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Etsy Redesigns Home Page

Etsy redesigned its home page for the desktop and mobile web, offering a more personalized experience for visitors. Etsy will also show returning visitors who are not signed in content that is personalized to them based on what they have viewed – and based on their geographic location – even before they sign up for an account.

Etsy explained that the “Recently viewed items” section will show listings that a signed-in visitor has viewed across any device in the last 45 days. It explained, “We know that visitors like to use the homepage to pick up where they left off the last time they shopped on Etsy and we expect this section to help visitors rediscover and buy items they were looking for during past visits.”

However, sellers noticed that they were seeing their own items in the Recently viewed items section. “Is that by design,” a seller asked – “Seems odd to show me my own listings…”

Etsy responded to the comments by writing, “Thanks for pointing this out – it was a bit confusing, so we removed your listings from the recently viewed. Thank you for the feedback.”

Quite a few sellers said they didn’t like that Etsy removed the treasuries feature from their home pages. One seller said, “I have discovered more shops from treasuries than from doing searches,” and said, “Personally, I feel that this is going to keep my circle of adding new items and shops to my feed very small. I am not sure that Etsy has taken into consideration how much treasuries have and still do impact the buyer/seller relationship here. I hope that they will reconsider this change as I don’t feel it will have a positive effect for anyone.”

Another new feature is Shop by category, which will be shown to visitors who are not signed in to an Etsy account. They will see listings representing six categories. “This section provides a visual way to see a sampling of what’s available on Etsy and start exploring further,” Etsy explained. “The Etsy merchandising team chooses these categories and may rotate them seasonally.”

While some sellers said they liked the new home page, there was criticism as well.

One user asked, “In the near future, will there be any way to turn off the recently viewed items section? As someone often browsing Etsy for gifts for my significant other, it’s easy to ruin the surprise when they glance at my front page and see a lot of listings for rings!”

Etsy responded, “There isn’t a way to turn this off, but you’re able to clear your recently viewed listings section. Just go to You > Account settings, and then click on the Privacy tab. Then click on the blue “Clear recently viewed listings” button to clear all of your recently viewed items.”

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