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Sat Mar 28 2020 11:45:38

Is eBay Managed Payments Impacting Search Visibility?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I hope you are well in these troubled times.  

You would think with everything going on in the world one could get away from the nuisance of eBay and their constant barrage of changes and search manipulation. Alas, no. I seem to have more time on my hands to look into the systematic overnight drop in sales that I experienced on October 15, 2019 and then again March 1, 2020.   

In October I was convinced, as so many others, that the eBay Item Specifics and category debacle was the reason for the sales drop. While I agree that it played a part, ... Read More

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Thu Mar 26 2020 14:16:37

Would Auctions Better Entice Stay-At-Home eBay Buyers?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I am finally, after 20 years, frustrated enough to try to talk to someone. Why on earth does eBay offer us all 50,000 fixed price listings for free? What are we supposed to do with that in 7 days? And, yes, we get to figure out that out in 30 days in April. 

The only thing on earth different about eBay is their auctions. That is something no other e-commerce platform has. People are home - they might be excited to jump back in on auctions. But, no, they give us a bunch of fixed price listings. (I have an enterprise store with ... Read More

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Tue Mar 24 2020 09:09:33

How to Determine Sales Tax Figure on PayPal 1099Ks

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Since it's tax season and everyone is scrambling to make sense of the sales tax, I thought I would tell you about this YouTube video that I found that may help many out with their PayPal 1099-Ks. 

PayPal does collect the tax and add it into our gross sales amount (which IMO is wrong).

Regardless, there is a spot in PayPal where you can run a report to generate just the sales tax that was collected.  

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Mon Mar 23 2020 21:46:16

Face Masks Still for Sale on eBay

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I wanted to respond to an article that eBay blocks sales of masks

I am so mad that sellers continue to sell a box of masks on eBay for over 200. It has not stopped if you type in 1860 mask em you will see.

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Fri Mar 20 2020 09:45:17

Seller Calls on eBay to Offer Free Listings

By: Reader


Dear Ina, 
This would be the perfect time (hard times) for eBay to open the floodgates for free listings (hopefully my letter is "jumping the gun" and such is already in the works). 

The more we sell, the more eBay makes, and this would help some voluntary shut-ins get a little comfort or sense of normalcy during these abnormal times by either listing (in hopes of getting sales) or buying (some like packages arriving in the mail to break up the monotony).  

My personal philosophy (in relation to eBay) has always been, "if I make money, then you make money." I think eBay forgets that it is ... Read More

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