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eBay Sweeps Outage Under the Rug

eBay refuses to acknowledge major technical issues that plague its site including an outage that lasted hours on Monday and a days-long problem impacting search results. In the early days of the site, eBay would post such issues on an Announcement Board set up for such communication with users, but the board is now relegated to news of its weekly maintenance schedule.

Two years ago, we noted that eBay also changed its policy regarding outages so it is no longer accountable to sellers – “If a lengthy outage occurs, information about the outage will be posted on the Announcements Board” replaced its specific policy about extending listings and crediting fees in the event of an outage.

We’ve emailed eBay’s PR department and left phone messages for three different people asking for information about Monday’s outage.

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We’ve also sent inquiries about its recent days-long search engine problem and problems plaguing shipping labels and its costly glitch impacting international shipping, with no response.

Ecommerce EKG and DownDetector document problems with eBay and other sites, so at least buyers and sellers can tell if a problem is impacting others – which can help them save a lot of time as well as their sanity.

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