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Thu July 20 2017 08:29:27

eBay Seller Encounters Problem with Coupon Redemption

By: Reader

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eBay provides Stores subscribers with quarterly discount coupons for eBay-branded shipping supplies. A reader recently reported he was unable to redeem his coupon. Has anyone else had a problem redeeming them? (Feel free to comment on whether you find the coupons useful.)

Dear Ina,
A new one for eBay. I got my Quarterly Coupon today and used it towards some eBay branded shipping supplies. After completing the transaction I found out that the coupon wasn't used. The money was taken from my PayPal account instead. 

I've used the coupons in the past and do know how to use them. I called eBay to no avail. They said that ... Read More

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Wed July 19 2017 11:50:52

eBay Designer Reminds Sellers of New Image Requirements

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Thank you for your article about the PhotoBucket mess! I am one of those eBay designers who had many seller/clients who used the free PhotoBucket account to hold the graphics for the templates and stores I designed for them over the last 10+ years. You can bet this has caused a whole lot of work for me to update my clients' eBay pages.

One thing sellers who are revising dozens, hundreds or even thousands of eBay listings now to replace the URLs of their PhotoBucket images should know (or be reminded of) is that eBay recently announced that in the next few months, they ... Read More

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Tue July 18 2017 16:00:15

eBay Returns Due to Buyer's Remorse Are on the Uptick

By: Reader

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Dear Ina, 
I've written to you before about eBay phone support wait times a couple of years ago that you ran a piece on and now I have another issue I wanted to try and bring to your attention. It has to do with return requests in eBay where there is a clear case of buyer remorse as the underlying reason for a return request as given by the buyer's return comments, but they use a different reason code when they open their return request. 

As you probably know, buyers who open return requests due to what eBay considers buyer's remorse reasons - an item ... Read More

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Mon July 17 2017 20:45:13

Is eBay Overcharging Buyers for Best Offers?

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
Today I received a reminder to pay $18.xx for an eBay item. However I had offered $11.xx and it was accepted. When I clicked on the email reminder to pay link, the amount due said $22.xx and free shipping, which was the Buy It Now price. 

When I used "my eBay" to click on the pending purchase, the link to the pay screen said the correct $11.xx. 

This has happened to me several times. Note this is THREE differing amounts.

I am very concerned for the baby boomer crowd who are getting a touch of Alzheimer's or other cognitive impairment. They may well just pay ... Read More

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Sat July 15 2017 15:03:28

eBay Changes the Way Users Share Auction Links

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
Just for you to check out. I tried this morning to send directly from an auction I have on eBay the link of the auction to a friend and unlike in the past where the page was sent directly from eBay, it opened a box asking me which one of my social media and emails I want to send the link of the auction to! 

Is eBay trying to get out of "harassing" unknown customers by getting its members to get the blame? Dunno, but you can try it yourself.

My only gripe with this new policy is that I can't send auction links to ... Read More

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