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Black Friday Throwdown: Facebook vs Pinterest

Social networks have different levels of commitment and aspirations toward the ecommerce space. Facebook has tried various efforts and angles to try and become a driver of online sales, while Pinterest has gradually rolled out some tools to help people see how their Pins are moving traffic.

According to global technology giant IBM and its Black Friday Report 2013, trends that have previously been seen for both Pinterest and Facebook regarding ecommerce appear to be continuing. Both sites showed some influence on shopping behavior, but in different ways.

Ecommerce pros were likely pleased at the average order value for shoppers arriving from Pinterest. Those consumers spent 77 percent more per order than did those referred from Facebook.

Shoppers referred from Facebook spent an average order value of $52.30 according to IBM. But Pinterest referrals were spending $92.51 for their average order value. However, another look at the figures tells a different story.

Even though Facebook referrals had that lower average order value, according to IBM they converted at a far greater rate. Facebook’s referred customers converted sales at almost four times the rate of referrals coming from Pinterest.

IBM found increased sales online overall both for Thanksgiving and for Black Friday. Thanksgiving sales rose 19.7 percent year over year, while Black Friday’s increased 19 percent. The average order value rose 2.2 percent for Black Friday, with online shoppers spending $135.27 that day.

More numbers are found in Monday’s Newsflash newsletter, and watch for EcommerceBytes continued reports on holiday shopping statistics.

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David A Utter
David A Utter
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