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eBay Sellers Worry about Plans to Discontinue Turbo Lister

eBay is forcing sellers to migrate to its new Seller Hub tool, announcing plans on Tuesday to discontinue its Turbo Lister, Selling Manager, and Selling Manager Pro listing tools by the spring of next year. Not surprisingly, some sellers are unhappy about the change and are uncertain if they will be continue to have access to key features currently available to them.

eBay announced the news as part of the Fall Seller Update on Tuesday.

Sellers seemed especially concerned about the deprecation of Turbo Lister. “Eliminating Turbo Lister which is the only program that allows us to store our items on our hard drives and make changes to them and then upload them when ready is just a big kick in the gut,” explained one seller. Many people are used to using hosted services – where data is stored in the “cloud.” But many others, especially those without high-speed connections, prefer to be able to work on their listings offline.

The same seller wrote, “I really wish eBay would reconsider eliminating the Turbo Lister Program as many sellers my size are the ones that use it. WE already took a hit when eBay neglected to make a store in between Premium and Anchor, now we are going to lose one of the best tools we have to help us control our sales and costs??”

The conversation took place in this thread on the eBay boards set up for staff to answer questions about the Fall Update, announced on August 30.

A moderator responded to the sellers’ concerns, writing, “Before Turbo Lister is retired, we will ensure that Seller Hub contains all functionality that you currently have in Turbo Lister. Thus, you will have all the capabilities you currently have in Turbo Lister with a different experience in Seller Hub.” However, she didn’t specifically mention that Seller Hub would have an offline capability.

Some sellers store listings on their computers in Turbo Lister for years, according to the hosts of eBay Radio who interviewed executives about the changes. What will it mean for them when forced to give up Turbo Lister, they asked?

eBay manager Brian Burke said until the company has those capabilities built into Seller Hub, Turbo Lister will still be around. “That said, our intent is to make sure that those capabilities are in Seller Hub so sellers have a single place to go to list and manage their listings on eBay.”

After June of next year, eBay intends to focus all of its investment in Seller Hub, Burke said. eBay knows working offline is important, “so those things will be in place before we move away from Turbo Lister,” he said.

However, the FAQ on eBay’s website answered the question with a slight difference. In answering the FAQ, “Will I be able to edit my listings offline, using Seller Hub,” eBay’s FAQ response answered:

“While Seller Hub won’t offer offline access, our new feed platform will enable offline editing with tools such as Microsoft Excel. Seller Hub will also offer a way for sellers to save their listings to a file.”

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