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eBay Shoppers Unable to Redeem Loyalty Bucks

Over the past week or so, eBay shoppers have been unable to redeem their eBay Bucks loyalty rewards on purchases made on the site. One buyer told EcommerceBytes that when they contacted customer service, the representative acknowledged there was a glitch. “Their solution is to keep trying periodically to pay for the purchase and apply the code. Do they not know we must pay promptly for our purchases?”

A buyer reported the same problem via Ecommerce EKG, writing, “I have tried for 48 hours now & its still not working. My seller rightfully expects payment. To offer buyer rewards then weasel out of paying is despicable.”

A buyer on the eBay boards said the following message displays when they try to use their eBay Bucks: “The code you entered could not be applied. Please try again.” eBay had issued them the rewards on April 2nd, and they expire on May 2, 2015.

Another replied, “I am having the same problem. I have contacted customer service 4 times since I made a purchase yesterday to use my bucks. They say they are trying to resolve the technical issue, so I should just keep trying!”

It isn’t clear if sellers are being impacted by an increase in unpaid items due to the problem. But another issue involving eBay Bucks could be having an impact on sales. That’s because some shoppers are deferring making purchases on eBay because they are waiting for expected bonus reward through the program – eBay periodically sends participants of the program promotions to earn four or five times the normal number of points.

“Was going to purchase some items on eBay/ Overstock,” wrote a buyer on the eBay discussion boards. “I am wondering if should purchase from overstock at same price or wait till eBay Bucks promo for ie 4x 5x eBay Bucks. Does any one know if and when the eBay Bucks promo will reun (sic) again?”

In a thread on an off-eBay board called FreedomCardBoard.com titled, “eBay bucks bonus days have dried up,” a buyer wrote, “I was getting used to them! 5x days were great. There has not been one since the new quarter started and there are two things I’m waiting to pull the trigger on.”

Another shopper offered their theory for the cessation of bonus offers. “Just about every sector of retail takes a hit between New Years and the end of March (consumer Christmas recovery), so they put incentives out there during that time period to boost sales. Now that most have the income tax refunds (US), the incentives go away and they maximize their bottom line.”

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