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Tue Jan 15 2019 21:35:00

eBay Bungles Sales Tax for Seller with Retail Store

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I have had some ridiculous conversations with eBay, but this one takes the cake. I had a large serving spoon as a BIN make an offer. Someone made an offer and wanted to pick it up. They are in New Jersey, I am in New York. 

I adjusted the invoice to take off the shipping, and added the minuscule amount for tax, as I am a retail store. Seems eBay cannot send the invoice correctly and took the tax off???? 

Called them before I upset the buyer over a little over $2.00. Got a girl from South East Asia, who obviously knows nothing about American ... Read More

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Mon Jan 14 2019 23:56:35

Fraud Victim Seeks Help in Getting Answers from eBay

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I am new to commence and do not know the rules. I have a complaint concerning eBay that I think the world needs to know. Here it is.

The eBay gift card system was used by criminals to defraud me of $5,200. I filed a police report. 

The investigating officer, in coordination with eBay, discovered that $1,825.04 was still in the criminal's account. That amount was frozen for subsequent return to me. 

That happened in October. I have heard nothing from eBay concerning my money and they will, essentially, not talk to me. 

I have no recourse but to file a Small Claims Case against eBay. They will not ... Read More

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Thu Jan 10 2019 09:55:21

eBay Has a China Returns Problem that Impacts Buyers

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Buyer beware on power tool batteries. Knockoffs are made to look nearly like name-brand and use the brand in listings. Many have been fooled.

An eBay search by brand name will still get you knockoffs. At least on Amazon, right under title it will show who made it, such as by Milwaukee or by Vanon. 

The problem arose after eBay guarantee expired. eBay would do nothing. PayPal said I'd have to return to get refund. When I received address, it was in China. Shipping alone was nearly double what I paid total. 

Got same response from Citi card. They would do nothing unless I returned them. 

Total worthless warranty ... Read More

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Wed Jan 9 2019 13:54:54

Seller: eBay Search Problem Leads to Lower Bids and Fewer Sales

By: Reader


Dear Ina, 
I have seen a trend lately, specifically in the sports card categories, of auctions not only getting much lower than bids than normal or fixed priced items (examples include cards or sets that are in a $30-$50 range on a daily basis with multiple sales at fixed or even some auctions, to other auctions going under $10 or even getting 1 bid at 99 cents while some fixed priced just sit, the same days). 

The sports card category receives heavy action in terms of volume being listed and selling, especially on new product.

I have been running searches for items, and often eBay ... Read More

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Mon Jan 7 2019 11:07:34

A Seller Tests eBay Promoted Listing Ads to Boost Sales

By: Reader


Dear Ina, 
I started using eBay Promoted Listings a few months ago. The number of sales have increased approximately 25%.

I started Promoted Listing fee at 4%, and each time I did a new promotion, I lowered the fee 1/2% or so until I reached 1%. 

I sold just many items at 1% as I did at 4%... food for thought.

Note from the Editor: Martin's experience shows the value of running tests when exploring paid advertising, especially given the fact results will vary depending on many variables, including the category of the item you're marketing.

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