your payment is on an eBay hold, Due to an update in our agreement with eBay we can no longer release payments that ... Read More

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Thu Sept 20 2018 23:02:22

eBay Unwanted Price Reductions

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I wrote to you earlier this year about eBay changing my listings to 50% price reductions under Make An Offer, which I did NOT have turned on. 

Today it happened again: Three fixed price items and one bid item. 

At 2:21 I got a bid for $9.99; at 2:26 eBay put a Make An Offer of $5.00! 

I have 33 items listed. To keep an eye on that is too much. 

I'm growing weary - as their customer, they undermine me. On lower priced items, 50% could mean losing money. Why would I want to waste time in such underhanded business practices?
Thank you,

Note from the editor: See Tuesday's AuctionBytes Blog post, "Strange ... Read More

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Mon Sept 17 2018 20:00:01

Seller Says eBay Allowed Nonpaying Buyer to Open Claim

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
Had a situation with eBay this evening that other sellers should be made aware of.
Had a buyer purchase an item on August 9th and I contacted her for payment after 5 days. Got a story about her account being messed up so agreed to give her another couple of days and then a couple more. She had good feedback so I figured that "stuff happens" sometimes. Finally I got tired of excuses and opened up a case for non-payment.
Today I receive and email from eBay that the buyer had opened up a case because she didn't receive the item - see email below. 

Her comment ... Read More

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Sat Sept 15 2018 22:56:44

Sellers: Check Your eBay Buyer Restrictions Settings

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
A buyer bought an item from me and wanted 2 others. They had zero feedback but weren't able to buy and asked if I would lift the restrictions.

Puzzled, I told them I didn't have buyers restrictions and thought because they had no feedback eBay had stopped them? 

So I called eBay and they went into my settings and saw the box checked to not allow a buyer buy from me for ANOTHER 10 FREAKIN DAYS! Once they bought. 

I would NEVER do that. It almost cost me $110.00 had the customer not contacted me and make me aware of it. 

Who in their right mind would prevent buyers ... Read More

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