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Why People Are Increasingly Turning to a Side Hustle

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Why People Are Increasingly Turning to a Side Hustle

One in three Americans have a “side hustle,” according to a survey of 2 thousand Americans conducted by The Harris Poll for Zapier. It found that 34% of Americans have a side hustle, and 61.1 million Americans (24%) plan to start a side hustle in 2021.

Selling online is a perfect example of a gig that can supplement people’s income – and the survey found that money was a big reason people turned to such ventures.

“Almost half of Americans with a side hustle—46 percent—say they were motivated to start it by the prospect of creating passive income, by far the most common reason given. And there were other financial goals motivating this trend as well:

  • 33% said to have income diversity;
  • 25% said to save up for a specific financial goal;
  • and 23% said to save up for a specific purchase.

Non-financial reasons for starting a side hustle included the following:

  • Do something fun, or something they enjoy—38%
  • Develop new skills—28%
  • Test a specific business idea—16%

Zapier also offered some advice for people who are considering venturing into entrepreneurship in this December 8, 2020, blog post. Included was advice about the sensitive issue of whether to tell your fulltime boss if you are working on the side.

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Ina Steiner
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5 thoughts on “Why People Are Increasingly Turning to a Side Hustle”

  1. Sadly, as soon as Covid triggered a rise in this–our government lowered the ceiling for venues to report sales to the IRS from 20K,200 sales to a flat 600 sales!!!! And they quoted that a lot of women were doing this to try to support their kids during the period of unemployment. Stimulus check in one hand & the other hand extended to take back taxes.

  2. (I might be wrong on what the previous dollar amount was…..but it was a lot higher. And required both $ and sales. Now it’s just $600.

  3. A lot of the side hustle will end Jan. 1st 2022 when the 1099 reporting will drop to $600

  4. The rich, their corporations, and their minions in Congress hate people having independent money-making opportunities. Don’t be surprised when people resort to cash sales and these demonic clowns take away physical money in response.

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