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UPS Preps for a Record Peak Holiday Season

UPS shipping
UPS Preps for a Record Peak Holiday Season

UPS expects to hire over 100,000 seasonal employees to support the anticipated annual increase in package volume that will begin in October 2020 and continue through January 2021.

“We’re preparing for a record peak holiday season,” said Charlene Thomas, Chief Human Resources Officer. “The COVID-19 pandemic has made our services more important than ever.”

Shipping-industry consultant Cathy Roberson pointed out that this year’s number is the same as last year’s. “An expanded peak season would seem to need more folks or are their tech investments playing a role?”

UPS is filling full- and part-time seasonal positions – primarily package handlers, drivers, driver-helpers, and personal vehicle drivers across multiple shifts in thousands of locations across the country.

The carrier noted that over the last three years, about 35% of people hired by UPS for seasonal package handler jobs were later hired in a permanent position when the holidays were over, and about 123,000 UPS employees – nearly a third of the company’s U.S. workforce – started in seasonal positions.

You can find the full press release on the UPS Press Room section of its website.

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2 thoughts on “UPS Preps for a Record Peak Holiday Season”

  1. I learned the hard way ;
    Everything was packed well, suffered EXTREME damage…union tactic…..
    They broke a high number of my things over the course of 6 years.
    I couldn’t take it any more.
    USPS is now the lesser of all evils…..

  2. Then there’s the episode of the Ungrateful UPS temp employee.
    When she got laid off, she immediately went up stairs to the employee bathroom,
    stuffed the sink drains with paper towels, turned on the water, ran down the stairs and out the building and down the road.
    The water came gushing through the ceiling and all over every one of the 4 computers we used to ship our stuff.
    Sparks were flying everywhere. They prosecuted her base on eyewitness testimony.
    She got 6 years.
    Then there’s the episode of the Temp UPS driver, made off with ALL THE CASH from the C.O.D.’s from the entire route. Including mine.
    UPS is a CESSPOOL. Losing packages in HUGE numbers. Temps are stupid, ungrateful nitwits.

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