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Etsy Fine-Tunes Estimated Delivery Dates

Etsy Fine-Tunes Estimated Delivery Dates

Etsy is monitoring postal delays and is fine-tuning the estimated delivery dates it displays to shoppers, it told sellers on Friday

As an Etsy help page tells buyers, “the estimated delivery date is based on a combination of the processing time for the items you ordered, the transit time, and today’s date.”

In Friday’s announcement, Etsy explained that in calculating the estimated delivery dates it shows shoppers, “we take information from your shipping profiles, like processing times and choice of carrier, and combine it with our carrier data.”

“You shouldn’t pad your processing times with extra days to account for carrier delays,” it advised.

“We look at all the data we have about the millions of Etsy orders shipped via the United States Postal Service to shoppers in the US, so we can quickly spot any delays,” and it updates estimated delivery dates regularly “to account for changes in how long it’s taking packages to be delivered.”

So what’s new?

“Next week, we’ll start making those estimates even more accurate by looking at how long USPS packages are taking to arrive between zip codes. If there are delays on that specific route, we’ll update estimated delivery dates on listings that use calculated shipping profiles to let your customers know.

“Showing these delivery estimates at the listing level means we can give shoppers the most up to date estimated info they need before making their purchase without turning away holiday shoppers who aren’t seeing delays in their zip code.”

You can find the full announcement on the Etsy Announcement board.

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3 thoughts on “Etsy Fine-Tunes Estimated Delivery Dates”

  1. I’m not sure why Etsy feels the need to insert themselves into our shipping process by offering estimated delivery dates, a matter that is beyond our control and contingent upon a myriad of factors. Also, if they’re using calculated shipping in determining delivery dates they’re not considering FedEx since calculated shipping isn’t offered for anything other than USPS. How about they wait until February when the Postmaster is kicked to the curb and someone with actual experience takes the helm and remedies the current mess before they determine delivery dates that cannot be predicted?

  2. Etsy is now an UNRELENTING Buttinski.
    And NO ONE needs THAT for a Venue.
    BTW : Having researched Etsy across the web recently,
    Etsy is Dead.

  3. HOLY COW ! !
    I see something other people may not see…..
    GOOGLE Search is becoming the “Mall Entrance”.
    I just bought a Beautiful Glazed Soap Dish right from the private owner’s website.
    People are finding My products through Organic Search (Google, etc…) as well.
    BOTTOM LINE : Abusive venues like Ebay and Etsy are having their Lunch eaten by Google and other search engines.
    These venues and some choice Other abusive venues will go out of business with the FABULOUS advent of this shopping / Search Affect going on with the search engines.
    * NEW RATING CRITERIA : Individual shops will rank based purely on Customer Satisfaction in the search engine of your choice.
    This is the Best observation EVER ! ! !

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