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eBay Penalizes Sellers Due to Its Own Glitch

eBay Penalizes Sellers Due to Its Own Glitch

eBay penalized sellers who sold orders on Memorial Day weekend because its system failed to recognize the postal holiday. Sellers who were handed “late shipment” defects spent time alerting eBay customer service and visited the company’s discussion boards to report the problem.

One seller explained, “Everything that sold on Memorial Day weekend got a late shipment defect even though they were all scanned June 1 by USPS and May 31 was a holiday so it doesn’t count as a shipping day.”

A seller who reported the problem on Ecommerce EKG wrote, “Check your Seller Dashboard. eBay is threatening to downgrade our seller rank from Top Rated to Above Average because 5 orders shipped on 6/1 have no tracking nos. BUT those orders do have tracking nos. eBay shipping labels were used to ship them.”

A seller said they wished eBay would put out a notice about the glitch to reassure sellers they were covered and that it was fixing the problem.

eBay eventually posted the following notice on a seller-facing page:

“A technical issue is causing your projected seller level and metrics to display incorrectly in multiple regions. We’re aware of this issue and are working to fix it as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

But the post didn’t explicitly say whether sellers would have to contact customer service to make sure their accounts would not suffer as a result of the glitch.

One person recommended sellers message eBay through its “eBay for Business” Facebook page. “Unless they fix it before the 6/20 evaluation many of us will be severely affected,” the seller wrote.

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Ina Steiner
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7 thoughts on “eBay Penalizes Sellers Due to Its Own Glitch”

  1. Eh heh heh heh heh. People need to keep in mind that greedy eVilBay is programmed by outsourced, overseas types who don’t give a bleep about U.S. holidays.

    Why do you even have 1 – 3 day handling anyway? Stretch it out to 10 – 14 days. If buyers want your items badly enough, they can wait. Don’t play into the Amazon CULTure.

  2. This same problem happens year after year and is due to Ebay using programmers who are not familiar at all with US Holidays and don’t seem to care if they get things done right or not because Ebay does not have anybody overseeing this work, nor do they care if it ever gets done right because it has the potential to generate more income for Ebay even though it is once again being stolen from their sellers. This problem could have been fixed years ago if Ebay cared at all about how their site performs but they are more interested in coming up with more changes that cause more work for their sellers or make it look like they are adding value to the company with useless Patent Filings.

    I like most other sellers just wish they would fix the glitches that are built into their system rather than do all of this fluffing of things to make it look like their is additional value for shareholders.

  3. another reason why I use 2 day delivery time although I ALWAYS mail in 1 day or same day. I am no longer stressed about jumping through their hoops and glitches just to try and get the meager TRS discount

  4. The 2 Walmart idiots cant seem to figure anything out.

    Maybe some of the Wall Street eBay cheering sites (like Seekingalpha) can explain why nobody in San Jose doesnt seem to own a proper 2021 calendar …..

    OR they could just MYOB and be like Mercari – where all sellers get 3 business days – and theres no “in your face” negatives, bad marks or complaints from the mental midgets in CA.

  5. The entire system of penalizing sellers for late shipments is defect.

    I sell collectibles and fairly often the buyer actually requests to have it shipped late. Because of holiday, waiting for funds, or wanting to bundle with other items during the weekend. I have no issue with this at all. Yet, when I get a defect and follow the system to have it removed, I just get an automated (?) response “I am sorry we can not remove this defect because it is indicative of a less then positive buyer experience”.


    It’s the only metric keeping me from being Top-Rated.
    I care, a lot. Sadly, I see little indication ebay cares.

  6. good thing ebay is the self proclaimed greatest tech company…

    the walmart dopes with the hands off approach to fix the site would get removed from their positions from a non mafia company

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