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eBay Rolls Out New Unpaid Item Policy, May 2021

eBay Rolls Out New Unpaid Item Policy, May 2021

eBay sellers can now cancel orders if the buyer hasn’t paid within 4 days. In reminding sellers of the new policy, eBay updated one key detail:

“In our communication in the 2021 Spring Seller Update, we announced that you would be able to cancel an unpaid transaction after 5 calendar days. You will now be able to cancel the unpaid order starting on the 5th calendar day.”

Here’s the pertinent information in Thursday’s post on the eBay boards:

“Starting in May 2021, you’ll no longer have to file unpaid item claims or send payment reminders. Instead, when buyers haven’t paid, you’ll be able to manually or automatically cancel orders through Seller Hub or My eBay Sold.

“Your buyers will have four calendar days to pay for an item after they’ve committed to buy. We’ll proactively remind them to pay. If they haven’t paid within that time frame, you can cancel the unpaid order starting on the 5th calendar day.

“After you cancel the order, you can choose to have eBay automatically relist the item. You may also see applicable fees credited back to your account, in accordance with our fee credit policy.

“You don’t have to take any action to start using the new cancel function for unpaid items. This change is already available to some sellers. If it’s available to you, you’ll see “Buyer hasn’t paid” as an option when cancelling an order in Seller Hub or My eBay Sold. If you can’t see this option, don’t worry—it will be available to you in the coming weeks.”

You can find the full post on the eBay Announcement board.

Other changes announced as part of the eBay Spring Seller Update 2021 are rolling out, you can find EcommerceBytes sellers’ guide to the latest update on this page. Let us know if anything jumps out at you as they roll out.

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Ina Steiner
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8 thoughts on “eBay Rolls Out New Unpaid Item Policy, May 2021”

  1. As usual, no word from eBay about punishment for the bad buyers? Sure, let’s simply “cancel” the sale so that these jerks can just continue to waste the time and energy of other sellers.

    1. Why?? Is This Issue With eBay Not being investigated?? This is a Fraudulent Company! And Steeling Money from people’ I Would Like to know Why the Government is Not Doing There J.O.B.!!!! ???

  2. Some repeat buyers take longer than others to pay. New buyers who fail to before eBay loses track of the transaction are blocked. A rogue seller in the UK found a way to create fake offshore accounts to purchase expensive items with no intention to pay. Require immediate payment for more expensive items worked.

  3. by NOT automatically charging the buyer’s account when they win a bid or make an accepted offer, EB is losing money as well as the seller. By waiting DAYS to get payment, we’re losing. Whereas Posh automatically charges the sale when an offer is accepted.

  4. Wow, now if only eBay managed to pay me for stuff I sold within four days. To be fair, they’re getting better, but only better than the very low bar of managed payments. They have a long way to go before they even approach PayPal.

  5. These Problems with eBay ‘ need to be taken seriously! As I see that eBay is a Fraudulent company.. and why?? Isn’t the government stepping in..who takes on the responsibility of this Fraudulent company?? No one ? This is a Serious Situation: as eBay Continues to Steel Money from people..and there is No Resolution ! I Find this Matter Disturbing as they The Company is Not being investigated.. !

  6. One size doesn’t always fit all! I buy a lot of small items from stamp dealers. They start the items at a quarter to 99 cents, and final cost to me is in the $1 to $10 range. These sellers tell you to NOT pay immediately, but to hold off until you have all your purchases and make one payment. That helps them with Paypal fees and they combine postage. They will invoice me every few weeks and I pay. That way they get one $20-25 sale rather than 15 dollar something sales,

    eBay on the other hand, chases you persistently to pay immediately for each item. My text alarm on my phone goes off all the time, I also get annoying emails. Can’t eBay have a setting for this type of seller?

    1. Unfortunately for you most stamp sellers are going to be leaving eBay and most are going to HipStamp like I am because eBay has their heads in the sand and are forcing me and many others into managed payments which I will not do. They want everything to be paid immediately and they have no clue at all as to what a normal eCommerce site is.
      I have been selling on there since 1999 and been accepting PayPal since 2001 and it will all be coming to an end this month.

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