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eBay Spun Off New Unit to Reinvent Stores

eBay Spun Off New Unit to Reinvent Stores

eBay spun off a new organization to reinvent Stores, according to Bradford Shellhammer. “We want to tell our sellers’ stories way better,” he said.

While Shellhammer heads buyer experience at eBay, he said his team believes in celebrating the concept of the seller.

“Know that we’re going to be telling your story more thoughtfully throughout the year next year,” he said.

Stores are now in eBay’s native app (the eBay app on OS and Android), but it needs to be better, he said. eBay will be adding Store information – “who you are, year founded, social links, and ways to save.”

eBay will also add more visual merchandizing, including seller videos.

He also outlined how eBay was planning to drive traffic to Stores in the app.

As for the buyer experience, Shellhammer said the team is focusing on four areas: Simplify (clean up clutter), Modernize, Personalize, and Verticalize. The “Personalize” tenet involves removing what eBay believes is irrelevant content and showing buyers favorite sellers.

Shellhammer’s presentation was part of the October Seller Check-In webinar on October 19th, which you can watch via YouTube.

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Ina Steiner
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5 thoughts on “eBay Spun Off New Unit to Reinvent Stores”

  1. Right, like ANYONE at ebay gives a rat’s behind about Sellers. Just more fees and fancy new lipstick. Same old selfish greedy pig.

  2. In the grand scheme of things, once eBay became an irrelevant venue (i.e., to me) to sell on, I closed my stores there.

    The elimination of Turbo Lister and the inception of managed payments were the straws that finally broke the camel’s back.

    While my eBay store listings were being promoted in Google shopping feeds at no additional cost, once my Bigcommerce store was approved by Google, eBay promoted listings began competing with my off-venue products.

    Annually, my Bigcommerce store costs less, is far easier to manage, and is far more professional than anything that has ever been offered, or is currently provided by eBay.

    Visual merchandising and social media linking are standard components of Bigcommerce stores.

    While they may window shop on smart phones, unless they are extremely comfortable sharing personal and statistical information with site owners, Facebook and Google (e.g., through the use of social media sign-ins) savvy buyers tend to avoid using apps to consummate their purchases.

    While app use is extremely beneficial to eBay, Facebook, and Google, with the majority of my customers using computers to complete their purchases, I have found no benefit to promoting the use of Android or iOS apps.

    Regardless of what enhancements eBay were to offer, I would never consider reopening a store there.

    An eBay seller for twenty years, I have absolutely no regrets about leaving the venue.

  3. Bradford Shellhammer. “We want to tell our sellers’ stories way better,” (is that is porn name?) …… WELL Mr Hammer … If you treat your sellers BETTER then none of it would matter …

    Let me guess, this guy is someones cousin, uncle or college buddy … a do nothing job for a do nothing guy.

    DONT steal from them, dont lie to them, dont cheat them – its really quite simple.

    As a seller – I dont need to give you access to social media or anything else – you have too much already.

    Some idiots think eBay is a brand or a following – more like a CULT.

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