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Facebook Launches New Feedback Policy for Buyers and Sellers

Facebook Launches New Feedback Policy for Buyers and Sellers

Facebook launched a new feedback policy on Monday to crack down on fake reviews and questionable content. The new “Community Feedback policy” applies to user-generated content on Facebook Marketplace and Shops.

“The new policy was created to ensure that reviews are based on real purchasing experiences, and to keep irrelevant, fraudulent and offensive feedback off of our platforms,” the company said in today’s announcement.

People who contribute content to ratings, reviews, recommendations and questions & answers on Marketplace and Shops must comply with the new policy, which can be found on this policy page on Facebook.com.

The company made a point of saying it had always taken action against irrelevant community feedback, manipulated reviews and other Community Feedback Policy violations, but said it was establishing the new policy to provide clearer guidelines on what types of community feedback are allowed.

The Community Feedback Policy specifically prohibits manipulation of reviews, incentivization, irrelevance, graphic content, and spam.

For those who think Facebook will give extra scrutiny to critical reviews, the company wrote:

“Our Community Feedback Policy is intended to provide equal voice for all viewpoints that comply with Meta policies, including the full range of positive, negative and neutral feedback. As such, we treat all positive and negative feedback equally. We do not subject negative feedback to greater scrutiny when reviewed for policy violations nor do we alter feedback in any way before publishing.”

Facebook said it could take time for the various parts of its enforcement mechanisms to learn how to correctly and consistently enforce the new standard, “But as we gather new data, our machine learning models, automated technology and human reviewers will improve in their ability to ensure our Community Feedback tools—especially reviews—maintain their integrity, relevance and authenticity.”

Facebook also noted that over 200 million businesses connect with their customers through its apps and technologies.

You can find the announcement on this page of the Facebook website.

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3 thoughts on “Facebook Launches New Feedback Policy for Buyers and Sellers”

  1. Facebook Marketplace is a waist of time in D/FW for car parts. I have literally sold nothing in over 2 years. New car parts. For example Mustang GT steering wheel pristine new. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. 280.00. Over 400 dealer price. The few sales I have are either OfferUp or Craigslist. I discounted parts over 50 percent on eBay with no buyers the last time I entered a sale. I was floored. I entered in “no refunds”. eBay buyers are highly potential scammers. eBay enabled them years ago! entered an ad for a 2019 Audi A4 SLINE Quatrro for 37,400 with no buyers. CARMAX gave me 37k. The car was worth 39k on the market. I entrered in “no refunds”.

  2. Facebook marketplace is a waist of time in Dallas Fort Worth market. I have had items on there for years with zero sales. The ads get no hits. New Mustang steering wheel (somewhat rare) 401A option leather with white stitch. $280. Over 400 new.

  3. Not a WASTE of time for me. When I list on CraigsList, I rarely sell the item. So I will then try Marketplace and I usually sell it. OfferUp is full of very strange sellers, they post 1 picture and no description. I would like to know where you even leave feedback on Marketplace, have never seen where to leave feedback.

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