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Best Buy Tests Membership Program with Unique Perks

Best Buy
Best Buy Tests Membership Program with Unique Perks

Amazon set the standard for membership programs when it launched Prime, but Best Buy is testing a program with some unique benefits.

Not only will paying members of “Best Buy Beta” receive free shipping on items they purchase online (with no minimums), they’ll also receive free installation; unlimited Geek Squad technical support; up to two years of protection on most product purchases; and 60-day extended returns.

That could be especially attractive for shoppers of appliances, electronics, and high-end items like home-theater systems.

Best Buy Beta costs $199.99 per year – that compares to $119 per year for Amazon Prime, and $98 per year for the Walmart Plus membership program.

The Best Buy Beta pilot is currently available at select stores in Iowa, Oklahoma, and eastern Pennsylvania. In April, it will expand to select stores in Minnesota, North Carolina, and Tennessee, at which time it will be available at a total of 60 stores.

You can learn more about the program on the Best Buy corporate blog.

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Ina Steiner
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2 thoughts on “Best Buy Tests Membership Program with Unique Perks”

  1. Right of the bat $199 / year sounds Completely Out of Line when contrasted to $119 (or less) for Amazon Prime. Based upon having a REAL Best Buy less than 2 miles from our home and 14 years of dealing with them had this $200 (rounded UP a dollar x 14 years) have COST me $2,800 cash I would have received TOPS… $200-ish in benefits the ONE time that my “then new to me” TomTom turned toes-up.
    Amazon on the other hand automatically provides Thousands of Hours of streaming TV, their own Amazon Exclusive Original content and a ROTATING list of Changing TV season shows included in their Reduced or Free shipping program.
    I expect this particular Best Buy BONUS program is Dead On Arrival. I think my LAST purchase at this VERY CLEAN, VERY CONVENIENT, Brick and Mortar store was well over a year ago and the GROSS purchase was under $20

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