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More About eBay Letting Regulators Remove Listings

More About eBay Letting Regulators Remove Listings

Earlier this month, the BBC announced that eBay would allow certain “regulators” to remove sellers’ listings without consulting eBay, if they believed the items were dangerous.

On Thursday, eBay published a formal announcement in the US about the new “regulatory portal” that appeared to give somewhat contradictory information.

In one place, eBay said the new online portal “empowers selected, trusted authorities from around the globe to efficiently report listings for illegal or unsafe items for swift removal,” but in another place, eBay wrote, “The online portal allows participating authorities to flag and take down a listing, outside of the existing consumer reporting facility on site.”

As we noted in our original report on the EcommerceBytes Blog on May 10, it’s a big leap to go from facilitating law enforcement’s removal requests to actually allowing regulators to remove listings themselves.

eBay said the new portal is in addition to its own extensive reporting system and proactive efforts to prevent the listing of prohibited items.

Among the over 50 authorities around the world that are “onboarded” are the US Postal Inspection Service, Westminster City Council Trading Standards in the UK, Bundesnetzagentur in Germany, and Health Products Regulation Group in Australia.

eBay announced the successful “pilot” of the Regulatory Portal and said it was currently in its “beta” phase, “with further functionalities including seller communication to follow in the coming months,” eBay said.

You can read the full announcement on the eBay corporate blog.

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2 thoughts on “More About eBay Letting Regulators Remove Listings”

  1. Too bad Ebay’s basic Report Item feature is totally ignored by Ebay and has been for years. Try to report a fake Chinese item ( PVC Puccci bag) you get nothing, It sells, Ebay gets their fees. This useless Report Item tool has been ineffective for a decade, keyword spamming is a free for all.

  2. This is nothing ore then eBays corrupt VERO group – now in its 2.0 iteration – on steroids.

    eBay may say its about unsafe Chinese items or some other such stuff – but its nothing more then (like all other eBay illegal activities)(they must agree – eBay never sues me for slander) accusing you of a wrong doing and punishing you FIRST.

    Im sure there will no (like with VERO mafia 1.0) accountability or people to talk to.

    Talking to VERO now is like talking to a slab of concrete – designed that way on purpose – because if you can prove VERO wrong (not a hard thing to do – if yo have at least an IQ above 50 and 1 brain cell its easy) then eBay cant take hidden back end money (right Casio, Skullcandy, Denon and others!).

    Once a criminal, always a criminal – and eBay truly is the San Jose mafia.

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