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Glitch Prevents Some People from Searching eBay

Glitch Prevents Some People from Searching eBay

Some people reported problems trying to search the eBay website on Thursday, though it’s not clear what they had in common. The reports came in on social media and on eBay’s discussion boards.

At 11:04 am, someone tweeted to eBay’s @askeBay account, “searchbar not responding when I click on it (same with advanced) it works once, then I have to open up a new tab if I want to alter or change my search.”

At 2:30 pm, someone posted a comment on an eBay for Business Facebook post, “My mouse is not able to type in the search bar today on your website. Stop trying to push everything to mobile phone use. What a joke this is becoming.”

On one Twitter exchange between two users, they determined that clearing their browser cache appeared to fix the problem.

People also discussed the issue on some threads on the eBay discussion boards, including one titled, “Search bar problem.” A user explained:

“Starting today (5/18/23), when eBay first loads, can put mouse over search bar and click anywhere, cursor will follow – can fill in search item, etc. While eBay searches and refreshes (animated icon) still can mouse over search bar and click. After the page is loaded with the items, hovering mouse over search bar (just the top of the page) and clicking – nothing works. Again, symptom just started…

“All Listings, Accepts Offers, etc. on down is OK – can click on buttons. Just from that up (eBay, Shop By Category, search bar, etc. on up – mouse won’t function. Using latest version Chrome. Btw, Edge seems to work OK.

“Any ideas? Any changes to eBay pages over last day or so? Tkx.”

Down Detector showed issues in its graph along with a single comment from a user who wrote, “My mouse will not engage in the search bar today. I also sent an invoice to a buyer yet ebay still shows that I need to send an invoice. Guess their site is having connectivity issues.” The eBay System Status board displayed all green in the afternoon indicating no technical problems.

It’s not clear how many people may have been impacted or why.

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One thought on “Glitch Prevents Some People from Searching eBay”

  1. Had a problem in search where I was research a particular item’s going price. I searched the item’s name and sorted by lowest cost first. Most of the beginning items were obviously used, so then went to item specifics of Condition = New. Then eBay changed a word in my search term and showed me zero items. Why would they change what I was searching for? I had to put quotation marks around my word to check eBay from changing it. Then eBay showed me 3 new items. Going back to the search prior to selection New only, I went through the list and found at least 14 New items that match mine.

    Great job, World’s Best Technology Company!

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