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eBay Loses a Director of Its Ads Unit Julie Longmire

eBay Loses a Director of Its Ads Unit Julie Longmire

A director at eBay Ads Julie Longmire has left the company for a new position. She’s not to be confused with Julie Loeger, who joined eBay in January in the newly created position of Global Chief Growth Officer.

Longmire’s LinkedIn profile describes eBay Ads as the advertising product and commercial arm of eBay Inc, connecting global brands and sellers with eBay shoppers using first-party data and a suite of ecommerce advertising solutions.

“eBay Ads helps our partners understand their audience best. Leveraging eBay’s real intent data, we make meaningful connections between our partners and our community.”

A job posting further describes the unit: “The eBay Ads team is reinventing advertising at eBay! We are one of the fastest growing teams at eBay. We re crafting innovative brand and seller solutions to optimize the ad monetization and experience on eBay. We are innovating rapidly in the ad-tech space.”

Longmire explained her responsibilities as eBay Ads Director of Marketing and Insights as follows:

  • Responsible for marketing efforts across our full portfolio of eCommerce solutions and audiences, including direct/indirect brands and eBay sellers.
  • Serve as a global center of marketing excellence in partnership with the commercial teams in UK, central Europe and Australia. That includes stewardship and implementation of the eBay Ads brand, product messaging and activation, and overarching brand/seller narratives.
  • Oversee our new North America Learning and Development function to ensure that members of the commercial team have ongoing product education and sales training to achieve revenue goals.

eBay sees advertising and payment processing as two key drivers of revenue growth.

Longmire had joined eBay in May 2018 and left for a position as Director of Product Marketing, B2B at Hippo Insurance.

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4 thoughts on “eBay Loses a Director of Its Ads Unit Julie Longmire”

  1. She’s not to be confused with Julie Chickenfeatherplucker whos job it is to clean the feathers off the wings over @walkers

    Obviously “julie” (whichever/whomever) was raking in enough cash off advertising – time to throw her under the bus for the next dummy who will try to get more $$$$ (all you need is cash!)(ruttles)

  2. “eBay sees advertising and payment processing as two key drivers of revenue growth.”

    … sadly – selling things aka fixing your platform so you can sell more things – doesnt seem to be high up on the list!

  3. Is it me or has anyone else noticed how many of the Upper Management of Ebay are leaving the company since the inevitable sentencing of the San Jose Mob got caught threatening murder among other items? Does this just signal many others may be complicit with the acts and actions Ebay’s Upper Management and/or Contract Workers were involved with? Maybe the ones leaving know there will be a huge reduction of the workforce at Ebay now because of the Feds beginning to sentencing the Guilty? Maybe this is a signal that Ebay as we now know it is coming to an end. Maybe Ebay gets put on the chopping block if the sentences the Guilty get placed upon them, and further investigations find more crimes, are more serious than what has just happened. Something’s really stinky here and were not even close to Denmark.

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