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eBay Gives Thanks to Sellers on Thanksgiving Day

eBay Gives Thanks to Sellers on Thanksgiving Day

The head of eBay North America Jordan Sweetnam created a video to thank eBay sellers and shared it on social media on Thanksgiving Day. Sellers’ energy and passion saw eBay through a “crazy” last year, he said. “Thank you so much – you are the heart of eBay,” Sweetnam told sellers in the video.

The video showcased sellers in a montage and also featured Harry Temkin, Vice President of Seller Experience at eBay. “The inventory that you have brought to the platform has made an incredible difference,” Temkin said. “There are just things you cannot get anywhere else in the world. Because all of you bring that to eBay.”

Also featured in the Thanksgiving Day video was Rebecca Michals, Director of Community, who said eBay sellers truly are a community with each other. “You cheer each other on and root for each others’ success; how much you share ideas and information. You help each other learn and grow together.”

Noticeably absent was Marni Levine, Vice President of Seller Operations and Engagement, who had become the face of eBay for many sellers through her regular video Seller Check-ins through the pandemic. Levine had announced earlier this month she would be leaving eBay. It wasn’t clear from her message why and when she was leaving or if she had another position lined up; her LinkedIn profile has not been updated.

eBay recently lost another high-level female executive, Suzy Deering, whom Ford just announced would become its Global Chief Marketing Officer in January.

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Ina Steiner
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4 thoughts on “eBay Gives Thanks to Sellers on Thanksgiving Day”

  1. Ah yes – means alot to me that 3 eBay loosers wish me Happy Thanksgiving ….

    While they were eating turkey, procured with ill gotten gains – stolen from sellers – they patted each other on the back and cut a promo that they believe “someone” will believe.

    If tey were truly “thankful” then they wouldnt have screwed me when I had an issue last time.

    For those who dont know – if you are in the accursed MP program and the buyer (rightly or wrongly) opens a chargeback against you – you AUTO LOOSE the case.

    In my case the guy was a transhipper, it was a battery – the item was just fine and he admitted it, the return period was 55+ days after receipt, eBay took a random amount from me “just cause he said so”, and eBay lied and said I didnt respond to the case – even though I had an SR# that said I did .. “thank you for your call about replying to the case”.

    So – since Im not into self torture – no need to watch it.

  2. just more blah blah blah

    instead of babbling a bunch of b.s.

    quit trading sellers like noise.

    fix search, unhide listings, make it easy, just reverse everything dw did.

    until then, fleecebay management are just noise

  3. Instead of just hot air via a stupid video, how about giving eBay users a 10% off or a $25 coupon to buy some things? Sellers can be buyers too!

  4. Why does Harry really not want to hear back from sellers? Is he afraid the truth will get out? Hey Harry, we know you read this blog, open up comments on your YouTube videos, prove to all of us that eBay can take some criticism now that Wenig is gone.

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