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Sat Sept 23 2017 10:08:14

eBay Holiday Shipping Error Impacts Seller's TRS Status

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Is anyone else having this problem? I have 4 listings shipped on Tuesday 9/5 that were bought over the weekend that could not be shipping Monday 9/4 due to the Labor Day holiday. The items were shipped and scanned out the first business day after the sale- inline with the on-time carrier scan. The eBay system clearly dinged my account on 4 items. I shipped out about 15 but 4 did not take (tracking show correctly though).

I called into customer service and was told the metrics in error could not be removed because they do not have the power to remove them ... Read More

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Tue Sept 19 2017 21:11:57

eBay Buyer Runs into a PayPal Roadblock

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Perhaps this is not an isolated situation today 9/19/17 and perhaps you could ask around or run a story. I just had the strangest PayPal issue (4 times) while attempting to pay for eBay cart item at checkout on eBay. 

I have a $50 kept in my PayPal account and thought to purchase an item on eBay for under $20 thinking I would just pay it from my PayPal balance. I am/this is a USA transaction.

By the time eBay expressed me over into PP to pay for the item, I was not even permitted to check (with a dot) with PayPal, instead, what PP ... Read More

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Mon Sept 18 2017 20:37:17

Reader Challenge: What's Your eBay Growth Rate?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I'd like to propose what I think might be an interesting exercise. In the new Seller Hub you can select the "Performance" tab. In the "Sales" section" you are shown how your present sales compare to your sales from one year ago. They will either have gone up or down and that stat is shown as a percentage.

I'm proposing that eBay sellers post their percentage increase or decrease here in order to get an admittedly unscientific overview of how eBay is serving its sellers. 

I'll begin by reporting that my sales show a 7.9% decline from the same time last year.

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Sat Sept 16 2017 07:47:21

Have You Encountered the USPS Package Verification System?

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I was wondering if any readers have had actual experience with items shipped through eBay shipping with incorrect postage under the new USPS Program......"On August 14th, the USPS began a program in which it verifies shippers have paid the correct amount for postage purchased online for packages."

Note from the Editor: We haven't heard of reports of any sellers encountering the APV program, which stand for Automated Package Verification. Note that it applies to all of the online postage providers including the USPS's own Click-N-Ship as well as PC Postage label providers EasyPost, eBay, Endicia, PayPal, Pitney Bowes, and

Let us know if you run ... Read More

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Thu Sept 14 2017 10:25:42

eBay Seller Needs Help Viewing UPC Noncompliant Listings

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
Not only dealing with the Seller Hub, this week I also received an email concerning UPC codes. Any items without UPCs will not renew next month. 

I called customer service to ask where I can access the listings without UPCs. I was told it would be great if there was a tool on eBay to give me those items, but sadly there is not. 

No tool to see what items still need updated, I will need to go line by line through 4,000 items or they will go into my unsold items. Once again, these items will be easier to sell on Amazon.

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