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Mon May 21 2018 23:48:53

eBay Hair Trigger Refunds

By: Ina Steiner

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Dear Ina,
I had a return request and I approved it. Then buyer (why??) filed a case. 

I get the returned item in the mail today. I also received an email from eBay telling me that they, completely on their own, had already refunded because tracking showed it had been returned.

I have got to dump my inventory FASTER!!!!

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Fri May 18 2018 21:06:34

Weighing In on Ecommerce Current Events

By: Readers

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Some readers weighed in on recent news stories that others may also find interesting:

FYI, Fast Company article on eBay's new feature. Notice the author still thinks Target is on eBay. (Editor's note: That's a reference to Target's decision to close its store on eBay.)
- Robert

"eBay's new feature finds the products you might actually buy" (


This might make for a very interesting story. Seems eBay is trying to limit shareholders ability to have meetings. Guessing this is because of how bad the company's latest quarterly numbers were. 
- Mark

"JPMorgan and eBay under fire over shareholder meetings" (Financial Times)


Wow, Mercari multi-billion dollar valuation. Who knew?
- Chris

"Mercari, Japan's first unicorn, files for $1.1B ... Read More

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Wed May 16 2018 20:55:55

eBay Gives Some Sellers a Break on Returns

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I was reviewing (again) the returns policy going into effect on June 1 and I came across this statement that says:

You will be required to offer 14-day free returns in Products in Collectibles & Art categories to be eligible to receive Top Rated Plus benefits.

Here is the link.

I only sell collectibles and have been offering 30 day returns for at least a year and have no returns. I have to do 2 refunds due to breakage, and was refunded by the post office as these were lost packages.

But back to this 14 day return policy. Did everyone (like me) assume we had to do ... Read More

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Mon May 14 2018 10:45:43

Seller Calls for eBay to Open Second Track

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
My proposal, not that it's likely to get interest from eBay, would be for them to have two tracks or channels. Now that they want to go to a catalog format for current, manufactured-type goods, it would be terrific to have a separate format for people selling antiques and collectibles. 

That would provide sellers of antiques and collectibles with a venue that would be similar to the eBay they knew when the site first got started. It was an exciting time. 

It's very cumbersome for sellers of unique pieces with a history and collector value to have to find comfort in the site that now ... Read More

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Thu May 10 2018 23:03:45

Seller Reports New Barrier for eBay Auctions

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
I have been running auctions every week on eBay for years now; all starting at low bids, and attracting large amounts of bidders, with most items selling for good prices. 

The auction format really works for me, and with the changes eBay is implementing I'm worried this might be doomed, even though they are asking me to participate in their "auction events", but when you want to talk to somebody it is almost impossible, even though I have well over a million dollars in sales in the last few years using the auction format. 

Anyway, more and more the last month or so I receive ... Read More

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