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Buyers Continue to Have Problems with eBay Bucks

Things got worse before they got better for some eBay buyers trying to redeem loyalty rewards. The problem began when eBay failed to email certificates to members of its eBay Bucks loyalty program on Sunday, January 3rd, as had been promised in their account settings.

On Monday morning, eBay emailed the certificates, but they were missing information.

At about 11 am on January 4th, some buyers reported finally being able to use the eBay Bucks towards purchases, only to discover that eBay failed to apply them to their purchases, instead charging their PayPal accounts for the full price of items purchased during the debacle.

As one member of the program warned others in a post on the eBay boards, “WARNING well you better check your PayPal account as I thought it was working right when I paid a invoice this morning. I had all the correct info & the invoice showed that the eBay bucks was deducted from the invoice but it was NOT actually applied to the PayPal payment.”

One shopper posted on a social networking site at 1 pm, “Used bucks & charged my PayPal account as well. Stressed out and very unhappy.” Five hours later, she posted, “I got the transaction canceled but then eBay charged me for a “voucher reimbursement”. Can’t get them to reverse it.”

Buyers opened a new report on Ecommerce EKG to provide updates on Monday. Two of the comments demonstrate the different problems people were having on Monday:

One shopper wrote, “I was finally able to manually enter mine in check-out, It deducted the amount off my total, but took the full amount out of my PayPal account when I paid. What a scam eBay is.”

Another wrote, “Mine finally arrived but and it shows up on the PayPal checkout, but when I check the box to use it, it says that I can’t use it and “they can’t apply the code to the order”.. WTH is going on.. Always glitches after glitches. eBay needs a new IT staff and FAST!”

eBay did not respond to our inquiries about the problem, but it appears eBay is not crediting sellers’ PayPal accounts for its mistakes. In an interaction on Twitter, a member of the eBay loyalty program told eBay customer service, “nothing but bad experiences when using eBay bucks please help said I used my eBay bucks but got billed for the whole thing help!!”

eBay tweeted back at 3:50 pm, “We had a tech issue with eBay bucks but it’s fixed. Should be available for your next buy. So sorry for the trouble.”

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