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eBay to Give $10,000 Grants to 50 Small Retailers

eBay to Give $10,000 Grants to 50 Small Retailers

eBay will award $10,000 grants to 50 small retailers in the US for business needs such as physical and digital store improvements, new equipment and inventory, technology, hiring and training to support their success.

The initiative is part of eBay’s third annual Up & Running Grants program for small businesses to help them get online and grow their online sales.

Recipients will also receive access to guided online learning content through the new eBay Academy, and direct training and coaching from expert sellers and small-business growth advocates.

eBay is again partnering with Hello Alice to administer the grants program and provide access to mentorship and resources to all sellers who apply, whether they are ultimately chosen for a grant or not.

eBay said it created the program to encourage and support US small businesses with the resources they need to scale, grow and thrive online. Here’s how it works:

“Now through Friday, June 10, 2022, eBay small business sellers are encouraged to apply for Up & Running Grants via an online application. Business sellers will be asked to share details of their small business and how they plan to use the grant to accelerate their growth. eBay is looking to identify sellers who represent a diverse range of backgrounds, bring their unique experiences and inventory to the marketplace, and are committed to their communities and the eBay ecosystem. To apply or learn more about eligibility requirements, sellers can visit ebay.helloalice.com.”

eBay’s Chief Marketing Officer Andrea Stairs, who also holds the position of Seller Community – North America and President of eBay Canada, was quoted in today’s announcement:

“Small businesses are the backbone of eBay—bringing their rich and diverse inventory to create the world’s most vibrant marketplace. The strength of our economy depends on small business owners, and our Up & Running Grants program is part of eBay’s ongoing commitment to empowering them. We continue to find new ways to invest in small businesses and make eBay their platform of choice, offering community, counsel, a support system and funding.”

The full announcement is available on the PR Newswire website.

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5 thoughts on “eBay to Give $10,000 Grants to 50 Small Retailers”

  1. Oooooh, how generous of these corporate bigwigs to donate a cut of their salary to this publicity campaign. Haha, who am I kidding? These grants come from the fees that they jacked up off of sellers (including everybody’s favorites: fees on your postage, fees on the taxes that buyers pay to their states, etc.) So enjoy, you lucky 50 small fries you!

  2. I think ebay has that back wards, they need to pay someone who knows how to sell online to help them fix their awful site.

  3. Wow, not, eBay has been milking the small sellers for a long time now and they will be milking them more when June 01st arrives thru the new fee that will be added in the promoted listing, and to add to the injuries, the “eBay platform is letting buyers scam/fraud sellers and eBay is awarding all the cases no matter what proof you bring to the table : pictures of the item returned, police report, etc.. they tell you to appeal but it’s just another lie to the sellers, all the customer has to do is file a payment dispute and it does not matter what proof you bring to eBay/paypal because the payment dispute is most likely through PayPal which is owned by eBay (Piere omidyar), for 13 years working with PayPal to handle our payments we never heard of payment disputes ever, now 2 years with eBay under payment management as they call it, 3 payment disputes all awarded to the buyer (high value items $700+) they give them your money and they let them keep the merchandise so eBay is passing those losses to you the seller, the first payment dispute the scammer said “where’s my refund” in his comments I contacted eBay to no avail with tracking # that shows item delivered, appealed and appealed no luck, I even started protecting myself and sending a return shipping label to the scammers to show eBay/PayPal that I demand my item returned back to me, all 3 cases awarded to the buyers: money and merchandise loss of more than $2000, and they claim seller protection it’s wrongly labeled it should be called : eBay scammer protection. All sellers be aware

  4. eBay has been letting buyers scam sellers at high rates through payment disputes, you can appeal as they say but it’s a lie and they claim seller protection it’s mislabeled and should be called : eBay scammer protection

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