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Pinterest Springs Into Greater Ecommerce Influence

By David A. Utter

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The continuing increase in the fascination with sharing images with others shows little sign of abating. People like taking pictures, especially with camera phones within easy reach. Ecommerce pros naturally understand the need for good product images, particularly with the rise in influence of Pinterest when it comes to online sales.

Such influence has grown over the past several months. RichRelevance showed an interesting trend regarding the driving of ecommerce traffic by social media outlets Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. While Twitter represents a minuscule percentage of pushing such traffic along, Facebook and Pinterest move much more.

But a change took place around the end of the 2012 holiday season. RichRelevance found Facebook's gaudy 92 percent share of traffic to retail sites in mid-December 2012 plunged to 69 percent in the week leading up to Easter Sunday.

That slack seems to have been picked up by Pinterest. A nominal 6 percent share of this traffic leaped to 25 percent during that time period. Of special interest to online sellers - while Facebook buyers had order averages ranging from $75 to $100, Pinterest shoppers had an average order ranging from $140 to $180.

The numbers for Pinterest were gaudier than a field of painted eggs by the week before Easter Sunday. An order average of $194 easily dwarfed Facebook's $84 average order value.

Pinterest appears to understand the value they can provide to ecommerce. They are taking steps to make their service and some of its underlying data more useful. Pinterest opened web analytics to its users in March, making some basic visitor data available to their users.

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