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eBay Thwarts Shoppers It Says Are Searching Too Fast

eBay Thwarts Shoppers It Says Are Searching Too Fast

“Pardon Our Interruption… As you were browsing eBay, something about your browser made us think you were a bot.” That’s the message some users are getting when searching eBay.

Frustrated buyers and sellers said the problem began on Thursday (January 14) and some think they know the source of the problem:

“The issue is with Distil, a software that eBay uses to monitor the website for bots. This started for many eBay users yesterday, and seems to be due to changed settings in Distil,” a user wrote on the eBay discussion boards.

A seller pointed to the splash page they encounter when searching. The full message states:

Pardon Our Interruption…
As you were browsing eBay, something about your browser made us think you were a bot. There are a few reasons this might happen:

  • You’re a power user moving through this website with super-human speed.
  • You’ve disabled JavaScript in your web browser.
  • A third-party browser plugin, such as Ghostery or NoScript, is preventing JavaScript from running.

A reader told EcommerceBytes that eBay search by country has been broken since Thursday. “All my saved searches are now useless and there is no way to sort out by country of origin.”

Some users reporting the problem on the discussion boards indicated eBay customer service was unable to help. One wrote, “eBay CS insisted I try it with a broswer in incognito mode. Nothing helped.”

Another user wrote, “It’s a site problem not the users. No doubt the loss of revenue will prompt eBay to do something sooner or later!”

The problem is not displayed on Down Detector, and eBay’s System Status board shows all clear.

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Ina Steiner
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8 thoughts on “eBay Thwarts Shoppers It Says Are Searching Too Fast”

    1. False, You clearly don’t know anything about web development. Html5 and JS are usually used together to create websites and other functions of a website. If it’s just a basic website with texts, pictures, links, etc then html5 will do the job but your not going to build an e-commerce website with html5 alone. “We” are definitely not moving away from JS. With Node.js, JS is even more versatile for advanced web development. Highly recommend you do some reading so that way you can be hip. Also JS is still one of the most used and demanded language for web development.

  1. Sounds to me eBay is worried about Ghostery and other privacy APPS being used, block ads and track users, they also make your browser work a lot faster and it has less junk to load when moving around the web.
    JAVA environments are used to Track people among other things. This is why VPNs are being subscribed to in record numbers these days.

  2. Compared to eBay, everyone moves too fast

    They mostly sleep (just look at Griff- he’s been asleep at his job for 10+ yrs)

    As usual- just ignore eBay

  3. Getting a “Real World” picture :o)
    Potential customer comes in store. Shopkeeper immediately gets between customer and door.
    Starts poking customer, herding him around the store….I guess the customer is supposed to snatch up something on the way by with shopkeeper feverishly Poking Poking Poking the potential buyer….
    The whole thing is just SO STUPID.
    BULLDOZE Ebay and Etsy. They act like they’re on drugs…..
    They just SUCK.

  4. I had this problem immediately after a Windows update. I did a restore and problem was solved (at least until next update).

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